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    Good to know, many thanks HiFlyer for trying that!
    It's strange. Central says "Product owned" (however its not in "My Products"), but the "Install" button is greyed. I have a "Main library" assigned (on a non-system SSD) and enough space.
    I also tried it while FS2 was running in Steam, but no change...

    I’ve since deleted FS2. Looks terrible in the Pimax. No decent helo’s to fly either. I’ll likely reinstall it in a couple of years when it’s up to scratch.

    Strange, I can't agree with that. I find FS2 looks very good in the Pimax, with normal and wide FOV. I also flew the Robinson and the wide FOV helped me a lot in manoeuvering. It's just that ANY potential performance gain missed makes me cry ;)

    Forgot to mention I’ve also got a motion platform which also isn’t supported.

    May I ask which platform you use. The G-Seat by Geko is supported and I think there are quite a few more platforms around that (should) support FS2.

    Once Pimax get's their SDK done in a cleaner way and fo we might consider their approach of rendering to VR.

    But the 35% performance improvement you mention here, does not hold for Aerofly FS. Using a fast NVIDIA type card we are not pixel shader limited so we won't see that much of a performance benefit.

    And to clarify it, Aerofly FS is fully compatible with Pimax, but we have not invested into any special VR optimizations for these VR glasses.

    Yes, it is fully compatible with Pimax, I agree. It's just like I've said above: ANY potential performance gain missed makes me cry...

    I'm not sure if Parallel Projection is about number of pixel shaders. I thought that in the new angled projection you need to render a smaller field for each eye, there is no or less shortfall of rendered pixels.

    I have no experience with Pimax's SDK, but if it is as badly and rudimentary documented as everything else, I'd certainly wait for an improvement.

    Unfortunately FS2 is one of those games/simulations that only work with Pimay when its 'parallel projection' option is checked. But according to Pimax (…-rtx2080ti/9072) that option reduces performance by about 30%. Even worse: with Parallel Projection checked FFR (fixed foveated rendering) won't work. Both options combined amount to a performance gain/loss of up to 60% (FFR comes with 3 levels).
    Pimax notes that older games are more likely to ask for parallel projection. But FS2 certainly belongs to a modern kind of game (now even with tentative support of Vulcan!), whereas the older DCS 2.5 doesn't need the option and in the wake of that allows for FFR! Is it maybe Unity vs (older versions of) Unreal?

    Are devs conscious about that fact and are there any plans of bringing the FS2 graphic engine "up-to-date"?

    I can't wait for a helicopter, traffic and some weather so I can delete P3D and Xplane and free up that space for FS2 scenery, lol

    Wisely spoken! For me, you may replace "weather" with "water".;) I feel like the current water is the biggest "immersion breaker" of all and especially a sim dedicated to VR shouldn't have any of those. But I do appreciate all the other efforts including VR hands and support for Vulcan and would have gladly paid for the Robinson.

    I completely agree with you, pkaser. My enthusiasm about VR Hands was nourished by the fact that the underlying CONCEPT showed into the right direction. Apart from FlyInside (which I didn't know and use) Aerofly were the first to actually implement such a thing in their interface. And just at the right time, when almost half a dozen of startups popped up with the aim of creating a hands & fingers interface.
    Using dedicated sim controllers and VR controllers at the same time is absolutely unpractical, there's no arguing about that! I did it ONCE and now I'm just "holding thru" unto the arrival of the gloves.
    (Sidenote: I actually have a Leap Motion set and would certainly give it a try in FS2 if it was supported. Especially since it works so well ─ at least for you and MrRCSound. But I'm still afraid it lacks the precision necessary in the "heat of the battle". There's also the problem of the range, there's levers, gear e.g., that I want to use "blindly", not having to look at them first. And finally, most "Hands & Fingers" developers plan some sort of haptic feedback. If not for their first iteration, then for a second or third. Something a "pure" solution like LM can't offer. I also must say that especially for a warbirds pilot like me the idea of flying with gloves comes quite naturally, anyway.)

    Final words: I hope by the time the first physical gloves arrive at the market, Aerofly devs have successfully programmed their "other high priority features" and may turn back to expand "VR Hands" support. It would be a real pity to go such a long and promising way and then rest in sight of the finishing line...

    Just to let you (incl. the devs ;)) know: an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Sensoryx glove system has started today (
    I think this is the next logical step for "VR hands" that the ingenious FS2 devs introduced this spring. Touch and Vive controllers become obsolete, the Sensoryx gloves are MUCH more precise and intuitive for switching the levers and buttons in our virtual cockpits while at the same time allowing us to control the hardware devices we already have.
    (BTW, although I backed the campaign today I have no connections whatsoever to Sensoryx.)

    Though the thread is dead for a while; I'd like to "revive" it (Vive owners know the term! ;)). I have personal experience with a "G seat" that natively supports Aerofly FS2 and also with a low-budget solution, the JetSeat, which also comes in an "upgraded" and much nicer and more serviceable version.

    I agree very much with Spit40, I had quite the same hopes as him and found them partly fullfilled by the Geko seat and partly not. The fact is that many motion platforms are focused mainly ─ or first ─ on racing sims and are then somehow "adapted" to flight sims. This has, of course, commercial reasons. Therefore, exactly as Spit40 mentions, I spent a lot of time in tweaking the G seat's interface (you get all the necessary tools for that). But in the end it remained sosolala. In fact, the G seat convinced me much more when using it for racing sims. And, btw, in a couple of roller coaster sims!

    For this reasons I have been looking for another motion platform, that should have ─ again I agree with Spit40 ─ Heave as third or forth DoF.
    I have fasetech on my radar, but I wanna see a few reports of dedicated flight simmers before it becomes a real option.

    But I can heartily recommend the JetSeat. With Andre's "Wings" software it has become MUCH better than when I bought the first version about 4 years ago. It is something between a motion plattform and ButtKicker. For natively supported simulations (currently Falcon_BMS, DCS, Aerofly and War Thunder) it is event (and not soundcard) driven. That means the 6 to 8 vibration motors give you feedback to actions like gear, flaps, bumbs, stall warning and g-forces. NOT as real G forces, but as a rumbling and tickling in 6 different "zones" that you quickly learn to interprete. There's a workaround that gives you motor vibes, too.
    As a cushion that you put on your seat it it works very fine on the Geko seat and probably on any other (platform's) seat.

    Thanks for all the help! In today's Steam update I spotted this fix:


    Fixed Direct Input controllers not appearing to games in the last Steam Client Beta.

    Everything works as before now, I see all controllers with their icon.
    You learn every day. In fact, I hadn't launched neither WT nor IL-2 on Steam.

    It happened virtually from one day (yesterday) to the other (today): my joystick devices aren't recognized anymore. Instead of the three icons in settings/controllers I have the message "Bitte einen Joystick anschliessen...". Win10 shows the joysticks as fully working devices, other games (Il-2, War Thunder) function as usual. Tried reboots, of course, changing the USB ports, too...
    I'm a bit reluctant to using the "reset" button on top of the page, but maybe that would help.:/ Can I backup my joystick configuration? (I use it thru Steam)

    So you did it again! In all secrecy you developed what will be the next step in controlling VR flight simulations. The "missing link" when we (the VR users) lost the keyboard as input device (and tried voice input and other "solutions").

    Of course, as long-time flight simmer I'll never exchange stick, throttle and rudder hardware for virtual devices (I'd oversteer without proper feedback load). But that was/is not your intention anyway. Because in wise planning you allow the combination of all kind of hardware and virtual devices (btw, I always considered your control settings as among the best I've ever encountered:thumbup:).

    So I can use the VR hands for the buttons, knobs and switches ─ just like in real life.

    YES, the combination of steering hardware and VR controllers is, of course, far from optimal.
    But a number of VR and haptic gloves are developed (Haptx, sensoryx etc.) that are not more obstructive than any pilot's leather glove and that will soon allow us to interact simultaneously with physical and virtual devices. I was afraid these gloves would appear and flightsims would not be ready. That's why I so much esteem that you pioneer in that technology.
    And pioneer you do! There's only one controller-clickable cockpit I know of so far: the GO for launch: Mercury capsule (a Unity project, if I'm not mistaken).

    Though I spend most of my time with combat flight sims and only irregularly take the Corsair, the P-38 or the most fabulous Buecker for a ride (and always miss the animated waters ;)!), I never regretted one single cent I spent for AFS2 and the DLC's. I always "feel" your dedication to improve AFS2 and make it the best VR flightsim ever ─ and it seems you're right on course...