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    Ray, did you install the ORBX cultivation?

    You actually mean Collombey, see my picture above.

    In that case, you have to rename the interfering tile.

    a. In ...\SteamApps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\scenery\orbx_switzerland_cultivation\places\wood_walls rename area45.tsc to

    b. In ...\SteamApps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\scenery\orbx_switzerland_cultivation\places\wood_hangars rename area45_hangars.tsc to

    I will publish the scenery in the next days.

    Hi Rodeo,

    many thanks for your cars. I will try tem this evening.

    I think Krzysk has done a good job in sources documentation of the swiss tower pack.

    Therefor I decided, to do it the same way (see my readme in my beta).

    I just have to recompile them since I missed the offset.

    This would be very nice, Rodeo.

    Please orient them as:

    (N-S orientation)

    Offset for cars, left lane: 0.9m

    Offset for trucks, right lane: -0.8m

    so all PKW will drive on the left lane and all trucks on the right (not nice, but reallity here ;-) )

    Can you add the 3d warehouse links each please, so we can officially distribute them ?

    Thank you very much Jeff.

    I am already successful testing. Very nice and impressive - a whole new world.

    Your cars are really detailed:

    I am a scenery cultivator and very much interested in how you did this.

    As the models are very important:

    Can you share your cars with us?



    Traffic on motorways. Autogen on every node.

    To all 3D modellers: we need low/medium-poly count 3D models for cars and trucks! (N-S orientation)

    Offset for cars, left lane: 0.9m

    Offset for trucks, right lane: -0.8m

    Hello Ken,

    an interesting idea.

    As far as I know, lights can only be defined in a TOC file.

    If Stu likes the idea, he could create a toc together with the tsc file (and include the toc call).

    I played a bit with traffic lights, with the aim to have an automatic switching between green - yello - red.

    With the below lines I managed to get a 22 sec green, 2 sec yellow and 22 sec red phase. The disadvantge is, that scenproc then only generates the same signal colors for the whole city. And random color is not possible; otherwise the signals would not sequence the colors.

    # Traffic signals



    But with Stu's program he maybe could assign the following:

    All streets in E-W direction which have the attribut highway="traffic_signal" get this light:

    and all streets in N-S direction which have the attribut "traffic_signal" get that light:

    Optionally the toc generation could also take care of lights assigned to a model:

    high chimneys, wind generators, railroad crossings and signals ...

    What do you and Stu think?

    Autogen Ships:

    The script looks for the key="seamark:type" value="distance_mark" to position a ship.

    I converted the ship models with a 50% ratio to run into the opposite direction.

    Storage Tank Script:


    Thanks Stu for the receipe!

    Is there maybe a bug in the derivedWayLenght calculation?

    When derivedWayLenght is the only selection, then the final multiplication with the RoundTo value does not seem to happen.

    In combination with derivedDiameter however it does. From the tst.tsc:

    Hi Stu,

    again a big step forward with the time scale variation in wind parks.

    Do I have to understand the Round parameter in the way, that i.e. waylength is devided by the round faktor?

    Then you compare the result against the mapEntry value?

    Also very nice, the 3D-Digits in the testfile.

    Can you tell me how you generated the digit models?

    by the way, these two are incidentially swapped:

    superb view: