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  • Apenas uma maneira de agradecer pelas muitas pinturas que você faz para a nossa alegria!

    Por favor, senhor, se você puder pintar cores antigas da Varig e cinza da United tanto para o Boeing 747-400, eu apreciaria muito!

    Espero que você goste deste vídeo humilde.

    Grande abraço.

    Giovanni Cardoso

  • Hey, you seem to be keeping a low profile lately. You aren't letting your day job interfere with your flight sim work, are you?

    • Unfortunately, yes....sigh. It has been a mad house in so many ways. I did your Embraer repaint for the Lear, however the Aerofly pallet is not playing well with that light gold/ champagne base color. It keeps showing up as a putred mustard color. I tweaked it a number of times, and finally came up with a color/spec combo that is reasonably close, but I'm not sure how well received it would be, so I have also created a version with a pearly white top color. I will get both uploaded as soon as I have an hour or so free to package the zip files and upload them. Very sorry this has taken so long, but unfortunately I have had very little time available to devote to them, or much else for that matter.

  • Hi Livanni. Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Flight Sim family. What part of California do you live in? I reside in Savannah Georgia (Hence the pen name...GAC is the initials of the company I work for, followed by Savannah, our company headquarters and primary production facility.)

    As for the repaint, I 'might' be able to assist you, depending upon which aircraft you are interested in having painted. Some can be painted, some cannot, and of the ones that can, some are extremely time consuming, while others are pretty straight forward.


  • Hi GAC

    My name is Livani and I live in California. I am new to FS2. I saw what a great job you did with the repaint. Unfortunately, I am still learning about flightsim and do not know how to do graphics. Do you repaint aircraft for others? If so,I would gladly give you a handsome donation for painting an aircraft for me. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks

  • Hi Ray! Good to hear from you. Yes, been doing well but have been very very very busy, which has left me no time at all for flight sim fun. We recently certified out newest product (G500) and are hard at work on the next (G600) which is well along in flight test, and that has kept me quite busy. In addition, I have been designing new sets for a bi-annual Christmas presentation that my church puts on called 'The Journey'. We have actually built a life size replica of Bethlehem that we are expanding this year with additional sets that needed to be drafted. The last time we did the presentation two years ago we had nearly 30,000 people come through, so we are redesigning a lot of the sets and such to allow better people flow and more efficient processing. Between the two, with work and church, and family along with that, something needed to give, so simming needed to give way for a little while.

    As soon as things slow down a little bit I will go over and have a look at the Navy request. I still owe another user a C-90 repaint that has been sitting half finished for almost 2 months now. I bet he thinks I have forgotten about him ( I haven't). I see they released Palm Springs . I really am looking forward to trying it out, as I have some very fond memories of flying into and out of there in real life many years ago.

    How have you been?

  • Hello GACSavannah,

    Hope you are doing well. Did you see the request for S-211 Navy repaints in the Aircraft Developers section?



  • Hello GACSavannah,

    Just checking in to see if you are fully recovered with your new graphics card and such. I am in dire need of an NAVY all military grey Learjet 45 repaint. All grey with NAVY on the sides and maybe a 3 digit number and CAG for the Carrier Air Groups personal plane. ha.