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    Is your Rift S working for anything else? Are you reaching Dash?

    If no to either of these it has nothing to really do with Aerofly. You should post on the Oculus forums.

    If yes, does Aerofly open in 2D mode on your desktop?

    Greetings Fellow Flight Simmers!

    Due to popular demand we are bringing the screenshot contest back!

    It's time once again to vote for your favorite Aerofly FS 2 screenshot posted in November and December 2019. Please cast your vote by replying to this thread! The lucky winner will have their photo posted on all of our headers. Good luck to the candidates.

    Photo 1 - Submitted by ikbenik

    Photo 2 - Submitted by Ian C

    Photo 3 - Submitted by TomSimMuc

    Photo 4 - Submitted by Tomfa

    Photo 5 - Submitted by ikbenik

    This can resume in the other thread that you made. I just responded and we will assist you here if you have any further issues.

    Glad to hear that you are back up and running. If you are going to add freeware I would suggest adding and testing each one at a time to see which scenery caused your crash. If you do find out which one let everyone know so that others don't have the same problem.

    Greetings everyone,

    I wanted to make everyone aware of a new feature that we have added to provide you with better updates while we continue to develop Aerofly! Introducing our new developers blog area. We hope that this will make it easier and more organized for you to find out what's going on under the hood.

    This new feature can be accessed by entering the 'BLOG' tab on the top of this page.

    Check back often while we try harder to update the community on progress.

    As always, on behalf of the entire IPACS development team we wish to thank you for your continued support. We aren't finished just yet!!

    Available now on Steam!

    Just Flight, in partnership with Propair Flight, are proud to present the PA-38 Tomahawk for Aerofly FS 2.

    Following on from their PA-28 series, C152 and Duchess Model 76, this highly detailed simulation of the PA-38 Tomahawk has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life Tomahawk, G-BNKH, based at Goodwood Aerodrome with SportAir.

    The PA-38 Tomahawk is a two-seater, piston-engine aircraft equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear, 112hp four-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller – an ideal aircraft for touring and flight training.

    The PA-38 is flown all around the world and our add-on reflects that global popularity. The package features liveries from the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and Germany.


    • Accurately modelled PA-38 Tomahawk, built using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft
    • Ground equipment including chocks and tie-downs
    • 4096x4096 textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity
    • Detailed normal mapping for down-to-the-rivet precision of aircraft features and accurate simulation of waves in aluminium plates


    • A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
    • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
    • Dimmable cockpit lighting
    • Interactive engine start checklist that responds to user inputs and sim variables
    • Comprehensive IFR-capable avionics fit including:

      - GMA 340 audio selector

      - GNS340 GPS unit

      - SL40 COM2 radio

      - GTX 328 transponder

    Aircraft systems

    Custom-coded electrical system with functional circuit breakers


    The PA-38 Tomahawk is supplied with ten liveries:

    • G-BNKH (UK)
    • G-BMVL (UK)
    • G-BNNU (UK)
    • N2432G (USA)
    • N7803Q (USA)
    • D-EEQI (Germany)
    • C-GTAO (Canada)
    • F-HVFA (France)
    • PH-MEC (Netherlands)
    • VH-UFA (Australia)

    Other features

    • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real-world performance and handling data, and input from pilots
    • Authentic sound set
    • Custom sounds for switches, doors, warnings and more
    • Comprehensive manual with panel guide and performance data
    • PSD Paint Kit available so you can create your own paint schemes

    One of our problems with adding more regions (especially Orbx Netherlands) to the mobile version is the storage limitations with mobile devices, vs. the PC version where hard drive storage is much easier to achieve. There are also performance limitations to consider, where for instance Orbx Netherlands has much more cultivation than any other scenery released to date. We will continue to try to push the envelope of mobile devices and possibly add more regions in the future, but I can't make any promises at this time.

    Thanks both.

    I'll give it a try this evening. Incidentally, I'm on the latest drivers but they are supplied by Intel due to it being a custom AMD GPU for their NUC and nearly a year old now! I've read people have had success running the latest official AMD drivers so will explore that.

    Yes, always try to use the drivers directly from the manufacturer. Also, make sure that Aerofly is running on the AMD video card and not the INTEL if its equipped


    Make sure that you download and install the latest video card drivers. This is important when it comes to the use of Vulkan. Also, try setting your graphics settings to ultra and use the high quality move with Vulkan. You should be able to run Aerofly with this level of quality and still maintain good performance.