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    Already works great (Reverb G1 - same screen resolution ) with an RTX2070 - it usually needs SteamVR reprojection though - so it is actually running at 45FPS since it is slower than 90 doing such a large FOV twice for stereo. This is with SteamVR SuperSampling set at 2160x2160 native resolution (100%)

    I have both an HMD for VR and three 21" Acer HD screens ($110 each) since I can connect all of them from an Nvidia RTX2070 (the HMD, a Reverb, needs a Display Port). When I am using the HMD for VR, the three screens are available as well and are canted at about 30 degrees to each other for a total of 90 degrees. I can run a wide screen configuration (3x1920x1080) but of course there are bezels in between.

    All EC-135 Pilots,

    If you want a fun test of your mastery of the new heli, just position yourself in downtown San Francisco at dusk/night and first fly through (I don't mean under!) the Golden Gate bridge at maybe 80 knots and then do the Bay Bridge where you really have to be even more careful staying low and centered (catch a rotor (crash) and up you go). You have to go up and over at Treasure Island - there is no tunnel. Really a blast! Thanks IPACS for a great new view on scenery (do your point-at turn-arounds using the Transamerica building for example and a fun to fly experience - especially for us fixed wing guys! This is just sensational in VR (especially the Reverb )

    Especially if you have VR, try operating the FS2 777 at ORBX Innsbruck. You barely have enough runway to takeoff/land and taxiing by the static aircraft is a real challenge (try doing a circle taxi in the minimal size open spot - I had to use some of the grass area - and the wing almost hits ). The exciting fantasy part is using the "1" view-change key to ride up on the vertical tail or underneath behind the main landing gear - wow - what a huge aircraft the 777 is! You can really enjoy the ailerons+spoiler animations as well as the landing gear. And then the beautiful mountain scenery just adds to the excitement - also, fly and especially taxi at night with a moonlit sky past the static aircraft - very cool - yes I know, taxi surface lighting and tail logos aren't correct but the aircraft themselves look great in the dim light.

    I have a great experience in VR flying in the left seat and watching the glass panels and flying by the numbers - but face it, the sim can provide some real fun once in a while - try and see!

    I would imagine that the flickering during loading of a scenario / mission in DCS, IL-2, and now FS-2 could be fixed with a very simple change in coding - probably setting a mode bit. But WMR and SteamVR reprojection are the culprits. Not every app has this problem so it can be dealt with (easily ).

    If there was ever a really great reason for getting VR equipment assuming you’re already an FS2 enjoyer, this Hawaiian scenery does it. FS2 performance is so much better than the other Sims so you could get away with lesser equipment. This type of scenery download shows what flying was before we got into high altitude commercial flight from A to B. Just the wonder of it all!

    It is amazing what a team of talented individuals can do - maybe better attention to detail than many third party developers. My current favorite scenery is still Monterrey, CA by ORBX (high resolution textures ) so it will be great to compare this Hawaii with that experience. I like to fly low, looking out the side windows in VR as I make a tight left turn and say to myself - "how cool is this!!"

    Personally, I like the fact that your color settings are lower in saturation which makes the scenery much more real - color attenuates with distance. I would even reduce the saturation on the the stadium textures.

    My favorite area of Oahu really is MCAS Kaneohe which requires some P-8s and other military aircraft. I like to have a Battle Group headed out from there as well.

    Looking forward to flying there. I do like a little bit of "Red Flag" exercises with live ordinance (HARMS, AAA, SA-3x, Migs) that I can make happen with either Combat Air Patrol 2 ( AV-8 Harrier ) or P3D with the VRS-F18 and a catapult launch from the Battle Group.

    I like the Lynx! I got around most of the VR problems by moving the seat (eyepoint) back as far as possible and then moving from the left seat to the right seat (keyboard "1") to get a better angle. As far as the sequence, I liked Greg's snaphots with numbered graphical boxes and simple checklist but I wasn't pushing the spherical red button at the end of the ECL at first. Ray pointed out that with the fuel system you should wait for about 12 seconds when the blue light goes off by itself before you go to Auto. As others have said, start up in nonVR first so you remember all the steps.

    RE: Get to da choppa! (Lynx quick start guide for noobs)

    I'm not talking about the blue light for the fuel system before switching down to Auto. This is the blue light above the IGN No 1/2 for the Fire Extinguisher - Bott 1/2.

    You mention "more steps" but I am following Greg's list carefully.


    EDIT: Whoops - I am not pushing the Starter Button!!

    EDIT#2: Final comment - This heli is awesome in VR. Thanks larrylynx for such a wonderful flying experience!!!!!

    With the Reverb (or possibly any VR HMD ), I heartily recommend the ORBX Monterrey scenery. It just seems to be one of the most real and best performing airports. Stay close to it in any aircraft and fly low over it in the biplane or whatever and you will be amazed at how good it looks in the Reverb. Low passes down RWY10 let you test for smoothness of reprojection and is just plain fun! There are other good airports (like LOWI ), but they did this one very nicely.

    For those of you with a Reverb, I propose a vision clarity test - pretty simple. With your eye position in the proper reference point in the Q400 (use the white/black ball helper on the center window frame), can you read the airspeed on the first officer's PFD and maybe even guess at the altitude. Also, I hit the PERF button on the CDU and read the weight just fine - without any leaning in and at 2160x2116 (or so) SS and maybe 1.2 Render Scale Factor in FS2. I use this because I want a repeatable clarity test every time WMR Portal, SteamVR, Nvidia drivers, etc updates occur. Please let me know.