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    Due to my absence in this Forum since October 2.019, I ask:

    Can anyone inform me what news have occurred since October 2019 until today in this forum and in this Sim.?

    I have seen virtual reality announced on the monitor and ... download. What exactly is its meaning?. What do we have any chance of flying over that Google VR development?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi (Michael (IZOJUB

    In mid-August 2019 I asked if you would like to geoconvert (with AeroScenery), a small area in the N.W. from Spain. You had answered me immediately, that with great pleasure you were going to do it. A few days later, you told me you were tired, that you were going to take a vacation, and maybe next year (2.020) you would.

    I was disconnected from the Forum so far. I just returned and I found the surprise that you had used your "Holidays" and your rest, to geoconvert an important area of the United Kingdom. Anyway, I can only say, I was surprised by your high activity "geoconverter" during those holidays.

    I would ask you again: could you please geocenvert that region of N.W. from Spain?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi (Michael (IZOJUB)

    Days ago I replied to your offer to create with AeroScenary, a region to N.W. of Spain. I have never heard from you again, or if you have started that work.

    In my family an accident has happened that will keep me away from the Forum for an indefinite period. I would beg you (if you can), you geoconvert me this region, whose area of tiles on the map, you had sent me

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi Brunnobellic

    I have been waiting for your response to post # 43 in which you have sent me an exact images of the Santiago airport building. Since you have not informed me again, this is what I do. In addition, a serious event has happened in my family, which will take me away from the Forum for some time.

    I strongly ask you to make that airport (if possible) with the almost white runways (like those of Asturias, which I love).

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Tomorrow we will continue Michael. I'm standing since 5 a.m. And I'm tired.

    Grateful for your huge help

    Tomorrow we will continue Michael. I'm standing since 5 a.m. And I'm tired.

    Grateful for your huge help

    GeoConvert has a fun "feature" where if you touch / move / minimize the window it can restart processing everything without telling you.

    This is an IPACS problem that I can't fix.


    I think you just discovered the reason for this strange anomaly:

    While AeroScenery and Geoconverto also processed the information, I minimized the screen to work with text processing and spreadsheets. I do it with some frequency in my life. If it is rigorously as you comment, that insurance was the reason.

    I had read the guide of fellow Crispy (certainly very good), as well as the tutorial of the other Michael (IZOJUB) and although I had not stopped much, if I was very clear how this process began, and that disjoint of the program amazed me

    And what can I do now with the information filed in the archives? Is it usable, or do we have to start this same area again?

    Regards: Delfin

    Hello Michael

    The family was bothering me and preventing me from responding immediately.

    I had to stop the program by clicking on the upper right cross.

    I copied the file 17-geoconvert.ttc = 1.35 GB in the Images folder. Before copying it, I was seeing the File size 17-geoconvert.raw = 6.19 GB.

    Enlarge the images, and they look far but very sharp.

    After copying you can verify that it DOES NOT WORK again. The runway is Santiago Compostela, that is, the geoconverted area. When you send the plane to that area, instantly the entire network is blocked. To exit, you know: Ctrl + Alt5 + Delete.

    The other airports work correctly. This anomaly is identical to the previous one. Now, when you delete the recorded file, it works again normally.

    I will see this with real care.

    Thank you very much for all your attention and effort.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    You can also view if the process is still running by viewing the folder/files and seeing if they are increasing in size :-)

    Hi Kloot

    You can also view if the process is still running by viewing the folder/files and seeing if they are increasing in size :-)

    Hi Cloot

    I did that verification about 2 hours before stopping it. In that time interval, the size of all working assets remained unchanged.

    Hello Michael

    Thank you very much for your quick response. That is a 'restorative' response

    Let's see: in the image that I attached, they are reflected (and refute quite a lot of speculation that you do in your post).

    Other relevant data related to the Aeroscenery (Data) files:

    File size working = 17.3 GB

    File size 17 = 780 MB.

    File size 17-geoconvert.raw = 6.19 GB.

    File size 17-geoconvert.ttc = 1.35 GB.

    File size 17-Stitched = 9.07 GB.

    I had already thought about stopping this process with the arrow in the upper right corner, but I was afraid of losing information, and I prefer your opinion as experienced in these battles.

    Anyway, unless someone suggests something less dangerous, I will have to stop him because of the aforementioned brave.

    I had to crop the map, because it exceeded 1 MB (system limit and I did not admit it)

    How do you get the "black window" back to the screen?

    My father said: "Friends meet on occasions."

    Well, friend Michael, once again, especially this time. seven times thanks.     

    Regards: Delfin

    I have started with Aeroscenery, a single tile as proof in the NW of Spain. The PC has been working continuously for 7 hours.

    In the upper left corner a small black window was opened when Geoconvert started; in it he was informing of the evolution of the process.

    I involuntarily eliminated that "black window" and I was left without seeing the evolution of geoconsversion.

    The question is: this takes too long, and I see that the LED of the CPU of the PC, continues to blink, which means that it continues processing ... processing what?

    Please, someone from Aeroscenery connoisseurs, tell me how to stop this without damaging the processed.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi michael

    After copying (as you suggested) the folder 17-Geoconvert-ttc to C:\...scenery\ images\ES; I loaded FS 2 and when I select the area to fly (geoconverted area), the order is not obeyed. I have everything locked. Even ,, to leave FS 2, I have to do it "Ctrl + Alt + supr".

    Anyone else have this? It is a failure of aerofly, Steam, etc. or only mine? Regards: Delfin

    Hi Nick

    Immediately that I discovered the 'Start' and the exe ... I ordered to process the tile that is seen in the post # 73 (N.W. Spain) of this thread. I wanted to have first contact with this program, although I assumed that this processing of this surface would not take advantage of it because I did not know the process to follow once it was finished. But I wanted, at least to know the processing times, both of Aeroscenery and Geoconvert.

    These were the times:

    Aeroscenery first phase = 2 hours

    Aeroscenery second phase = 28 minutes

    Geoconvert ------------  = 1 hour.

    Here I started moving the small Geoconver window and I think I stopped the process. I was wondering where I would archive the files with the processed information. Then I saw it. Create new folders with their corresponding files. In this case, the folders are:


    working, in turn working creates the subfolders:

    Map_09-7980_a200, which in turn creates the subfolder

    g, with the subfolders:





    etc. etc etc.

    Now I wonder, what to do with all this?

    Is there a manual or tutorial that I can follow?

    Clarify this: this is the first time that I approached beta programs. You say I shouldn't link Aeroscenery to Aerofly. In that case, where do I leave that folder? I beg you ... how did you do it?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    The beta version should resize down to a minimum to 1366 x 768 resolution with the default Windows font size.

    It looks like the large Windows font size you have set is affecting that.

    At this point the choices would be to either reduce the Windows font size or use a higher resolution monitor.

    Good afternoon, Nick

    Welcome from your vacation; It is clear that vacations always feel good. Here is the proof: in view of my difficulties with the installation of Aeroscenery, how is it possible that we have not thought about modifying the resolution of the screen?, And ... especially me, the first one? !

    Well, I listened to your advice: my resolution was 1600x900

    I modified to 1366x768 and, worse

    Again I modified to 1680x1050, and ... Eureka; Started "Start"!

    Click on exe ..., Start ... and it works, but ...

    But I can't find the file to install it.

    I have downloaded the link you recommend on the first page of this thread (# 1), which turns out to be identical to the one I had already downloaded on Michael's advice (pmb). and attentively there is no installation file. What can I do now?

    Well, dear friend, I am very grateful for this attention and desire to solve this difficulty with your AeroScenery program.

    Sincerely, thank you, thank you, thank you very much

    Kind regards : Delfin

    Hello Michael

    I am defeated, (defeated). I had some interest in seeing how this Aeroscenery worked, but after all this series of difficulties, I think it is too cumbersome. This should not pose so many difficulties, even for an inexperienced person like me in this discipline, especially the installation.

    Nevertheless, I write what I did:

    1)     This link, '' downloads a folder with the name of 'Release'

    2)     I created a subfolder of Aerofly FS 2 with the name of AeroScenery, in which I copied the contents of Release (naturally, after decompressed.)

    3)     This folder (Release), according to you, contains 46 files, only 44 appear to me.

    4)     The program runs but I can't install it. It is possible that one of those 2 files that I am missing is precisely the installation file, and I do not see it in the file list.

    5)     I have copied directly to the AeroScenery folder, the contents of SDK tools. Should I create a folder (Aeroscenery subfolder) for SDK tools?

    6)     And the most incomprehensible !!, I still can't see "Start"; Exactly the same, as with the previous installation. It is curious: I do not know in what way, but previously, the program had been installed. And also amazing: the previous Aeroscenery folder, had its files a size = 3.2 MB only; this one has = 46.4 MB.

    This is how you can see in the image that I attached, the folder tree that I have installed:

    C: \ Users \ Delfin \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ Aeroscenery \ aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tool

    Anyway, Michael, I said I felt defeated, because I am not willing to continue torturing you with questions about this program. I don't give up easily, except, it's supposed to punish other people. In any case, this program is too cumbersome and confusing to download and install.

    I previously downloaded it from GitHub; resulting in 3.2 MB. Now it is downloaded and appears with another name (the folder) Release and with size = 46.4 MB. At the same time, from the moment it is ordered to run, it should automatically continue with the installation process, even if it previously requested authorization to be installed. This is done by many programs, and is always a much appreciated simplification.

    In this regard, I was very surprised by IPACS with its FS 2 through Steam. At the end of the download, you do not have to run anything or install. Finished downloading and ready to play !. Is that a job well done!

    I repeat, dear companion, I deeply thank you for the succession of sacrifices you have made for me. I regret that in this case, the effort has not produced its fruits. Maybe next time.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Good night, Michael

    I am quite blocked because the new download and inhalation attempt does not work for me.

    Abusing your confidence and avoiding asking you many questions, I am going to:

    1st) .- Expose yourself as I did (and it doesn't work; I can't install it)

    2) .- Ask you to give me a brief summary of how it is installed (which Aeroscenery file I must click) for the installation to be done.

    After downloading and decompressing Aeroscenery_master, I proceeded according to this directory tree

    C: \ Users \ Delfin \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ Aeroscenery \ aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tool

    In the previous time, I think I had created a subfolder of "Aerofly fs 2" with the name of Aeroscenery, and in which I copied Aeroscenery, but without "_master".

    Attached I send you the current directory tree. The 3 files in the Aeroscenaryinsataler folder, {Aerosceneryinstaler.sin; Aerosceneryinstaler.wax; and Aerosceneryinstaler.wixpro,} should be (one of them), the one that allows me to install it. Well, I can't do it. Obviously something I did wrong.

    How did I previously install Aeroscenery?

    I clicked on enough files, and I don't know exactly how they worked.

    I beg you to write the directory tree with its subdirectories in the answer you send me.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but I think you know this process very well, so I take this freedom.

    Thank you very much in advance

    Kind regards: Delfin

    You were right in the reduced window. I did what you suggested: (from upper left corner, deduce it. Then dragging up, but fails to discover "start".

    I suspect that for some reason, this program is not installed correctly. Tonight, I will reinstall it again.

    A detail has been happening to me since I have been fighting with this program: all the icons on the desktop were misplaced several times, something that very rarely happened to me. Will it have something to do with this installation?

    Thank you very much for your dedication, Machael.

    Kind regards:

    Again with you, Michael

    I regret these setbacks for my lack of experience in these matters

    The file of the full screen image is = 1.7 MB. The system only supports = 1 MB. As I do not reduce those 1.7 MB to less than 1 MB. I have copied only part of the map, which in any case, I suppose is enough to analyze my problem.

    Does that image help you to discover where my mistake is?

    I apologize for having to solve a certain problem that is very simple, but you know: "the first time, it is always difficult, although for the experienced it is very simple."

    Ya veo que has deducido lo que te iba a preguntar: "que me enviaras una imagen tuya" . Nada que ver con la mia.

    All fields filled with Aeroscenery, in your opinion, are correctly filled, both in this image and in the previous one?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi Michael

    In my previous post, for lack of time I could not finish it or send the image that I accompany here.

    I suppose that the "Start" to which we both refer, is an integral part of Aeroescenery, (and not Windows). In this case, I don't see that 'button' anywhere. I wonder what I did wrong, so that it is not visible. Let's see if in view of this image, you illuminate my dark tunnel.

    All fields filled with Aeroscenery, in your opinion, are correctly filled, both in this image and in the previous one?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    P.S. The system told me that this file is too big. I will try a smaller copy

    If you confirm the settings with "OK" and return to the main window, "Start" is on the l.h.s. below "Install Scenery in AFS Scenery folder". It might be invisible for you as the lower part of AeroScenery is hidden by the task bar, just raise it a bit.

    Kind regrads, Michael