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  • Well done on your release of aerofly 2019!

    However I am very concerned that aerofly 2 will not be updated TO FIX THE BUGS.

    There are bugs that have not been addressed where all airports have flashing lights seriously damaging the experience of playing the game.

    Any word if this will fixed soon?

    Kind Regards,


  • A suggestion for the new screenshot/video gallery: would it be possible to have the video thumbnail show up as the icon, rather than a generic "video" camera icon? As it is -- in contrast to the screenshots -- you have to click on the video icon to open the post to see the video thumbnail...

    • Let me check on that. I too would rather see at least a preview image for the videos.

    • If you add at least one photo to your album where you have your videos at least you will get a cover for your album. For individual videos I'm still looking to see how one can add an image to replace that video icon.

    • Thanks for that tip. Question: if I create a thumbnail from the video and post that along with the video so that the thumbnail shows up in the gallery rather than a video icon, will members know that the gallery post contains a video as well (without having to click on the gallery image to open it)? If not, they might just assume it is the image only and never bother to check for a video.

    • That I'm not too sure of yet.

  • Hello,

    I do not know if I call the right person? But in any case I want to congratulate you first, as well as the entire IPACS team for the development of this SIM AFS2 which is very well designed, (Photoreal) simple, fluid and fast. I bought via Steam all the DLC including those of ORBX! I'm also a client at ORBX for FSX, but I recently learned that there is a lot going on around IPACS and ORBX, and that ORBX would not be interested in AFS2 for economic reasons anymore and that AFS2's Simmers are missing? Is this true? I am worried, and it would be really regrettable for the further development ...

    Looking forward to your return,

    Yours sincerely


    • Orbx invested in Aerofly for the long term. This means that at times, such as this, they need to pull back a bit to build up sales. This doesn't mean that Orbx is finished with us. We as developers move slow and we acknowledge this but it's going to continue this way while we dive into more complex features. Game development takes time, Flight Simulator development from scratch, like how we are doing it, takes even longer to get things to our standard which you can clearly see is important while we continue development.

      All that I can tell you is to hang in there and enjoy Aerofly for what it currently has and expect better things from both us and Orbx in the future.