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    Is not for mobile (it's for PC) ? great pictures.

    Before, I also hope that the framerate problems on the Swiss scenery will be fixed.

    GRRR, I am stupid :o. Thank you Ipacs's Devs for having integrated the informations into the buttons of the AP. it is a very good idea and readable. It is easier to modify them. :D :p

    I hope that for the next update/patch you will also join indicators ILS into the bar of information. For the moment I do not see them (if it is already made ?)

    @Overload I have glasses for the computer (and screens) because of the blue light. I sometimes have a strong eye fatigue when I work on computer a lot. But otherwise I have (again ;) ) a good view. I think that the red color of the numbers increases the difficulty reading it. For ILS indicator, i'ts an other problem : I appreciate to flight in sight cockpit, but I cannot show on the 5S/SE screen the whole cockpit because the screen is too small. Often it is the ILS who is hidden (totally or partially).

    I don't believe this is currently an option although I agree it would be good to be able to manage which regions are installed as new ones are released. Having said that, I would be buying a higher capacity device to store as many regions as possible.

    Yes I understand. I am not interested by the scenery California and I would want to replace it by Switzerland. I bought the Swiss scenery, but for the moment I cannot install it and to use, except by deleting other appli , what I do not wish.

    That's still the case... I see many people leaving and going to Infinite Flight... I think that when they will impove the sceneries (detailed airports) and the cockpits (like Aerofly FS), it will be finished.

    I uninstalled 2 and reinstalled the 1. I prefer the 2 new flight options but the Californian scene does not inspire me, while in the swiss one is beautiful. In addition I have blurred images on the 2 and not on the Swiss scenery. I was expecting an update from 2 to replace the default scene with the Swiss (it does not bother me to redeem the swiss scenery). But I abandoned.

    I understand that the development of an aircraft is long, but I am disappointed that there have not been updated to add a scenery that already exists.

    - Ok i understand for activate A/P : Touch "A" open A/P menu. Cross button navigate and change data in A/P menu. Touch "A" activate/desactivate A/P. Touch "B" exit A/P menu.

    - For brake : buttons L2 + R2, but these buttons also reduce the throttle -> not realist

    - rudder control : "L2" or "R2"

    - gear : "X"

    - exit to menu : "B"

    - replay : "menu" or "Y" , same function ? Why don't you use "Y" for zoom the route/map ?

    - change view : "L1" or "R1"

    - throttle and flaps : cross button

    - navigate in menu (intro, A/P etc.) : cross button

    - elevator and aileron control : right analog stick

    - view movement : left analog stick

    Other ?

    Problems :

    - In principal menu, we can navigate with the cross button but we cannot validate an option (no button for...).

    - no TRIM simulation.

    - how to adjust sensitivity of analog sticks ?

    - touch "menu" and "Y" same function ?

    - Once the Swiss scene installed, to be able to delete the scene north of California to earn stockage space.

    I'm testing aerofly 2 with the controller Nimbus of steelseries, and i have some problem to use :

    - how to modify/activate the A/P .... OK

    - How to use brake ?

    - How to reduce the sensibility of sticks ?

    - How to use the menu of AF2 ? i can navigate with the cross button But I cannot validate an option

    - how to use a trim ?

    Thank-you for your help.

    Great news for the update. I hope we will can replace California scenery with the beautiful switzerland scenery.

    "Ipacs support" can you add ILS indicators in the flight information menu (HUD) ? It's for Iphone 5S or SE users with small screen. See the example (link) :