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    It is really interesting to read about the issues behind developing 3rd party aircraft. I was really wondering why it was that we had amazing 3rd party scenery from different developers but still no aircraft. This seems to explain it quite well.

    If anything, I'd be keen on having AFS2 devs put some high priority in improving the SDK and 3rd party support. At this stage I would value a lot more having 3rd party devs starting to offer addon aircraft for this sim than having ATC (still important but not so much in a sim where the aircraft pool can't grow) or more scenery. Just my 2 cents though

    Where is it? Possibly I can do the cultivation at one airfield for you personally.

    Really, that would awesome! (but don't worry if you've got other things to do first, whatever you're doing next is really awesome and welcome. I really like the idea of a community of AFS2 users sharing their work on scenery - I wish I could contribute more, but I'm getting used to the reality of what early parenting means now..).

    I was born in Mulhouse, Alsace - the main point of interest there though is LFSB, an airport shared by France and Switzerland, but not depicted in the AFS2 Switzerland DLC (it is located on the French side, as the main ICAO name indicates it too). This airport has a long runway and ILS, so I'm pretty keen to fly there. The airport is not yet on FScloudport though. In terms of cultivation there is a mix of small villages, larger cities (Mulhouse and Basel) and heavy industries along the Rhine (most Switzerland heavy chemical factories are there) - the latter might be the trickiest to render with cultivation.

    Nickhod, if you get to the stage of adding cultivation and trees then I'll reckon you'll have something that might attract the attention of the flight sim community at large - one only needs to see what happened with Ortho4xp: I think that software made many P3D users consider XP and in many cases switch to it. Aeroscenery is what AFS2 needs to become a more mainstream sim (well, there is still the matter of 3rd party aircraft too).

    Thanks a lot for developing this!

    This is looking fantastic. For the next sector, I would vote L - I'll be in the minority, clearly, but that contains my birthplace. If only I had some spare time I'd get working on it though (but my 16 months old daughter still wakes up many times every night, so at this stage I'm not even flying AFS2 more than 1h per month (sometime less)

    All I can say is that I'd certainly low to fly the Norway fjords. I had sort of planned doing that in FSX with the OrbX scenery a while ago but then I put my FSX expenses on hold. Aerofly FS2 would be a great way to get back to this project. The Dash is certainly a great aircraft for that place. But Norway is only going to emphasize even stronger the need for weather (we really new snowfalls there), and indeed the lack of floatplanes will show there too (and I love them. I went back to Prepar3d recently just to fly the Aerosoft Catalania in VR as a water bomber using Firefighter X. So awesome).