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    Hi Overloaded

    First of all, thanks for the video. Pity that another camera filmed acrobatic maneuvers, that would mean another plane following it, and that makes the operation more expensive.

    Reflecting on what you said about the 'constant speed propeller', I think it is quite evident, that this plane (of this Sim.) Does not carry such a device, otherwise, the engine as the plane ascends or descends, would keep its r.m.p. and this does not happen here, but the opposite.

    In the real world and with the real plane, I have no idea, nor if that acoustic frequency of the motor corresponds to the ones we hear here. I just say that I love the engine music of this model, as well as its ability to maneuver in acrobatics. I love his flying figure and also his music.

    That the pilot could reach excessive speed ?. Well, as you know very well, all liquid fuel engines have a limiter of r.p.m. which consists in progressively limiting the entry of fuel from certain r.p.m. of the motor, with this, the motor is ensured, otherwise, it could disintegrate.

    Regards: Delfin

    Judging from his body language especially the face, he is not enjoying it very much. In the end, he will sweat.

    Hi Krzysztof

    It is something absolutely superb, portentous, with an aspect both on the runway and on the heights, admirable and that deserves admiration, not only for its visual aspect, but also for the sound of its engine; unique among all the airplanes of this sim. = (celestial music). Naturally, I mean the Yak 55m.

    When we subject it to a vertical or inclined ascent, as it rises, the sound of its engine becomes progressively more lower (its sound frequency) to reach the highest point with zero speed or close to zero, that frequency is very lower . Then it comes to the descent, in which that frequency becomes increasingly acute as it gains speed. In my opinion, it is by far the best created sound of all airplanes; It is frankly superb. Until I listened carefully to the acoustics of this plane, I had not realized how important the flight is with a good sound on the plane.

    When you approach the runway with progressive deceleration, the same thing happens to you, its acoustic frequency decreases and indicating that the engine decreases in r.p.m.

    If we observe it diagonally (from the nose, pressing the function key F2), when approaching the runway to land, it constitutes a magnificent spectacle, not only visual, with its portentous aspect and its elegant appearance, but also with its " wonderful music. "

    It is also impressive, the flight seen from the cockpit, with a very wide field of vision and a different sound as is logical. No acrobatic plane presents this extraordinary vision, accompanied by its own "music" from that point of the pilot's hearing.

    For those of us who like acrobatics, this plane constitutes a "superb work of flying art", both visually and acoustically. His appearance slowly rolling down the runway after touching land, causes a deep admiration with his elegant rolling and his special music.

    Of course Krzysztof, if you had already given me a great surprise and joy, when you gave us the Rutan Long_EZ, now with this Yak 55 m, you have filled the glass, without despising a few more, among them, the 3 previous acrobatic ones, and especially the canard (Kyushu J7W1 Shinden) which I also fly with great pleasure, although you have to improve it a lot, but that will come with time.

    You have provided this Sim. a huge squad of planes, all completely different, which makes it much more valuable. We can choose from the oldest, to the most current. A whole range of possibilities for those who like the variety in flight and experimentation with different machines. In my opinion, all this contribution deserves a reward, for that reason, once again I insist: "you should give us the possibility of making donations from this Forum". I tell you with the greatest sincerity and appreciation: your enormous work of adaptation deserves it.

    Once again, my deep gratitude for all you have given us.

    Kind ragards: Delfin

    I have filled out the necessary fields for account opening, but I had some difficulties in verifying that "I am not a robot". I got tired and I abandoned it.

    Later, I tried again and I find this situation:

    1) .- The field appears: "Username" empty (no name), and as soon as I enter my name, to the right of that field, a small red triangle appears and a message: "username is already in taken". But the little triangle continues in red and the word "username" also turns red


    2) .- the other fields, (e.mail, address and password), are covered correctly.

    3) .- Now comes "verify acount", but I am blocked by the username field, which continues with the warning in red.

    4) .- I am not able to get out of this loop. What can I do to finish filling in this and open the account on GitHub?

    Regards: Delfin

    I have seen that Krzysztof, has added two new airplanes in his list (repositories) and updated 10 of those already existing in the list. Aggregates = 2 and updated = 10.

    Thanks Krzysztof. In my opinion, you are making this simulator very big; In addition, your planes give the fleet of FS 2, a different air, very diverse planes, planes of all kinds; even two precious canards, which are the ones that amuse me most and with which I spend more hours flying and doing experiments, despite their shortcomings.

    By the way: as one of the updated ones was the "bgear = Extra 330 SC", I assumed that I would have added the sound files and it has not been like that, this plane continues without those files. I ask someone to inform me exactly, what is the termination of the files that I must copy from "Extra 33o LX" to "Extra 330 SC"?

    Greatly grateful, Krzysztof, for this enormous contribution.

    I thought: could someone from IPACS complement the help to Krzysztof, to accelerate the correct operation (full update) of the airplanes that are appearing in "repositories"? . I suppose that these suggesting something impossible, IPACS has more work to do than what can be done, but ... Would any of the Aerofly users with programming knowledge, could help update those planes ?. If that were possible, we would have an incredible fleet of aircraft operating correctly.
    It's possible?
    Kind regards, Krzysztof.


    I had been looking at the "repositories" list for a month to find something new in FS2.

    A whole month without finding any added aircraft. Today at last, the list increased to 39 aircraft. I took a joy, but this was much greater, when I discovered that it was one of the planes for which I feel true passion: it is a "canard", small and powerful engine with which easily reaches 250 knots.

    Difficult to fly, difficult to land correctly, still with defects, especially sound, but ... it does not matter. I love challenges with small planes, maneuvers where skill is required.

    Once again, thank you, thank you very much, Krzysztof

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I love this toy airplane, but you have to modify at least two defects.

    1º) The pitch is too sensitive and it is very difficult to land.

    2º) Flying from the cockpit, the arch that supports the cockpit's coverage completely hides the horizon, both at take-off and landing. I guess that arch, you should raise it a little more.

    I love small planes, in which the pilot has to work on the control of the airplane, in which it is necessary to "domesticate the airplane", in which every movement that we demand, we must work it to get a correct flight.

    Once again, thank you very much for your wonderful contribution to this community

    Kind regards: Delfin

    On several occasions, I tried to fly this plane, but always and in full flight, the wings (the two wings) came off. When yesterday I saw that it had been updated, I quickly loaded it and thought that since this deficiency was considerable, it would be opened up.

    In effect, we start at full power ... its sound is really impressive, indicative of power, of power, in addition, that sound is very characteristic; it is a superb spectacle to observe that powerful engine with that unique sound, it constitutes an emotional pleasure, to observe sound and a powerful response in the acceleration of the airplane.

    There is still a need to correct the instrument panel, but we can fly with the "digital panel" at the top of the monitor.

    Congratulations and many thanks, Krzysztof. This plane is a great acquisition for the FS 2 squad. I am grateful once more for this effort and this contribution to the Aerofly community.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Thanks, HiFlyer, J van E and Flightxtreme

    Copied the mentioned files, (14 files), I have sound. Naturally the sound is that of Extra 330 LX created by IPACS. This caused me some confusion when receiving your second replicas, since I was looking for the Estra 330 folder ... on the web page. of Krzysztof, and of course, it was not possible.

    This forces us after each update of this aircraft, to copy those 14 files again, otherwise there is no sound, unless in some of the updates, Krzysztof includes these files.

    In good logic, I do not think those 14 files are necessary to have sound. Has anyone progressively removed part of those files until they know exactly which ones produce the sound?

    Another improvement that Krzysztof will have to add, is to correct the rudder, since on takeoff, it is almost impossible to control the tail skate.

    Regards: Delfin

    Good evening, Krzysztof

    This morning when entering the forum, I saw with great satisfaction that another plane was at our disposal to download, and in this case, "aerobatic and single-seater: Extra 330 CS bgaer" (my favorite planes).

    I downloaded it and ... beautiful and very beautiful its silhouette in the sky !. It surprises me because it is the only one of the 37 that appear on Krzysztof's list, (currently available to download and enjoy with them), which has no sound. I'm sure that in the next update, it will be restored.

    I am going to relate something that I hope will not be misunderstood:

    The link "Original 3D model created by Martins Upitis; takes us to a page that shows the possibility of "DONATING" the amount that each one considers reasonable, for what we receive without charge.

    Krzysztof, you put at our disposal to download and enjoy a huge number of aircraft.

    Nobody has ever done such a feat. Some need to correct certain deficiencies, but progressively, functions that do not work properly will be restored.

    I would like you to put on the page (as it has done "Martins Upitis") the possibility of making "donations" for the enormous amount of work done to offer us all that huge list of aircraft. I hope you can do it.

    In my opinion, you deserve a reward, and the best in the current circumstances (the only possible one), is an economic donation. I understand that your work should be rewarded, even if they are small amounts, (and ... I hope they are "many small amounts").

    It is not logical or reasonable, and also, it is tremendously unfair, if you put at my disposal a product (your airplanes) that I like, and that I enjoy with them, do not have compensation with you, an economic retribution. That is my point of view: the man who works and makes the result of his work available to the community, and the community accepts it, must receive compensation from the community. That is my point of view and this is how I explain it. I hope no one misinterprets it or misrepresents my message.

    And above all, Krzysztof, in advance you have my thanks and my gratitude for all that product, made available to me free of charge.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    There were different versions of the FS1 which each had slight differences. Which version do you have, DVD or steam?

    Hi, Jan

    On 10-04-2019 (d./m./y.) I published this thread "Problem in FS1, at the time of loading the aircraft in the PC". There I explained the difficulties in downloading the add-ons in FS1. I had no answer from you.

    My Sim. FS1 is 2013 as I explained, (it's on DVD, and version

    I really enjoy FS1 and would like to download some of the addons in this sim. I know that you are always very busy but if it is not very difficult and when you have a few minutes, I beg you, take a look and see if I can download some.

    In addition to the description I already made in that thread, I have also downloaded the "PZL P.11c" model.

    This model, is downloaded perfectly on the runway, then begins to roll but without sound or control over it. A few seconds later, there is an explosion of sound, the plane disappears and again unloads without any intervention on the runway.

    The same thing happens with the DCH-1 model (De Havilland).

    In advance, thank you very much.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi Jan.

    In this download and installation process in this FS-1, everything worked correctly, except the difficulty that I have already described in my thread.

    It is the first attempt to add some model to this FS-1. With the ariginal aircraft, it works correctly. This FS-1, I bought it on DVD

    This is the information that I suppose can help you:

    Nº Pedido (orden number)=

    Date of purchase= 12-02-2013

    Thank you very much for your prompt collaboration

    Regards: Delfin

    I downloaded "", first, the Predator model. Everything happened normally, except that when loading it in the PC, the Predator falls violently against the runway with an explosion sound (it sounds as if it fell several meters high with the consequent sound of the crash against the ground.) The fall is repeated every three seconds and the third fall, it is the last, from here on, it remains on the ground, and on its own wheels.

    I loaded the next one (Piper Cub); it also crashes violently against the ground. This fall is repeated in about half the time of the previous one, and thus remains indefinitely falling violently against the ground.

    I loaded a third plane, and the same sequence is repeated as that of the Piper Cub.

    I had never seen this in any sim. Does anyone know this difficulty?

    Regards: Delfin