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  • Hi Chile!

    You wrote on my wall a few weeks back about cultivation however the Zip link tells me access denied and the Video link brings me back to my wall.

    Any chance of resending?



  • Desculpe incomodá-lo, mas como eu sei que você gosta de guitarra Eu acho que você vai gostar deste vídeo com uma trilha sonora de rock and roll ...


  • Hi ZoSoChile

    In the sketchup warehouse there are some nice models of swiss alpine huts (search for swiss huts). I tried to convert one according your video. Yesterday it worked but the hut was not properly built in aerofly fs2 (the roof did not sit on the walls, it was to high up in the air). Today I tried again but now I got errors in the tm log:

    ERROR: (file './object_obj.tgi' is NOT in tsc file. skipping file.)

    ERROR: (cannot convert geometry file './object_obj.tgi')

    I think the first is not a problem. Any idea about the second? Could you try yourself with https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.c…ch/?q=%23bluemlisalphutte ?

    Best regards,


    • Hello Tom,

      Regarding the first issue, I gave this a try, same result. I believe it has to do with IPAC content converter. If an object has too many textures in the model then you run into Alpha texture issues. Which can be somewhat sorted out with MCX and to be honest I do not mess around with because the problem never gets solved that way, however when I run into issues like your model, it is necessary to re texture the model yourself, I do this quite often. If you look at Rodeos new Venice scenery, his buildings have floating roofs as well. I'm sure there is more to the problem.

      As for second issue, usually that means the tgi. file is not in the proper location. Meaning a few things, was it exported from MCX? Was your object renamed to object_obj? etc. If you managed to convert your model before successfully then I wouldn't suspect that to be the issue. So again perhaps all required files were not in the proper folder? Sometimes objects/texture files get duplicated and the Content converter cannot read files properly. It's important to make sure all old conversions are deleted from folder before attempting a new converted model.

      Also how are other model conversions? Again less textures are better and sometimes re texturing the model yourself will help. I believe AC3D or 3DS Max users have these texture issues as well. However I did read somewhere that the main problem was IPACS content converter.

      Please let me know if second issue was resolved


    • Thanks, Jake, for your help. I will give it another try tonight and let you know.

      Btw your video is very helpful.


    • I have done some more tests. I used another copy of the ipacs converter and it worked again. It seems to be the same version but it does not work with the one you provide in your zip in the forum thread. OK solved this one.

      Then I tried to set the hut in a flat scenery beside of the runway of bern airport and everything was ok there. So it seems that the floating pieces have to do with the terrain up in the mountains. i made some tests with autoheight false but I could not see the hut even when set the height to 3000m although in reality it is on 2840m. Maybe the hut is still sunken in the terrain. I will do more tests tonight.



    • I'm glad to hear you got the converter working again. I never use auto height false because of that reason. You will find some of your objects to be sunken underground depending on the elevation data/ custom flattening etc. For example I placed some addition models to the Hoover Dam/Nevada area, my model was buried underground and by editing the tsc file it took a bit of trial and error to raise the model to the correct elevation.

      Back to the topic of the example hut you asked me to convert. That model was designed on a geo located hill with terrain elevation. When removing the ground textures, I noticed a majority of the building was not complete. Meaning that the hut needs to be properly placed along a similar terrain as the sketchup artist intended.

      Sometimes I create my own building models and make them a bit taller, so the placement offset is about 2m or 3m underground. Eliminating any illusion of floating buildings. It is typically for mountainous regions or bumpy elevation data areas.

      Also there will most likely come a time when you create enough models that you will want to make them light up at night time. This is another learning curve of organizing your models textures/ photo shopping/ etc. It all gets super time consuming depending on how realistic you want your sceneries. I'm sure you know.

      BTW, how is your redo of the Swiss Tree cultivation going? I myself have removed the Colorado trees and plan to redo some areas with proper placement. The tree placement in the game can be very distracting in some familiar areas in this sim.


    • I have done the same with the swiss radio towers (available here). I had to move them out by trial and error as you say of the ground because the autoheight feature did not work properly so I changed to autoheight false.

      Yes, maybe I will build my own model sooner or later.

      Regarding the swiss trees, this is a tremendous work. I have a small region around Berne finished and it looks really good although the IPACS trees are not very nice. I cannot immagine to do whole Switzerland. It is not just drawing single trees, groups and lines but also often ScenProc does not create the forests properly so one has to define them yourself, means draw a line around the forest borders. And depending on altitude the kind of trees change from more leafs to just conifers. Unfortunately JOSM does not have an underlaying map with contour lines.

      I have combined ORBX cultivation data with cultivation data from drassaud. e.g. Bern old town from ORBX placed in the data from drassaud. Looks quite good.

      Have a nice weekend,


  • Hi ZoSoChile,

    RE your comment on submitting tm.log file "hope this tm log doesn't say too much about me".

    Here: External view can crash game

    I've just posted my log file also.

    Be aware the log file does contain your Windows username or folder name (not always the same). This could be considered a privacy breach. If it concerns you, edit the file and replace your user name in text like C:/Users/NAME/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/main.mcf with 'NAME' or something random.

    FYI It also contains your video card, monitor size, system memory size, attached joystick input device, language, any custom scenery folders, but nothing much else that's personal.

    All the best!