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    I'm willing to do that. I have a subscription and use it for flight training so hopefully if a few of us do they might be willing to work with you guys. You can add approaches on to your flight plan in Foreflight and that would be amazing to use in Aerofly and maybe take some of the work off the developers.

    Also when I set it up I had the same problem so make sure you tap on it in connections plus your position isn't given to foreflight until you start the flight. If you go to the menu screen your position is lost.

    Another cool feature is zooming in on Foreflight and having the airport diagram with all taxiways labeled. The positioning is spot on and so far all airports that I've been to are done perfectly in Aerofly. I'm loving this sim.

    The developers might know which other ones work. Iflightplanner and Skydemon are the ones listed in the update announcement so maybe they work without subscriptions but I've never tried them.

    I think Foreflight may work in a basic form without subscription but I can't test it since I can't deactivate mine to test it.

    Ok so. My IPad and Pc are on the same network. Ipconfig lists my IPv4 address as and I replace the last values with .255 giving andbroadcast is turned on. My firewall has Aerofly FS 2 open to all ports but I still get nothing in Foreflight under devices.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Edit: So if I exit Aerofly it connects to Foreflight briefly and then disappears obviously.

    With today's update IPACs has added the ability to broadcast the plane position over LAN/internet to aviation apps including Foreflight. In the Misc. settings there are now options for "Broadcast IP address" and "Broadcast Port". I'm wondering if anyone knows how to set this up. Should I be entering the IP address of my PC or Router/Network? Also where am I configuring the Port?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Jan.

    I don't mean to hijack the thread but I didn't want to create a new one for a simple question that has to do with navigation.
    I am flying the King Air quite often and the major problem at the moment seems to be even though you can manually tune the ILS frequency for the approach, the glide slope indicator does not appear on the EFIS. The horizontal and vertical displays are there and I can track the localizer but there is no indication of the glide slope. Is that just a bug at the moment?

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. The above information is great as I too found it frustrating to have to turn the lights off every start up and when changing location etc.
    I have been flying the King Air a bit and the prop rpm is limited to 1900 vs I believe 2200 in the real aircraft. I assume this might have been originally implemented for the mobile version as 1900 rpm would be more standard for a cruise setting. I have looked through the tmd files and have not come across anything and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.