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    So if the throttle friction is loose on a full power climb-out the engine just winds down because there is no hand on the power lever? Saving some asymmetric wear on the control column could cost lives.

    To clarify only during rotating and flaring. Apart from that the hand is always on the throttle.

    Regarding the asymmetric thing:

    Its not about wearing out the yoke. But the fact that the yoke might get stuck or not move smoothly if you pull it on one side only. There is some logic to that in my opinion, since in small airplanes the yoke and metal stick is all mechanic. During rotation and flaring the pull is relatively pronounced and there is a long movement forward or backwards. I was told this could occur on older more worn out planes.

    JazzyJazz That's an interesting observation. During my training based on the guidelines set out by the SwissPSA (Swiss Pilot School Association ) we were taught to rotate with both hands on the yoke. The reason for this (I asked the instructor sitting next to me landing in Innsbruck) was that the pull is more symmetrical especially on planes that have the yoke connected directly via cables. I see your point regarding the throttle. I will ask my Swiss instructors the next time I see them.

    Thx again for yet another great video!

    It actually also shows a particular aspects where AEFS2's way of portraying reality, and one which is important for the realism / accuracy of the simulation, really needs tuning - the PAPI light systems.

    Their positioning, size and efficiency, as well as ( afaik ) there being just one type of PAPI and no APAPI, VASI or T-VASI although these are seldom used these days, are additional features I would like to see updated for upcoming releases.

    jcomm the PAPI on Runway 03 at Samedan is not aligned with the touchdown point for small aircraft. Overloaded You need to pass an online Test every 12 months and you need at least one landing every 24 months. Otherwise you have to land with an instructor that's current. Here is the link to the briefing

    Thanks for all the great feedback!

    Im working on a side by side video overflying the jungfrau joch. I will post it in the next few days.

    Thx for the excellent video and please give us more :-)

    Now, how can you compare the "feel of flight" provided by AEFS2 C172 to the real thing ?

    How close would you say it is to the real feel ?

    I think the Cessna is quite nicely done in Aerofly FS2. The stallspeeds and performance are spot on as you can also see from the landing distance in the video. What I miss is feedback from the airplane (stick pressure, wind, brakes). But that is not a shortcoming of the software but rather a hardware issue.

    Good Idea I will try setting the haze in my next video. The go pro has this wide viewing angle that I find hard to recreate in Aerofly FS 2.
    The ATC is from the real flight by the way ;-).

    Are you interested in any further landings?

    I can offer:

    California: South Lake Tahoe, Hayward

    Switzerland: Zurich Airport Runways: 28 / 14 / 34

    Switzerland: Birrfeld Runways: 08 / 26

    Hi Aerofly FS 2 fans,

    I shot some footage of a landing in Innsbruck with my GoPro. So I thought I put together a side by side comparison of the simulation vs real life.

    It's amazing how detailed Innsbruck has been modelled by ORBX.

    If you are interested I have a lot of videos landing at airfields in Switzerland and California ( Aerofly FS 2 Country ;-) )


    This is a comparison of a landing at Samedan Airport in Switzerland. The highest airport in Switzerland:

    This is a comparison of a Flight over the Swiss Alps in the Jungfgrau / Aletschgletscher Region:

    Hi Jet Pack

    I wrote on your blog last saturday regarding the C172 mod. My RPM recommendations were not quite correct.

    I looked up the recommendations from our flight club for take off power on the C172P.

    RPM full power at take off should be between 2250 and 2300. That's with a 160 HP Lycoming O-320-D2J.

    If its under 2100 rpm in summer take off should be aborted. For winter operation the value is 2200 rpm.

    Hi Guys,

    I though I share this 360 video of me landing a Cessna 172 at Zurich Airport on runway 28. In my opinion the C172 is simulated very close to the real thing. Also I think the Zurich Airport ist one of the best virtual representations I have seen so far.

    I used AeroflyFS extensively while training for my PPL. It’s perfect to plan Nav flights.

    Last week I invested in a Oculus VR headset and I must say that the feeling you get flying this way is quite incredible.

    For those interested in a realistic VFR approach in to Zurich I have added the official approach and ground chart. Make sure you stick to the published routes or ATC will have a hard time juggling you in between all the big jets. After landing make sure you taxi to the GAC Sector 1 for your final parking position. Usually you get clearance for Taxiway Y. :D