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    Pardon my ignorance but helicopters are supposed to be different to fly than airplanes right? So how do the developers make them different in a simulatof/game like this?

    Do you get paid for them? One of your AVSIM reviews I looked at looks like you have some really heavy duty hardware. Forgive the questions. I am always nosey, no offence. I do not think you will be short of really good pics. This is a fine sim imho. :cool:

    I think the DD version would crush most computers. What about the Aerosoft version in FSX?

    I never realised our Sydney Harbor Bridge was based on this either till I spotted it near LaGuardia.

    harbor Bridge was based on this either.

    It is via the sound output bass frequencies. I have a split plug into my sound card. I think the plane sounds are deeper in FSX especially with some of the add ons like my B24. That plane really rumbles along.

    Well I think it worked better with FSX but with FS2 it does rattle away quite nicely. The B24 in FSX used to get reaction from landing and other thuds as well as engine sounds.

    After a 3 year stint as a chair ornament my Buttkicker is now back in action. No I am not talking about the other half who looks at the credit card card statements, I mean the item that clamps onto the computer chair. It causes one to jerk around spasmodically whilst grimly hanging on to the joystick in rough synchronisation with the PC sound system. Anyone else got one of these? They are sort of a lazy man's force feedback device. It does work with FS 2. :)

    I still have my FU series on the shelf. I remember being absolutely crushed when they went out of business too. It was a fantastic game. Thanks for posting that HiFlyer. :)

    Great to see such enthusiasm for a flight sim. Every game that promotes our hobby is a good one as far as I am concerned. They are all the product of someones hard work and dedication. Like us,everything is subject to ageing especially computer programs. New processes will usually be faster and more efficient than the older versions. While we wait for this fantastic new FS to come up to those high FSX standards try GEFS online for your global tourism. :cool:

    Hi and welcome from another newbie. I had a friend build me a PC. It is an I5 6600 CPU @ 3.30 GHZ, 16 G RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6G B video card. It runs the game really well. No complInts at all from me. Even in NY I am getting 60 fps, up to 250 fps elsewhere. Hope you have a fast internet because the download is pretty big. ;)

    Steam is where I got my game from.

    Wow! All this info from my idle question about how big a whole world instal might be. :)

    Thanks guys for all the input. Fascinating stuff. A few years back now (quite a few really) I remember having the most powerful computer in my work place with the biggest hard drive. The Hard Drive was a whopping 300mb in size and I think the processor was a 286. I guess in another ten years 1000tb drives will be considered small.

    I would like to see the DH106 Comet 4C in BOAC colours. Besides the Comet being the first commercial passenger jet that particular plane happened to bring me to Australia with my parents as a ten pound tourist in June 1965. :)

    Been thinking ....... I uninstalled FS2 and reinstalled it to a different drive. 107 gb of data. 10 cities in detail for CA plus NY plus Switzerland and HD mesh. That is a very small part of the world and a huge download. How big would the entire world be then if given the same detail?

    I also got it at approximately the same location in FSX! I am not technically minded but there is obviously some explanation for it. ;)

    Looking at retirement I bought a new PC. My old one was hopelessly slow for FSX and now having discovered FS2 I am amazed with the detail and frame rates. Having invested heavily in FSX over the years though I just had to reload it. FSX told me my joystick was not connected even though it works fine with FS2! Downloaded latest Thrustmaster drivers and fixed that problem. Next I had to import my FTX purchases from the flightsim store into Orbx and use their service to update and register my products. That cost me about 100 dollars for re purchasing the products I downloaded and lost registration details for.

    All is working now but I do wonder how the FS2 and Orbx partnership is going to work. I do wish al my FSX sceneries were available for FS2 :p