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    Making it available for us VR users could not be easy to do. I do like the ORBX scenery. They also say soon with scenery. I just wish I was 16 again. I want to have what they will when they are 60 +. Something for us is right around the corner from Jeff and his team.

    That's true, I forgot about VR. Nothing against the Aerofly team, it's my favorite sim right now easily.

    There are a number of us that are ready to create 737 paints just as soon as the files are created and available, however please remember that the Aerofly team is a very small team, and any time that they spend creating paint kits for us is time that they are not spending on other aspects of the program.

    Yeah but it seems like its a pretty quick/simple thing to do, and its been over a year. There has not been any gameplay improvements since the Dash. Its all been ORBX scenery. I digress.

    I just figured out how to make my own repaints. Its also been over a year since [some of] the aircraft SDK files were released. Can the 737 and A320 files in particular be released now? I think it would get more people interested in the game since those are two of the most common commercial aircraft in the world.

    After the recent update, I noticed that in all the jetliners the auto pilot disengages the speed hold just before landing (~100 ft elev.). It used to be that it disengaged at touchdown, which I preferred. Not being a pilot, I'm curious which is the "real" way.

    Also, this wouldn't be a problem except that the plane assumes my throttle is at 0% after disengaging, even if I pre-set my joystick lever somewhere in the middle or at 100%, causing me to lose my glide slope and hit the ground hard. Annoying after getting used to the old way with nice smooth landings.

    Any suggestions? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


    That's a great rule of thumb, super simple and easy to remember. That also lines up very closely to the 1800 ft/min result I came up with. I tend to go for shallower descent rates to bleed off the speed for approach, but that's just personal preference. I'm not a pilot so I may not be doing it by the book, per se.

    Below is an explanation of how to do a quick, back-of-the-napkin calculation for when to begin descents.

    Aerofly FS 2 is really nice in that the distance to your destination, and distance to the next way-point, are displayed once you create a flight plan.

    Typically I fly the A320, but it seems to work for any of the commercial jets, more or less.

    Through trial and error I found that starting at 10000 feet with a descent rate of 1300 ft/min, I had to begin my descent at around 40 Nm from where I wanted to be. Given a starting altitude, I could find the ratio of a new descent rate to the 1300 ft/min to back out the slopes. See the attached image.


    1. Determine starting and ending altitudes; then find the difference (total descent)
    2. Find the slope: 1800 ft/min = 346.1538; 1300 ft/min = 250 ; Any others = (new/1300)*250
    3. Divide the answer in #1 by the slope found in #2

    Notice, the ratio of the descent rates is equal to the ratio of the slopes; hence, we can find any descent rate's corresponding slope. For example, let's say we wanted to descend at 1000 ft/min, (1000/1300)*250 = 192.308.

    So, if I were cruising at 25000 feet, and wanted to descend to 2500 feet at a rate of 1800 ft/min, I would need to begin my descent 65 Nm out from the target way-point.

    i.e. (25000-2500)/346.1538 = 65.

    For the same scenario, if I wanted to descend at 1200 ft/min, I would need to begin my descent 97.5 Nm out from the target way-point. i.e. (25000-2500)/[(1200/1300)*250]

    In the attached image, two lines are shown for each descent rate. The bold line indicates descents to 2500 ft for final approach, whereas the light weight line indicates descents to ground level.

    NOTE: Different airports have different ground elevations, obviously. This needs to be taken into account, so your ending altitude will be higher and your total descent will be smaller. Also you have to watch your speed, this usually works for me if I also use the slope to decrease my speed from 300 knots to 150 knots gradually.

    I love the custom repaints that people are creating; they are all awesome, either because they're realistic and accurate, or because they're crazy haha. I'm wondering why the 737-500, A320, and now the Q-400 are not included in the available repaint kits. I would love to see some repaints available for those; maybe I missed why they were not included? Perhaps other people have the same question/desire.