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  • delfin,

    You need title (subject) for the communication. You need to select someone to send it to, That would be me. Look at any post to find the username of members. Mine is Jetjockey10 - as you start typing after about 3 or 4 letters the system will suggest someone, if that is the person then selected that name, otherwise keep typing until the proper name shows up. Then type your message and send.

    I sent you a PM so you could simply reply.



  • Hi Ray:

    Forgive me for having to ask for help again for something so simple and elementary, but when things are done for the first time, difficulties often arise. It produces me up to shame, to ask you this simplicity, but that is the reality.

    This is the difficulty to send you this communication (for the first time).

    When I press SUBMIT, the system responds:

    Please correct the erroneous fields marked below

    What do I have to fill in the field participants?

    Do I also have to fill in the "invisible participants" field? . If yes, what should I write?

  • Hello ! Thx for your help... I'm trying unsuccesfully to add the Aerosoft Helgoland Piper archer to existing Saanen airport (from Switzeland DLC). I've done the tsc (adding a new element paragraph, putting the coodinates) editing, and imported the afs2 piper tmb and textures in Saanen folder.... No success. I was asking to myself, in original saanen.tsc, the elements coordinates are not lat/lon, but stranges digit number. Can you help me ? Here my edited saanen.tsc :

    <[vector2_float64][position][7.2434 46.4858]>
    <[vector2_float64][tower_position][7.24680858738441 46.4872758947378]>
    <[vector3_float64][position][582000 152000 0]>
    <[vector3_float64][position][582000 152000 0]>
    <[vector3_float64][position][582000 152000 0]>
    <[vector3_float64][position][7.245729 46.486834 0]>

    <[vector2_float64][endpoint1][7.23926399454362 46.4853059648106]>
    <[vector2_float64][endpoint2][7.25809007873192 46.4877511564808]>
    <[vector2_float64][threshold1][7.24337191419525 46.4858397987888]>
    <[vector2_float64][threshold2][7.25334243603818 46.4871348338987]>
    <[vector2_float64][papi1_custom_position][0 0]>
    <[vector2_float64][papi2_custom_position][0 0]>
    <[vector2_float64][position][7.24628432604657 46.4866667305651]>
    <[string8][name][Parking Position #1]>

    THX for your kind help !

    Greeting from Switzerland

  • TomB
    Great, glad you have it working now.

  • Thanks for the help regarding uploading images to the screenshot thread. The problem was that there were missing options ('Vorschau einfügen' and 'Original einfügen') when I tried to upload bmp files. After having them converted to jpg these options appeared and I was able to upload the screenshots.


  • hi

  • Ray, please update your Avatar again. The software reduced the size due to a configuration issue. Sorry for that.

  • Hi,

    you can also link these videos if you want. They show the incredibly good physics engine.

    Bests, Joachim