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  • Hi,
    I too am new to Aerofly and am gobsmacked at the scenery and frame rates. I just got a new PC and it is hugely impressive. But .... it will be along time till we see a release of Adelaide,Perth or Canberra I am thinking. Therefore I began the exercise in hair tearing out known as re-installing FSX and my myriad of add ons yesterday :-)

    Nice definition of hell that is too! Anyway, pleased to hear from a fellow Aussie. Enjoy your Christmas break. :)

    • hi AOB,

      Over the years I've spent a small fortune on ORBX, and I loved flying around Pacific North West, but when I started flying in vr nothing came close to Aerofly. So I think we may have a long wait before Orbx bring out Oz in FS2, it doesn't seem they have any commercial interest in converting true earth GB for FS2.