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    I recommend to run the test.bat in the Test folder and copy the generated tsc and toc file to places.

    Than have a look ar the Geneve lake.

    Now look at the code.

    Very useful for parking cars is #

    and # for Pylons

    Excerpt from test.xml

    Thank you Stu for the name parameter - it works easy and good.

    I have a request for parking density:

    In city you often have different density of parked cars, depending from the distance of the city core or a specific highlight.

    In the OSM parameters I could add an attribute to a parking_line, like parking_density 0.8 (for 80%).

    Could you implement a parameter, which controls the density depending from this OSM attribute?

    Currently we control it about a count, higher then the existing number of models.

    If we multiply the model count with the density factor, could it already work?

    Could you give an example?

    Stu, I had a complaint from a MAC user, that my sceneries are not compatible.

    He found out, that backslashes "\" are not understood and that he needs a "/" instead.

    In windows both versions seem to work.

    What do you think, to use in your future versions (examples and manual) the "/" instead?

    See also:…aths-with-a-simple-replac


    could you please implement a command to set the name of the file(s) to save?

    Expecially since you generate a tsc AND a toc file. Renaming via script is no longer possible, as the tsc would not find its toc file anymore.

    And as every tsc must have a unique file name, it would be quite needed.

    As It is mostly called by a batch file, an optional argument %2 would be very handy.


    I just wanted to say thank you for your ObjectGen with this picture.

    It uses the xref objects. They are extremely well in the near view!

    I am able to make such good looking sceneries. Impossible without it.

    Sorry for my long pause - I was very busy with the Turkey Point project.

    Also good for mooring boats in a row ...


    danke für den Hinweis auf die Fehler im Log.

    Ich finde diese Meldung ca. 100 mal, ohne dass ich sie einer bestimmten User Scenerie zuordnen könnte. Ich habe dies auch in Logs anderer Kunden gesehen.

    Hättest Du einen Tip, woran dies liegt, bzw welches Statement dies verursacht?

    Vielleicht magst Du Dir eine SSD 860 EVO 250 GB für ca EUR 60,00 installieren? (besser 500GB für ca EUR 82)

    Ist vermutlich die vom Handling einfachste Lösung.

    Ansonsten kannt Du die verdächtigen verlangsamenden Sceneries von /places an eine anderen Ort auf der gleichen Platte/Partition verschieben.

    Das geht in Sekunden... und dann testen, wieviel schneller es dann geht.