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  • With your new VR, you should try the new Native VR of Prepar3D v4.2 (just use the most right TAB to enable VR after you startup a scenario) - not as good as AFS2 in performance (by a lot) but with medium settings (4xSSAA, no FXAA, low shadows,no HDR,no traffic, low water, etc..) you should have a reasonable experience. If you want to set Render Scale Factor (aka SuperSampling), you have to use the freeware Oculus Tray Tool which you start up ahead of starting P3D. You can also try War Thunder and Combat Air Patrol 2) - VR is just great for flight sims . I use a Thrustmaster HOTAS X (actually the Play Staion version - $60) for separate Throttle and Joystick with lots of buttons and put the Xbox controller between them for more buttons. I sometimes use a Voice Control app (VAC or Voice Attack) as well.

    Dave W.

    • Hi, Dave. Thanks for the info. I thought P3Dv4.2 was going to lack behind AFS2 for not having a VR alternative, so thanks again for the heads-up.

  • Ed. Do you want to help me beta test this TSC airport creator? Its there now but just needs some testing and making a bit more bullet proof. The URL for it is temporary but I'll email it if you want to try it. Just let me know your email address. Here's how it works:

    • Of course, let me know when you need my collaboration.

    • Sorry, my email address is

    • Hi Phil, just saw the video. Very nice tool. I only missed two points: (1) The lightning for the runways (type of, like reil, calvert, etc.) and (2) the input for the Control Tower height. The second is easier to add than the first one, because it would only be a small new field for input. Something that maybe can be incorporated later, let's say in v2.0?.
      Thanks for the utility,

  • Thanks Rodeo, saw your comment on the thread and will try your proposed method. Will report back to your e-mail. Have a nice Sunday.
    Thanks again, Ed

  • Ed

    to discuss some affects of geoconvert I would prefer to do this by mail.
    I got a lot of malice for creating confusion in the forum.
    My address is
    I want to invite Phil as well and come back to you.
    But today I have to visit my mother in law in hospital.

    Best regards