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    Just as an example, right now if I put res on -1 then move to 0, required space is 750696 MB. If I move res to 1 then back down to 0 it's 48432 MB.

    When I draw my square and it say "Required Work Space" in MB, the number varies on the same resolution when clicking up and down.

    What I mean is, at resolution zero it will be whatever MB, but if I click resolution up to 1 then back down to 0, having touched nothing else, it's not the same number as it originally was.

    Can anyone explain this? I want to be sure I am not being duped out of some res.

    When making a huge area (all of UK), what is the best way to seemlessly join up segments made with FSET and Geoconvert?

    Also, if you was to do a vast area at resolution 2 for example, if you then later made smaller areas of cities and airports at resolution 0, would these be automatically placed over the lower res stuff?


    Thanks, now I get no input aerial images found, yet I copied all to inut_aerial_images.

    Says see tm.log...

    0.00-tmmodule: (tmsystimer,1)

    0.00-tmmodule: init modules=(tmsystimer=ok) done

    0.00-tmmodule: Program version 1.2.3

    0.00-tmmodule: Copyright (C) 1998-2017 IPACS

    0.00-tmsyswin: memory=(physical=16333MB, avail=11856MB) (virtual=18765MB, avail=134217727MB) (27 in use)

    0.00-tmsyswin: operating system (10.0)= Microsoft Windows 10 or newer

    0.01-tmsyswin: monitor size = 598 336

    0.01-tmmodule: fullscreen modes=(1024x768x32x60) (1024x768x32x70) (1024x768x32x75) (1152x864x32x60) (1280x768x32x60) (1280x800x32x60) (1280x960x32x60) (1280x1024x32x60) (1280x1024x32x75) (1360x768x32x60) (1366x768x32x60) (1600x900x32x59) (1600x1024x32x59) (1680x1050x32x59) (1768x992x32x25) (1768x992x32x30) (1920x1080x32x59) (1920x1080x32x29) (1920x1080x32x50) (1440x900x32x60)

    0.12-tmsysprogram: application init. commandline='config-windsor.tmc' userfolder='./'

    0.13-tmsyswin: init window=(mdf=60Hz) (window=0x0x656x519) (client=640x480) (screen=1920x1080) (32bpp) (60Hz) (windowed mode)

    0.15-tmmodule: initializing directx= done

    0.55-dummy: resolution=640px ss=598.00mm -> res=640

    0.55-dummy: create fbo = 640 480

    0.56-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fontdisplay.tff'=(512x512) (h=37) (nc=8365) ok

    0.57-elevation: loading configuration file 'config-windsor.tmc'= 6 regions


    0.57-elevation: 0 input aerial images found:


    0.58-elevation: ERROR: (no input aerial images found in './scenery/images/')