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    I didn't like XP11's autogen and also thought the World2XP autogen was bland and plain - an eyesore. However I am a big autogen fan, and I love Orbx's regional autogen with FSX/P3D. What they have accomplished though with Innsbruck and the upcoming Mieg's Field Chicago patch is incredible. I'm excited for what more Orbx will do with AF2, other third party developers and whatever else happens with 3D buildings in AF2.

    Try living in Australia, the struggle for stable decently-fast speed internet is real. 100mb internet is still a dream here. I by far would much rather just buy more physical space for flight sim scenery.

    I actually didn't do any blending, That's just part of the photoimagery downloaded. I guess I set the space to download out to sea enough that you can't notice the end of the photoimgaery flying low along the coast.

    I used Virtual Earth (which is actually from Bing). When I used to do the same thing with Ortho4XP for X-Plane 11 I found that Bing (Virtual Earth) was a lot more reliable than Google. It has less colouring differences between tiled areas, less clouds and clearer detail overall. I'm using 2m resolution (level 2).

    Spit40 - I agree with the mesh. Flying around that area, I found the mesh detail/resolution to not be as great as what it could be. Mt Warning (second shot) has a fair bit more of a peak than that.

    Can confirm. Also that's very helpful Phil, thank you for that.^ The GeoConvert process is actually quite smooth once you understand each step (downloading tiles getting coordinates into TMC file, then GeoConvert-ing).

    Here are some shots near Oban, Scotland...

    I'm having a similar problem to what Hartman was but my coordinates are in the right location. Geoconvert works fine but nothing appears in in the Scenery/Images folder. Attached is a txt document of my TMC file. The coordinates have been converted as outlined by the tutorial.

    Ah I just figured out what I was doing wrong. The coordinates I put down in the "lonlat" lines had the latitude first then longtitude. I just figured out what order the "lonlat" is.