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    If you upgrade PC be careful with AMD CPU along with the AMD x570 motherboards. It makes the HP Reverb very hard to work properly.

    Hi ZoSoChile (Jake).

    You had told me to be careful with the AMD X 570 motherboard, that it could look bad. It doesn't fit in my choice for my PC, but tell me: You have the HP Reverb G2 headset, and what motherboard do you have installed in your PC. You see with sharpness in VR with the ...Reverb G2. Which motherboard do you recommend? I have initially selected this one: Gigabyte B450 Gaming X, S. AM4 v2.

    Another very elementary question, but that's computer science for non-experts like me:

    I have seen that when you address in the Forum to someone specific, you use the @ symbol followed by the nick of the user, and both appear at the beginning but in red color. For example: " admin " What is the syntax to write that in the thread?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Thanks TomC RLG for your advice, on what to do, and also what not to do. It is very necessary when investing in a gaming PC.

    Thanks also Armitage, for your description about the behavior of the Reverb G2 on different devices, as well as your comments about the GTX cards.

    To both of you, kind regards: Delfin

    Hi ,especially to you, higgs, for your videos; more can't be done.

    Thanks also to ZoSoChile (Jake), for this observation concerning AMD components that can create some problems for me. I guess you know the difficulties of some AMD components with this HP Reverb G2 headset. If you observe that the components of my next PC could be undesirable, please let me know.

    My PC. will be what follows in the next paragraph.

    PC Gaming - Megaport Ordenador Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 3700X • GeForce RTX3060 12GB • 1TB M.2 High Performance SSD • 16GB DDR4 3000 • WLAN • Windows 10 • PC Gamer

    I repeat: I thank you both for your impeccable help.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Who are you to recommend IPACs not to create more small aircraft? They should just meet your demands?

    In this community, there is a wide variety of tastes, and consequently, they should be catered to in an ample way, trying to satisfy most of the demands.

    Doesn't this seem more reasonable than what you are asking for?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Guten Morgen, Jan

    Problem gelöst.

    Es ist möglich, es ist fast sicher, dass Sie sich ein wenig unwohl gefühlt haben, vielleicht sogar ziemlich unwohl mit meinem Beharren darauf, Ihre Botschaft, Ihre jeweiligen Botschaften nicht zu verstehen. Das gepaart mit der lausigen Google-Übersetzung machte meine Lösung sehr schwierig.

    Übrigens: vielen Dank für den neuen Übersetzer, den Sie mir geschickt haben ("deepl"), in der Tat, ich denke, er übersetzt die Sprache mit mehr Strenge. Ich weiß das zu schätzen, von nun an wird das mein Übersetzer sein. Ich weiß, dass Sie sehr beschäftigt sind, aber ich muss Ihnen sagen, was ich seit Ihrer ersten Nachricht empfunden habe.


    Die erste Antwort, die Sie mir geschickt haben, lautete wörtlich:

    "There is view pan and view look. One slowly pans the camera angle the other turns view quickly."

    Was in meine Sprache übersetzt, wörtlich bedeutet:

    "Es gibt die Ansicht Schwenken und die Ansicht Blick. Einer schwenkt langsam den Kamerawinkel, der andere dreht die Ansicht schnell."

    Das macht in meiner Sprache keinen Sinn, es sei denn, Sie kennen sehr, sehr gut die Prozedur der Zuweisung von Funktionen zu Tasten oder Knöpfen des Geräts (was in diesem speziellen Fall NICHT mein Fall war).

    In der zweiten Nachricht haben Sie es mir gesagt:

    1) Drehen Sie die Kamera langsam in eine neue Richtung.

    Aber... wie kann ich die Kamera in eine neue Richtung drehen, das war meine Schwierigkeit, was muss ich tun, um die Kamera zu drehen... wo ist die Kamera?

    Wie auch immer, ich wiederhole: Ich entschuldige mich, ich bitte Sie, meine Schwierigkeit zu verstehen; ich weiß, dass Sie ein sehr beschäftigter Mann sind, Sie müssen sich um fast alle Benutzer kümmern und das zwingt Sie, eine kurze Sprache zu verwenden, aber das übersetzt ins Englische. und dann ich ins Spanische, hilft, mehr Schwierigkeiten beim Verstehen all dieses Jargons zu schaffen.

    ch bitte nochmals um Entschuldigung und bin Ihnen für Ihre langwierigen Bemühungen um die Lösung meiner Schwierigkeiten sehr dankbar.

    Eine (virtuelle) Umarmung und ...vielen Dank. Delfin

    Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

    Jan has seen that when things are well known, everything seems obvious and elementary, but if it is not known especially the first time, things are not so intuitive.

    You say "1) slowly turn the camera to a new direction" panning the view left / right "
    2) quickly look left / right by large amounts "look left" or "look right"

    How does the camera move to a new direction…?

    I do not know what I have to do in what you have marked me in this copy (of Set Up -> view ...)

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi Jan

    I beg your pardon, because after translating it, I don't understand absolutely anything.

    Or you describe me sequentially (in full detail). which is the sequence of operations that I have to perform, or else, I repeat: I don't understand anything.

    One word that surprises me, naturally in English, is "pan." Goggle translates it to me as "pan", which in Spanish means a metal container, similar to a plate to eat; a container where potatoes, fish, etc. are fried with oil (cook). This concept, this word completely baffles me.

    I ask you, please, describe to me in detail, how this configuration is carried out.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    From the cockpit in normal flight, I have a frontal view. I want to have side-left and right vision instantly by pressing the key or device on the joystick, and when pressing it again, I return to frontal vision.

    Currently to have those side views from the cockpit, I can only do it with the two keyboard cursor keys, but it is a progressive and slow view. I want it to be instantaneous. How to do it?.

    I have tried it according to this sequence: Settings --> Settings --> Controller-->Set Up -->View… etc. but I can't.

    I beg help.

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi Jan

    Once again, thank you very much for your extensive response. Initially I made a mistake (which has never happened to me before): writing in Aerofly FS (mobile version), instead of, PC version. My case is very simple: I replace my current PC with a new one with greater capacities, and to which I have to download FS 2. I had thought to download it directly from Steam (where I bought it), but I assumed that before proceeding to the download, I would have what: delete, uninstall? from my current PC the Sim FS 2. And I suppose that Stean, before downloading the program again, would do some verification, or else, they would have some very specific procedure for this new download operation. That was my only question about how to do it.

    NOTE: you add another possibility:

    " You can also copy all of the game files to a removable drive and then copy them to your new machine, which is pretty slow."

    I had also thought about it, but if I do it like this, is it going to update automatically as this Sim has been doing in reality? I say this, because if I do it like this (manually), there is no link between the program (Sim.) and Steam, for updates.

    Once again Jan, thank you very much

    Kind regards: Delfin

    These matters, as they are rarely done, are forgotten. In my case, I had never done it, that's why I asked you so much. Finally, all my doubts cleared up. Thank you for your insistence and prolonged assistance in solving these doubts.

    Sincerely very grateful, Peter

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I already have an account on Steam (I bought FS 2 there). Is it absolutely necessary to create a new account to re-download FS 2 on another PC?

    Again very grateful for your multiple clarifications.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Thanks, Peter, but ... Let's see:

    What exactly is the procedure to follow? It would be: 1) .- I delete from my current PC, FS 2 2) .- Download on the new PC, FS 2?. Thus, without more controls by Steam ?. I suppose there will be a logical sequence of control by Steam, I suppose they will require a verification that I have deleted FS 2 from my current PC, before proceeding to download it again on another PC. Is not it? Do you have any experience of this process?

    Thank you for answering. Ragards:

    Thanks Jan.

    It is evident that I have expressed myself wrong. My wish is to download back to the HDD or SDD of the new PC. That's why I need to ask Steam for information on how to carry out this process, since I am going to change my PC for a more powerful one. Since you have answered, can you provide me with the link with Steam, or give me the instructions on how to do it? Thank you very much for your quick response.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I need to replace my CPU with a more powerful one, therefore, I especially request Keventions to inform me of the Steam technical support link to receive information on how I should re-download "FS2" on the new CPU. I will also appreciate the information requested from any other user.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Well, I started this thread last October, asking if it would be possible to retrieve the in-flight views from the tower. I see that since then that possibility has not been restored.

    This condition occurs only in scenarios produced by users. I have seen that it is also requested by TomSimMuc, flightxtreme, etc. have the vision plane in flight from tower. Those of us who like acrobatics, that vision of flight is very pleasant and we use it very frequently.

    I hope he recovers again.

    Kin regards: Delfin

    Hola Steve

    I wonder if the result I have obtained will be of any use to you. This has happened:

    1) .- If I load Apache, the screen appears completely black.

    2) .- If I have any other aircraft at a certain height flying, I go out, select the Apacho and load it, it is loaded, but it remains completely immobile at that same height. No key has any effect on it, except the Esc key, which I return to the initial screen to shit.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I don't really like helicopters, from FSX to Robinson R22 the latter, I recognize that initially it was difficult to pilot; in the end, in "easy mode", I was able to pilot it without excessive difficulties. However, I did not enjoy in the helicopter as in the airplanes, especially, in the small ones, and above all: with the acrobatic ones.

    I was waiting for the release of this EC135.T1, which being much older, would be less of a dancer, and consequently, maybe I could enjoy more than with the previous ones.

    Its release was announced well in advance, with the phrase "caming soon." I was intrigued by the enormous number of times that very often, I read that expression: caming soon.

    At the end when its launch was announced, I was looking for how to download it and couldn't find a way to do it. About 8 days after its release, casually reviewing the FS 2 aircraft squad, surprisingly I found it: It had been downloaded automatically without my participation. I was happy to see him among the other planes. Thanks for that, Ipacs.

    I immediately started it, and I was very surprised how docile its lift was, with little effect from the tail rotor, it rises smoothly, it translates with great smoothness and elegance. The exterior view in flight, is frankly impressive, and impressive the "music of its engine". Seen at an inclination with respect to its longitudinal axis and somewhat higher than the helicopter, it is extraordinarily beautiful. In my opinion, with the yellow or red colors, it is even more beautiful.

    It also has a very well designed instrument panel, which makes the visibility from the pilot's seat very pleasant.

    Thank you again Ipacs for this "wonderful flying piece of art "

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Steve

    I have read your post and ... I was curious about that Apache. I have been reading your posts in the Forum with some attention for a long time, especially for all the infinite difficulties and questions you asked asking for help to solve the difficulties you were in. OMG! : 20,933 lines of code and hours of work ...

    It occurred to me to download your Apache and check its behavior.

    I was never passionate about helicopters; in fact, the R 22 did not cost me excessively, but the EC-135 is doing it, which is really smooth and very docile in flight. Therefore, I was curious about your Apache, which I also initially "not difficult to tame". I think I'm going to enjoy this work of yours.

    Congratulations for that enormous effort until reaching those 20,933 lines of code, and seeing your work of art fly.

    Kind ragards: DElfin

    These are user made airports.

    Does the camera work at any of user made airport? If yes, then it's a matter of updating that airport maybe. If it doesn't work at any user made airport then we will have to find the issue on our side.

    The camera does not work in any of the user-created airports, including:

    Santiago (LEST), Vigo (LEVX), Asturias (LEAS), Ibiza (LEIB), Mallorca (LEPA), Menorca (LEMH), etc.

    Kind regards: Delfin