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    what would be good to do especially as I speak to you, would be more communication with the community

    Ask IPACS! I don't get any answers. I was allowed to buy the sim and the aircraft addon, thanks a lot IPACS, and now I have

    an annoying problem concerning "streaming" and "airport start location" which disappear for some airports.

    Have 2 post here since last friday because of this but seems to be not of interest!

    Hi all,

    now my airports CYVR and Japan and so where gone again and I found out whats going on.

    What happens is as soon as I deactivate "Streaming" and restart the sim for that the airports are gone.

    As soon as I reactivate "Streaming" the airports are back.

    But I need to deactivate it sometimes because there is a problem with addon images using streaming, so this won't work.



    Which airplane do you have selected? Did you recently install any user made scenery? Try disabling them.

    Now I've found the reason, the airports do not work because they are gone, there is only a xxx.wad file in \airports_db.

    This is true for a few airports around KBLI and for all my Japan airports, they are not there in \scenery\airports.

    There is also no folder Japan and than there must be a folder for the airport containing 4 files, it's not there.

    I've checked the scenery\airports for DE and IT and the airports all work because they are all there.

    So Japan worked before, I've been flying from Haneda and Narita before. Where are the airports now?

    Can I have the entire fs4\scenery\airports for download to copy it in please.

    Have again checked the situation in the area CYVR/KBLI

    - deleted the main.mcf and let it make a new one, no difference.

    - with or without addons no difference. This are only images anyway, nothing in "airports" or "places".

    - For any reason KBLI works but KBVS which is only a few miles away works not.

    - CZBB does not work and CYJJ. KSEA works.

    I don't understand that at all, no idea.

    Only have 1 wish because I think the sim is rather good:

    - Connection to Little Nav Map or GMAP or similar, but to the win desktop apps, not to android.

    Some solution similar to Simconnect, Little XP Connect or the GMAP Network Manager, which does not offer

    a connection to Aerofly.

    I think this would be another big step forward. The navigation screen is a nice feature to do a quick flightplan but

    I want to see my aircraft on the map on my second screen while flying and this works in all the other sims in a second.

    And there are more features adjusting navaids and so on.

    Alternative: To be able to hold the navigation screen open while flying on a second screen. Not as good but better.

    Thank you Jan. I did not assign any keys to the multiengine setup. And the big difference to the airbus is that the CRJ

    does not have autothrottle. In the A320 I set it to CL/Speed and than I adjust the speed knob. In the CRJ the speed adjustment

    is usually used to maintain a certain speed while climbing. Or did you change that? I didn't even try it.

    The problem regarding the Vor2 BRG and Navsource is that a certain combination is not available in the CRJ:

    To have a Vor2 needle only but no HSI together with a DME2 display on the PFD or MFD. This works in all Boeing and also Airbus.

    Only set the frequency and activate the switch in the panel.

    A personal observation

    There is 1 point which is a bit strange with your system: Normally if I download freeware I install it and fly first and if

    I like it I can make a donation. But I've seen what I get before. With your system I'am supposed to pay first and than

    see what I get. Regarding your sceneries I know that it's usually good work but it's the wrong kind of sequence.

    Nevertheless, I've also downloaded sceneries from others at so I think I will make a donation next weekend.

    Hi all,

    now I also have installed the aircraft addon for FS4 and it's really worth the money, great aircraft.

    Found 1 little problem mainly flying the CRJ. Because I don't have any hotas or other for the throttles

    I am used to adjust the throttle always with a key. And the increments in the CRJ are too large, one little key press

    and it goes up or down too much. So I always have to correct it. Can this be adjusted somewhere?

    Also in the CRJ I found again that I can only get a DME2 in the PFD or MFD when setting NAV2 as nav source.

    If I only activate NAV2 in BRG I only have the pointer. This also happens in my other CRJ in XP, is this the real thing?

    In Boeing or Airbus it's always there as soon as the frequency is caught.



    Hi all,

    recently I installed FS4 and I have some fun now, it's good. The aircraft looks good and works well, there are a lot of nice airports

    and the cultivation is good. There are some blurries because of low resolution images in the default HD scenery for EU and US but of course it's

    not a big installation size for these large areas, so this is acceptable. Now I have an HD freeware addon for Italy (by Schnuffelduffel again) from my FS2 on top

    it, together with the new airports and cultivation, it's really great. No blurries or issues at all and the entire sim including the images runs on a 9 years old hdd, no space on ssd.

    So it's great, but I have found 2 little issues which could well be improved:

    1. The C172 and the Beech Baron as far as I can see do not have a GPS function as it was during last 6 years or so. I want to do a flightplan in the navigation screen and let it fly

    by activating NAV/GPS in the autopilot. There must be a working NAV/GPS switch.

    2. In the navigation screen I cannot find the course for the localizer. I have to enter the start location screen or open Little Nav Map or whatever to get it.

    But it should be in this screen here together with the frequencies and runway length and elev:




    No, doesn't work either. And it's not what I have in FS2 and in FS2 there is a working user folder but was established by Orbx Central.

    Later I copied the Italy scenery by Schnuffelduffel in, works in FS2.

    The entire path here is: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\scenery\Italy\images\09\xxxxxxxx.ttc

    Hi all,

    have some problems here to establish an user addon folder for FS4 somewhere on the drives.

    I've added the following to the main.mcf: <[string8][extra_user_folder][D:\fs4addons\scenery]> . With and without "scenery" at the end.

    And on the drive it looks like this: D:\fs4addons\scenery\Japan\images\08\xxxxxxxxxx.ttc

    But it doesn't load the images, it's the default low resolution there, the airport and the cultivation works.



    Thank you all again!

    J’espère que vous êtes bien français !!

    I am german but I've translated what you say. So it's best to download all DLC and this will be improved

    on the long run based on streaming. Currently streaming may result in better results or not, depends.

    Hope I've understood it. If this should work than the streaming must remain free, otherwise the DLC must be updated

    from time to time.