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    Maxflightstick R-22 and Pimax 8k

    The Pimax came a couple of days ago. I've been flying with the R-22 controls for a while. Really loving it! Flying around the Netherlands, Innsbruck and Monterey. I've had to detune my graphics because my Titan graphics card isn't up to it, but I'm really enjoying the wider field of view. I think with more of my peripheral vision kicking in I'm finding it easier to hover and spot land.

    Can't wait to start my heli tour of GB this year.

    Ok there is an expense to all of this, but I recently sold my plane and this is a tiny fraction of that cost.

    Are there any big leaps in graphics card near the horizon, so that I should wait for a while?



    Hi Gents,

    I'd be happy to give you a copy.

    I have yet to populate this scenery with buildings and forests. From 2000 ft it looks great but when you land you are in flatland.

    I have read on this site that's theirs a legal problem with sharing scenery. Can anyone let me know what the situation is?

    Perhaps you can text me on 0428513911 with an email and I can set up a Dropbox for you to download it from.



    Hi All,

    so I started looking at photo scenery downloading and it wasn't as bad as I thought in fact with Aeroscenery it was practically brainless. So Now I can fly my R-22 up the coast of Perth Western Australia and see my house. I haven't started cultivating the area with buildings or trees yet, I'm just enjoying the view from a few thousand feet


    here's my heli setup. The collective I've bodged from an old joystick, but I have the twist grip for the throttle. I cable tied the spring on the cyclic joystick and that has made the R-22 far easier to fly

    Whenever I have praised Aerofly on Reddit /flight sim I have been accused of being a shill(?) for the company. The thing is you have to experience FS2 in VR, no YouTube video is going to convince you. Also people are heavily attached emotionally and financially to their current flight sim software.

    I was surprised by the Navigraph survey that Aerofly FS2 has had so little penetration into the flight sim market,especially when you look at the percentage of people flying in VR with P3D and Xplane. Personally I can't hack flying in VR in P3D anymore. The difference between P3D and Aerofly is chalk and cheese. I love low and slow flying in VR in Aerofly and although I'm currently struggling with the R22 I love it. I would hate to see Aerofly fail or simply not grow. Not getting true earth GB will be a disappointment and I think will set Aerofly back. Do you think we could crowd fund for ORBX for the necessary conversion? Also all of those people currently flying in VR in. other flight sims how can we convince them to give Aerofly a go?

    Hi Everyone,

    does anyone know if ORBX have released a roadmap for FS2 for 2019?

    Will they be bringing out True Earth England South for FS2?

    Are there any other companies developing scenery or aircraft for FS2?


    Downloaded Florida last night and went for a fly this morning in VR with the Jungmeister from Ocean reef club to Marathon Intl. Low and slow is best in VR with AF2, 1000ft agl just enjoying the view, so different to the other US downloads. So little land and yet so many golf courses, I was wondering as I flew what the people here think about rising sea levels, so much mangrove, so little protection from tropical cyclones and so many houses.

    I never thought flight sims would ever get this good. The weird thing about VR flying is that part of my brain now thinks I've been there.

    Thank you so much. I know we always want more, but what we have already is so amazing. I'm excited for the future.

    Wow, I wouldn't love to see Australia photoreal. I don't care how many terabytes. Having flown across Oz quite a few times in a small aircraft the diversity of landscapes is amazing. OK It goes at a snails pace compared to flying across Europe, map reading can be challenging, but there is a terrific sense of the vastness of the country and every airstrip is a godsend.

    I just love what is happening. Looks like 2018 is going to be a great year for us. Aerofly and Orbx is a marriage made in heaven. I can only fly in vr these days and although I have P3D and Flyinside I can only fly in vr with Aerofly.

    Strange thing about vr is part of me feels like l have really flown around Monterey now. Please bring it on Orbx, as long as I have some cash I will support every release you bring out for Aerofly.....I absolutely love it!


    I'm probably one of the last people to have backed the kickstarter for Pimax 8k headsets. My reluctance was from watching my mate wait and wait for stem hand controllers which we now know that he will never receive. However, Pimax now has over 3 million dollars in backing, so a product will probably eventuate. They have recently promised eye tracking and I was wondering how that will work. Foveated eye tracking and then graded resolution rendering would be a brilliant way to get the full 8K ( or whatever it really is) working on machines without dual 1080's.

    How would it possibly work? Would it be in the SDK from Pimax or would IPACS need to produce their own software?

    I am really excited about the current state of flight sims and vr and it's only going to get better.



    We are of one mind Australia and a helicopter!

    For now Innsbruck is an insight to the future of Aerofly and Orbx. Personally if Orbx makes anything for Aerofly I will buy it, their stuff is that good I don't need to see a review to know I'm going to love it. I'd love to see all of the Orbx airports transported across to Aerofly. I have a heap of them in P3D, but I always found flying in VR problematic even with flyinside and an overclocked i7 with a Titan gpu, it always made me nauseous from lower frame rates unless I pulled the detail level back. I did load it up recently to see if things have improved and I found the autogen scenery cartoonish. I've just got used to flying with photorealistic scenery in Aerofly.

    Somehow flying in VR makes my brain think that I have actually flown there. I have never been to concrete municipal airport and yet somehow it feels like it's another airport that I've flown into in my own plane. It's a weird thing but I think VR fires off other parts of your brain that looking at three monitors doesn't.

    The future for flight simming is so bright at the moment, it's like Xmas all year round.

    Hi all,

    As someone who started flight sims with Microsoft and the green line grid with a jaggy line for mountains in the distance I never hoped that flight sims would get this good so quickly. Aerofly FS2 is amazing and especially so in VR. Once you try VR you can never go back. P3D FSX an XP don't come anywhere close in vr even with Flyinside software. Now with Orbx on board Aerofly is going from strength to strength.

    However as Betamax and VHS are often cited, the best system doesn't always necessarily win. For example when I look on sub Reddit flightsim there is very little about Aerofly. When I have posted there about how amazing it is I usually get condescending comments about it not being a proper flight sim for serious pilots, just a game etc etc.

    How about as a group we start actively posting on Reddit especially with those great videos of Innsbruck and Meigs and actually make a presence?

    I really want Aerofly to succeed

    Ps a helicopter and Orbx Australia would be nice.