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    I am happy if you like it! :) At this moment I am uploading the second, larger part: Spain and Portugal (south). 

    PS: I plan to complete Spain too - but first wanted to take a look at the new FS4.

    Hi Marco

    It is the whole South of Spain, it is called "Andalucia" and it is the biggest region of Spain with 8 provinces. It is very famous in this country for its art. To that land belong the authors of "Macarena" whose music I have put in this forum, I suppose you have heard it, have you ever heard of Seville (one of the 8 provinces of Andalucia), if not, here is a "famous sevillana". Click here

    I think it's only right that before you jump for the perfection of the Andalusian scenario, wait to see what Aerofly offers us in the new version.

    Kind regarrds: Delfin

    Hi Marco

    I have never asked Ipacs for release dates of any specific programming, moreover, on many occasions I have defended the position of NOT giving dates to finalize any specific programming (contrary to many users who have been doing it forever).

    That you are very satisfied here ?, I have never doubted it, otherwise, you would have left.

    I wish you a happy new year.



    With all due respect, I must communicate the following:

    1º) - On December 19, I sent a thread to the Forum fundamentally congratulating the users on these dates and a very, very slight exposition of what I understand to be the contribution of the Ipacs team to Aerofly FS-2 during this year 2021.

    That thread was parked waiting for the moderator to decide on a response. As the answer was not forthcoming, on December 21, I posted a second thread: (TO ALL USERS OF AEROFLY-1) to the Forum asking for the answer to the first thread.

    2nd) This time Jan replied saying that he was offended by my criticism and that I had spoken negatively about your team, which is not true. I have on many occasions very energetically defended the Ipacs team, which means defending Aerofly.

    Jan's reply, (and also my reply to Jan) remained on the Forum until yesterday, which Jan sent to the trash can.

    3º) - Today I notice that the Administration also sent to the trash my first thread (TO ALL AEROFLY USERS) dated December 19.

    I am not a man of polemics or controversies, but sending my comments to the trash so lightly, I do not find it pleasant. Can you understand that ?. And if my comments are so OFFENSIVE to the Ipcas team, in logical reciprocity, my answer and decision is very simple, I just have to apply the same philosophy and doctrine as you: when am I going to send Aerofly to the trash can?

    Nevertheless, I wish the Ipacs team and the users of this forum a happy new year.



    Very good that alliance with Santa Claus, the graphic results prove it, especially your contribution in Spain (very specially the Northwest part, my current land: Santiago de Compostela). Although you have not forgotten the South either: Andalusia.

    This year (in these special holidays), you have surpassed all the above; you have done a wide and extensive work, very grateful for it.

    Have a very happy holidays, in the company of your family, and be careful with that Covid-19, who is making us bitter the party; remember that I think he has more lives than cats (and these in my land, it is said that they have 7 lives).

    Merry Christmas and a better 2022.


    Ciao Michael

    Conoscendo la tua enorme attività come creatore di colture in questa comunità, sono sbalordito. Hai creato enormi aree di coltivazione. Quante centinaia di ore dedicate a questa attività? Quante centinaia di migliaia di chilometri quadrati hai coltivato? Il tuo sforzo è così grande e prolungato che è difficile da quantificare. Se qualcuno in questa comunità merita un grande riconoscimento per il suo enorme lavoro creativo, uno dei più importanti si chiama Michael (IZOJUB). Se potessi dare una valutazione personale tra 0 e 10, ti darei un 11 (UNA VOLTA). Sento solo una cosa: che la risoluzione di questi ritagli non abbia altre dimensioni più vistose, qualcosa di simile a MSFS. Ah, grazie per il testo in spagnolo, questa sensibilità è da apprezzare. Ricevi un abbraccio per il tuo immenso lavoro. Delfin


    Hola Michael

    Knowing your enormous activity as a crop creator in this community, I am in awe. You have created huge cultivation areas. How many hundreds of hours dedicated to this activity? How many hundreds of thousands of square kilometers have you cultivated? Your effort is so great and prolonged that it is difficult to quantify. If someone in this community deserves great recognition for his enormous creative work, one of the very, very prominent is called Michael (IZOJUB). If I could give a personal rating between 0 and 10, I would give you an 11 (ELEVEN). I only feel one thing: that the resolution of these crops does not have other more showy dimensions, something similar to MSFS. Ah! Thank you for the text in Spanish, that sensitivity is to be appreciated.

     Receive a hug for your immense work. Delfin 

    Hola Miguel:

    You are clearly a tireless creator; now in pairs (La Palma and El Hierro). Well, as you very well know, now La Palma is boiling, as well as its citizens; too bad we can't extinguish that volcano, but...that's another problem out of our capabilities.

    Once again, my thanks for this new couple that you are creating, that touches me more closely because it is Spanish territory, and that I know.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    The question is have the PC users been abandoned for bespoke commercial installs and mobile apps? This sim had a lot of future and in many ways was the leading hope for us until MSFS came along. I am happy with lots of parts of this sim but the world is dead and has not progressed for years without the help of the few people here that do magnificent free add on works.

    Hi Bellah1z:

    I can understand your question since you have been in this Forum for 3 years, consequently you know perfectly well the limitations of IPACs programmers . But.... that a newcomer member (he has been in this forum for exactly 15 days) starts asking for new airplanes, doesn't it seem excessive to you? As if his impertinence were not enough, he then offers us a series of answers in a language with a completely unknown to us westerners, (and surely infinite73, is a person from the west). If I did not like the initial question, I liked even less the characters used in the following answers. Please: let's be a little respectful with the Ipacs programmers who do everything they humanly can, and also respectful with the rest of the partners of this Sim.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi infinite73

    From what I have observed, you have just joined this community; we have a wide variety of magnificent airplanes, which fly beautifully.

    Have you already flown all of them; have you already enjoyed all of them (or the ones you like the most)?

    With all due respect: don't you think it's excessive that being so recent your incorporation to this club, you are already asking for more airplanes?

    Please: think about what I am telling you, and enjoy what exists here, which are very good and fly magnificently.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    If you upgrade PC be careful with AMD CPU along with the AMD x570 motherboards. It makes the HP Reverb very hard to work properly.

    Hi ZoSoChile (Jake).

    You had told me to be careful with the AMD X 570 motherboard, that it could look bad. It doesn't fit in my choice for my PC, but tell me: You have the HP Reverb G2 headset, and what motherboard do you have installed in your PC. You see with sharpness in VR with the ...Reverb G2. Which motherboard do you recommend? I have initially selected this one: Gigabyte B450 Gaming X, S. AM4 v2.

    Another very elementary question, but that's computer science for non-experts like me:

    I have seen that when you address in the Forum to someone specific, you use the @ symbol followed by the nick of the user, and both appear at the beginning but in red color. For example: " admin " What is the syntax to write that in the thread?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi ,especially to you, higgs, for your videos; more can't be done.

    Thanks also to ZoSoChile (Jake), for this observation concerning AMD components that can create some problems for me. I guess you know the difficulties of some AMD components with this HP Reverb G2 headset. If you observe that the components of my next PC could be undesirable, please let me know.

    My PC. will be what follows in the next paragraph.

    PC Gaming - Megaport Ordenador Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 3700X • GeForce RTX3060 12GB • 1TB M.2 High Performance SSD • 16GB DDR4 3000 • WLAN • Windows 10 • PC Gamer

    I repeat: I thank you both for your impeccable help.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Who are you to recommend IPACs not to create more small aircraft? They should just meet your demands?

    In this community, there is a wide variety of tastes, and consequently, they should be catered to in an ample way, trying to satisfy most of the demands.

    Doesn't this seem more reasonable than what you are asking for?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Guten Morgen, Jan

    Problem gelöst.

    Es ist möglich, es ist fast sicher, dass Sie sich ein wenig unwohl gefühlt haben, vielleicht sogar ziemlich unwohl mit meinem Beharren darauf, Ihre Botschaft, Ihre jeweiligen Botschaften nicht zu verstehen. Das gepaart mit der lausigen Google-Übersetzung machte meine Lösung sehr schwierig.

    Übrigens: vielen Dank für den neuen Übersetzer, den Sie mir geschickt haben ("deepl"), in der Tat, ich denke, er übersetzt die Sprache mit mehr Strenge. Ich weiß das zu schätzen, von nun an wird das mein Übersetzer sein. Ich weiß, dass Sie sehr beschäftigt sind, aber ich muss Ihnen sagen, was ich seit Ihrer ersten Nachricht empfunden habe.


    Die erste Antwort, die Sie mir geschickt haben, lautete wörtlich:

    "There is view pan and view look. One slowly pans the camera angle the other turns view quickly."

    Was in meine Sprache übersetzt, wörtlich bedeutet:

    "Es gibt die Ansicht Schwenken und die Ansicht Blick. Einer schwenkt langsam den Kamerawinkel, der andere dreht die Ansicht schnell."

    Das macht in meiner Sprache keinen Sinn, es sei denn, Sie kennen sehr, sehr gut die Prozedur der Zuweisung von Funktionen zu Tasten oder Knöpfen des Geräts (was in diesem speziellen Fall NICHT mein Fall war).

    In der zweiten Nachricht haben Sie es mir gesagt:

    1) Drehen Sie die Kamera langsam in eine neue Richtung.

    Aber... wie kann ich die Kamera in eine neue Richtung drehen, das war meine Schwierigkeit, was muss ich tun, um die Kamera zu drehen... wo ist die Kamera?

    Wie auch immer, ich wiederhole: Ich entschuldige mich, ich bitte Sie, meine Schwierigkeit zu verstehen; ich weiß, dass Sie ein sehr beschäftigter Mann sind, Sie müssen sich um fast alle Benutzer kümmern und das zwingt Sie, eine kurze Sprache zu verwenden, aber das übersetzt ins Englische. und dann ich ins Spanische, hilft, mehr Schwierigkeiten beim Verstehen all dieses Jargons zu schaffen.

    ch bitte nochmals um Entschuldigung und bin Ihnen für Ihre langwierigen Bemühungen um die Lösung meiner Schwierigkeiten sehr dankbar.

    Eine (virtuelle) Umarmung und ...vielen Dank. Delfin

    Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

    Jan has seen that when things are well known, everything seems obvious and elementary, but if it is not known especially the first time, things are not so intuitive.

    You say "1) slowly turn the camera to a new direction" panning the view left / right "
    2) quickly look left / right by large amounts "look left" or "look right"

    How does the camera move to a new direction…?

    I do not know what I have to do in what you have marked me in this copy (of Set Up -> view ...)

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi Jan

    I beg your pardon, because after translating it, I don't understand absolutely anything.

    Or you describe me sequentially (in full detail). which is the sequence of operations that I have to perform, or else, I repeat: I don't understand anything.

    One word that surprises me, naturally in English, is "pan." Goggle translates it to me as "pan", which in Spanish means a metal container, similar to a plate to eat; a container where potatoes, fish, etc. are fried with oil (cook). This concept, this word completely baffles me.

    I ask you, please, describe to me in detail, how this configuration is carried out.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    From the cockpit in normal flight, I have a frontal view. I want to have side-left and right vision instantly by pressing the key or device on the joystick, and when pressing it again, I return to frontal vision.

    Currently to have those side views from the cockpit, I can only do it with the two keyboard cursor keys, but it is a progressive and slow view. I want it to be instantaneous. How to do it?.

    I have tried it according to this sequence: Settings --> Settings --> Controller-->Set Up -->View… etc. but I can't.

    I beg help.

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi Jan

    Once again, thank you very much for your extensive response. Initially I made a mistake (which has never happened to me before): writing in Aerofly FS (mobile version), instead of, PC version. My case is very simple: I replace my current PC with a new one with greater capacities, and to which I have to download FS 2. I had thought to download it directly from Steam (where I bought it), but I assumed that before proceeding to the download, I would have what: delete, uninstall? from my current PC the Sim FS 2. And I suppose that Stean, before downloading the program again, would do some verification, or else, they would have some very specific procedure for this new download operation. That was my only question about how to do it.

    NOTE: you add another possibility:

    " You can also copy all of the game files to a removable drive and then copy them to your new machine, which is pretty slow."

    I had also thought about it, but if I do it like this, is it going to update automatically as this Sim has been doing in reality? I say this, because if I do it like this (manually), there is no link between the program (Sim.) and Steam, for updates.

    Once again Jan, thank you very much

    Kind regards: Delfin

    These matters, as they are rarely done, are forgotten. In my case, I had never done it, that's why I asked you so much. Finally, all my doubts cleared up. Thank you for your insistence and prolonged assistance in solving these doubts.

    Sincerely very grateful, Peter

    Kind regards: Delfin