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  • Answering here, to help in winding down some of the threads that are probably a distraction for a lot of people. By "tool" I meant FSET. I don't mind hosting a modified zip if you want to stay at arms length of it. In fact I've done it. ndgrad.co.uk/fs2/fset4fs2.zip

    1) Its in the more familiar zip format
    2) It contains the latest ini
    3) Its preconfigured with the checkbox settings recommended in your wiki

    Also my TMC converter now outputs 2dps if required, though I had no trouble with 6dps personally. ndgrad.co.uk/fs2/fset2tmc/

    By the way I'm about to go on holiday for 4 weeks. That should quieten down some of these types of discussion :)


    We don't want to associate directly with any of the tools used to pull the actual images to be used in the groconvert tool. Our only focus is the geoconvert tool/SDK itself. We can guide and assist where needed to make good use of the tools that IPACS released but can't really troubleshoot or host anything on the FSET end.

    I apologize for the blanketed response as i'm not too sure if you are referencing "tool" as the geoconvert tool or FSET.
    • I will likely add some user created automation techniques to the wiki or forum as long as we don't fall into any copyright issues (like a pre-defined FSET config file) etc. If you have or make anything that benefits users and makes it easier for everyone please pass it along to me directly and if I can add it publically I will.

      We never try to be difficult but we also have to be careful not to fall into something that will cause further issues.

      I hope you understand.

    • I understand completely Jeff. My converter tool now generates TMCs with 2 decimal places.
    • I just updated the wiki tutorial as well as added a new "beginners guide" section. If you can, please take a look and reply back to me on here your comments regarding the changes. Is it less complicated now?

    • Hi Jeff. Yes, that's a nice overview. In fact "Beginners Overview" might be a better name as it isn't sufficient to complete the steps but it provides the big picture before you start so it all seems less daunting - maybe even JvanE will have go! Other thoughts:

      1) Why not show here the direct link to the download location of FSET, i.e. the "lien officiel" link. dewey.x10.mx/files/Download/fset-103.rar - you're doing that for the INI

      2) int2tfw is currently required (unless you do file renaming) so i'd take off the "(optional)" comment. Maybe explain that in time it should no longer be required to explain why the main wiki says its optional

      3) I'd suggest people edit the default config tmc rather than rename, that way you can tell them just to run your .bat, and no need to make another modified one.

      4) Perhaps spell it out (idiot's guide style as it caught me out) after long/lat, saying "i.e. longitude first" as latitude first has always felt the norm to me and perhaps others

      It's nice that its less than 10 steps - maybe numeric bullets?

  • I am another beginner, and am slowly but surely getting the hang of things. However, i cannot complete the Flight School lessons as it keeps crashing the system when i complete the third lesson and won't let me advance any further. So while it would be nice to complete this course i am learning the hard way by trial and error. Any help would be appreciated................I have checked the file integrity on steam so all should be fine. Also to say that i don't get this issue when running the sim normally.
    • This has been a common issue when your GPU drivers aren't at the latest version. You should verify that first and try to run the Flight School again. Let me know where you stand after this and we will dig deeper.


      Jeff (IPACS Team Member)
    • Thanks, I shall try NVIDIA to see if my driver is up to date..................
  • Hi mate my name is Ian in Australia forgive me if I am off the mark here but this is my first time to this site - I have only had the areofly game for three days - are you able to help me with questions on flying this thing in certain areas please. I cannot find anybody so far who can help me - are you good at this or can you tell me who I can contact to answer these questions please ? Thanks for your time
    • I'm actually part of the IPACS development team. To help you get started be sure to check out the official Aerofly FS2 Wiki located here: aerofly.com/aerofly_fs_2/dokuwiki/

      The Wiki has a real-time user manual as well as valuable information, tutorials, and step-by-step processes. This is the best place to start.
      If you have any specific questions feel free to post them on either this forum or the Aerofly FS2 Steam forum and someone will reply back to you. There is a lot of help here :)

      Welcome to the forum and you made a great choice in the purchase of Aerofly FS2 expecially if you have or plan on getting a VR device.

  • Hi Jeff, I was forwarded a current version of the GeoConvert Tool by Torsten.
    It works nicely and straightforward except it systematically complains it cannot access the N: drive, which is normal - I don't have any.
    I couldn't find any hint in the config files pointing to an N: drive, so I'd assume it's an internal bug. Please make sure this is fixed before releasing the tool.

    Cheers and thanks
    • This must be something on your end as the tool that Torsten gave you I've had for three weeks, and have tested it quite a bit.
      Did you follow the tutorial that I added today on the Wiki? Take a look there to see if you missed something. Also, you can edit the converter config file, check that to make sure your problem isn't in there.
    • The only difference with the tuto is I didn't write a batch file for launching but simply clicked and dragged the config.tmc file onto the GeoConvert Tool. I'm working on the G: drive and I ensured every link is pointing to that G: drive. It's working, it's finding my source images and inf on the G: drive and compiling into ground textures on the images folder of my G: drive. But I get an error message saying "There's no drive in N: drive, please insert one" and I have to click it away a dozen of times during compilation. Is any of you using a drive with the letter N: ? If it's the case, then you probably won't have the error message, but it seems there's something in the tool that pointing to the N: drive...
      Thanks for your support
    • I just opened the tool up to take a look and there is nothing pointing to a N drive. I've also run the tool around 60 times now under different scenarios and there are no problems at all that you describe. Let me look into this a little bit more.
    • Hi Jeff, thank you for your support. Do you have a N: drive on your computer. Even if not using it, the tool probably won't send the error message if it finds it. In my case I don't have any N: drive...
    • I'm sure that you know that I work directly for IPACS and have 4 testing machines with different configurations. I test each feature on each of these systems. I'm working directly with the inner works of this tool so I can assure you that I know how the tool works. Are you sure that you are following the tutorial exactly? This has to be something on your end as there is nothing in the tool itself that will cause this problem.
      I'm still trying to figure this out for you but this seems to only be isolated to you at this time. Our other testers aren't able to replicate this either.
  • Sri to bother you again, but just read my post warning about the scammers, I just happened to read it again to get a line on who's checking it and I find total rubbish to do with Addidas, Nike etc etc, selling equipment. Can you see it on my post. Taranakian.
  • Hi. Taranakian here. Just between the two of us if you don't mind. It's about the 'troll' we mentioned in my post today. Is it just me or are you seeing it also, a post by tom??? straight under HereyF last pos todayt, do you see a scroll of items for sale? I know it sounds weird, but I am seeing it, I was just wondering if I was the only one. Sorry I can't remember the posters name but he joined 1st June, tom?? . Regards Taranakian.
  • Jeff,
    Did not want to post this question publicly as you might not want this out there yet, but can you tell me if we will need the AC3D program (or 3D Studio Max (expensive!)) to add models (buildings, bridges, etc.) to our user generated photoreal scenery and airports? If so, I'm looking into purchasing AC3D and getting started importing/exporting buildings, etc. in preparation for the release of the upcoming scenery creation tools.
  • Hey can u create this liveries for B747 (if its possible) that would be awesome!

    - Thai Airways
    - South African Airways
    - Corsair.fr (Blue Repaint)
    - Singapore Airlines (STAR ALLIANCE)
    - One World British Airways
    - China Airlines
    - Air New Zealand (Lord of the Rings Repaint)
    - JAL

    Do not take that as a demand now!
    take your time
    You do not have to make it but it would be cool!