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    Here is a picture of a Pitts Special at Hoover Dam.

    It has just flown under the bridge, and up the face of the wall.

    The aim is to touch down on the wall on the way up. You need to avoid the buttresses, otherwise it tends not to work.

    Probably easier in real life ... :)

    It was great to get a little more camera movement with the release of the Developer Camera.

    But it remains a scenery tool.

    For great screenshots and videos, we need what DBS Walk and Follow offered in MSFS.

    This from their blurb:

    DBS Walk And Follow FSX features:

    Follow mode: in this mode camera can be attached to the user aircraft (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)

    Walk mode: free camera movement mode without limits of distance or altitude.

    Variable camera movement speed (slow, normal and fast)

    Unlimited amount of custom viewpoints (POI) for Walk mode, that can be stored to external file for exchange

    Integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)

    Three dimensions camera movement (cursor key and mouse movement used)

    Two modes of mouse movement (with Space key or with middle mouse button)

    Zoom mode

    Surface control mode (for prevent to fall through ground surface)

    Info String

    IPACS has no doubt read the other posts like this over time, and will implement something (or not) as they can fit in their development schedule.

    I will say this:

    Aerofly FS2 has a long way to go before it will be accepted as a mature sim.

    But it has this going for it: the way it looks, and the smoothness of it all. Beats anything out there.

    The best way to get this news out to the community is to have a camera tool to allow users to make those great screenshots and videos.

    Meh... flightsim is a hobby of many aspects and education is one of them.

    I thought it was a Dugong (which is what we see in the western Pacific), turns out they are similar but the US flavour of the order Sirenia is the Manatee.

    I knew nothing about the Florida Keys, beyond what you saw in True Lies :) and have enjoyed reading about the various places and history, then "flying there" for a look!

    It's a great scenery.

    Haha there is so much wrong with that landing - position included! :)

    Great fun, pootling around LOWI in a glider.

    But you may be in the wrong thread as the "Developer Camera" function pauses the sim!

    Here's a picture of one taxiway light. Amazing detail, there are 100's.

    I am noticing longer loading times as the additional sceneries take hold, but performance is untouched.


    Floats? Just land there:)

    One of the animals is moving.

    Yes but to see the animated manatee you can't use the Developer camera!

    It pauses the sim y'see....

    So the only solution is to land in the water and drive up onto the beach.

    (Would you leave your Pitts in the brine??)

    OK the view ain't bad 8) but c'mon IPACS:

    Give us a 6 DOF camera attached to the plane, otherwise how will we see all the lovely eye candy??

    Press R to reset the Ctrl-F8 camera to your plane.

    ... I really like the camera btw: it's a great addition!

    Thanks for that info!

    I also find the camera a great addition. You have to watch out at altitude though, as it seems to pick up speed the higher you go!

    SO: a few from Miami then.

    A monumental work, as you delve into the scenery.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Look in your settings - controls setup - simulation - change time, and you should have the "T" and "shift-T" keys assigned for that purpose.

    Cheers, Ed

    Thanks Ed!

    I had at some point assigned "T" to something else.

    When I later unassigned it, it did not revert to "change time".

    It should warn you when you are about to overwrite a stock assignment, I reckon.

    One last question before I actually get to posting a nice Miami screenshot here :

    I used the <Ctrl>F8 camera some time ago, and the viewpoint appears to be stuck wherever I last left it!

    How do I get back to my plane?

    Really nice to have the Developer Camera available... you get some new angles

    [Blocked Image:]

    Still really clunky to use: to move a cm up, down, left or right, you have to fly the camera backward, pan a little, and then fly forward again to where you think you wanted to be.

    It would make life a lot easier to be able to move U/D and L/R, and so make better quicker screens for your enjoyment! :)

    EDIT: Wonder why the forum doesn't display the image?

    If you edit the post, it shows up, but returns to just the link when submitted.

    Ah! There it is... thank you.

    Strangely only forward/back available on arrows.

    No matter... is up/down and side to side mapped somewhere?

    Be nice for framing a screenshot.