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    I just discovered how much I love the realism of this game where it counts.

    Took off with the Cessna after starting engine and having open doors from the previous leg. As noticed before, I heard a strange sound, some additional engine noise and rush, just like in a car when you did not completely close the door.

    And indeed, the door wasn't fully closed! I pushed the lever down, and then closed the door. But this way, it does not close, and this is even visible. No wonder there was additional noise. So, close door first. them lock it.

    Love it :love:

    Meinst du in die HUD-Ansicht? Die sind da, leider musst du soweit rauszoomen, dass du eine Fischaugen-Optik hast. Das war in einer frühen Aerofly2-Version besser. In der Desktop-Version ist es aber leider auch so, und da nun Mobile und Desktop den gleichen Code teilen...

    Ich hoffe, die Antwort hilft.


    There is a dangerous pinnacle close to Kern Valley Airport. Obviously, someone has pushed a lot of rubbish under the carpet, and now it's piling up :)

    Or maybe it's the smallest and thinnest vulcano in the world?

    Locate your aircraft on short final approach to Kern Valley 31 (Northeast of Bakersfield, California). At two o'clock, you can see the the pinnacle rising into the air. In Google Earth, it say's there's Stine Cove Recreation Site :/

    Will try to upload an image from the ipad...success!!

    With the latest Aerofly FS2020 now displaying essential buttons like Copilot, Pause etc. I started to try flying with a controller. I recently bought a Sony Dualshock 4 pad (actually for PS Now), and gave it a try with Aerofly.

    At first, I didn't like it, because I felt disconnected to the aircraft compared to tilting the ipad. But I soon learned to love the steering and braking ability on the ground. But especially the Cessna pitches up pretty strong after takeoff, and it took me a while to learn how to fly smooth and relying on the autotrim function. Now, I really like flying with the controller.

    But some things left to be desired. A customisable button and axis assignment would be much appreciated.

    • Airbrakes. When not using the controller, you can pull the thrust slider down to use air brakes. With the controller, this doesn't work, you need to enable working cockpit and use the real lever. I'd like to have that as an essential control on the pad, maybe with right/left upper front buttons.
    • Trimming: I'd like to see horizontal stabilizer and aileron trim on the pad, preferrably on the left stick. Smaller planes need quite a lot of trimming, e.g. the Cessna pitches up quite dramatically after takeoff. As with the air brakes, it's to uncomfortable to use the trim wheels, if you can even find them (Baron, for example).
    • I would sacrifice the viewing options with the left stick and especially the upper front buttons: I'm still sitting close enough to my iPad to use the view button (would need to be added when using controller) and moving the view with the normal way, which is also faster and therefore feels a bit more realistic.

    Other than that, absolutely stunning what's possible on mobile devices nowadays!

    Keep up the good work, guys and girls at Aerofly, and please be resilient against absurd game requests (not mine though :-)


    That is "The View Hotel Monument Valley":

    I stayed there one night on my USA trip a couple of years ago. Really cool! Every hotel room has a balcony, facing the valley. I got up at 6 in the morning to see the sun rise - awesome!

    Even the food was great.

    I was really touched to see the hotel in Aerofly.

    PS. The actual monument valley airstrip is a bit west. check out the discussing couple there (as mentioned in another thread), talking day and night :-)

    This couple made it from the PC version to mobile with FS2020, which is great!!

    There is other cool stuff that made it to mobile, too: Have you seen the crash landed alien spaceship near Area 51? And the little green aliens (not moving) on it? I discovered them when I tried to land on the UFO with the helicopter.

    And on Area51, there is also the moon landing filming site/scenery. I really like your humour, guys at Aerofly :-)

    Also cool: The skywalk at Grand Canyon.

    I wonder what else is there...

    I have an ipad pro 10.5 with 256GB. Airports I tested and experienced low frame rate were San Diego, Palm Springs and SFO. But in another thread this was already picked up by you.

    I noticed some new objects in Palm Springs and wondered whether this causes the choppy experience.

    Prefer the previous experience.

    Edit: SFO in R22 - unplayable. Flight school crashes App immediately.

    BTW: Again, I had to go to the app store, look for the FS2019 App and then click on the update button. The update was not announced on my ipad as usual.

    I am not a friend of these workable cockpits in mobile for several reasons, but it's impressive and the team did a smart move with letting the user choose whether to use them or not.

    BUT: Framerate decreased a A LOT on or close to airports when landing. SFO reminds me of C64 times. Textures flicker. Don't know what to say, I am both disappointed and impressed at the same time.

    Now that is really helpful! Thanks a lot! Still quite complex, but I'm sure a lot of thought went into it.

    So, now pleae adress that unintentional copilot interference even when switched off :S

    I don't understand the ILS behaviour in FS2019. When I am following a nav route in the Dash8, it picks up several ILS frequencys on the way (blue) but when I am approaching the designated ILS runway at my destination, it only shows the FMS approach. So no ILS diamonds, just the FMS altitude indicator (purple) and the, not sure what it is called, the indicator on the compass below the artifical horizon on the PFD.

    Even with the description above, the question remains why en route ILS is captured and displayed automatically, but not when approachinh my designated ILS runway??


    You paid 8€ for a sophisticated flight simulator with dozens of airports and several planes. While its desktop sibling cost around 50€, admittedly with more features.

    I mean, come on guys, you think the world is for free?

    Nevertheless, I hope for future updates, too, but we are not talking about Microsoft or Google here with thousends of developers. And Aerofly FS is certainly more complex than Angry Birds...

    Sometimes I really feel those developers deserve a little more respect than just adding items to a wishlist that can never be satisfied.

    Yes, the Discus bm allows to extend and use the propeller. Not sure though whether this plane is included from the start or if you have to buy it.

    Please note that some cool features of AF2 and 2019 are not in AF1, like PAPI lights, different daytime etc.

    Feels like the same behaviour as described by me, but here, thrust is also affected. And the plane trims in very very high speed. Trim wheels almost fall off8o

    For reproducing, I just set autopilot altitude to a lower one than currently flying at, then descend and slow down manually. It helps to be rather slow when approaching the selected altitude, then it goes all haywire.

    I'm not a pilot, but I could imagine this it what it feels like if an MCAS or other stall protection system kicks in unintentionally. Guess I will try this at night with zero visibilty, this will be fun.

    BTW: Thrust levers move in the 737 when this happens, but not the control slider.

    Yep, if you mean try the same with climbing to an altitude - same behaviour. When reaching the altitude in manual mode, plane pitches down, although autopilot off. Not so dangerous though, because thrust is usually higher and no flaps. Disturbing nevertheless. With glass cockpits, I think ALTSEL becomes highlighted.