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    Steam automatically updates all your dlcs too so uninstalling and reinstalling won't change anything. You can also verify the game file integrity in steam with does a thorough check of all files.

    Thank you Jan. I will do the verification.



    Hi all,

    what I want to ask is normally done by updates but I want to place the question nevertheless:

    In Juli 2017 I installed Aerofly FS2 using Steam and this included the following DLC packs:

    - Northeastern US, High Resolution Pack for Southwestern US, US Utah, a bit later US Colorado, Switzerland.

    And later again US South Florida.

    If I would now uninstall all these DLC and do a new download and installation will this be any difference?

    So what I want to know is if these scenery packages were improved without creating any updates for the old version?



    The aircraft are sorted by name, so this is currently not possible.

    I will take a look at the heading bug, does this happen only with airliners or does it work in the cessna?

    It happens with the cessna and all aircraft featuring a hsi. I think this function is simply missing in the sim,

    it's not the aircraft. In fs9 and fsx this can be adjusted in the controls setup if you want it or not.

    It's called "repeat". In xplane it always works.

    Thank you very much, but I don't want to delete anything because I will forget to restore it before the next update.

    So this is not an option for me.



    Hi all,

    now I have the Orbx Netherlands as well and it runs fantastic, this simulator really performs very well.

    But I have 2 little requests:

    - Because I only use 4 of the aircraft at this moment I would very much like to reassemble the aircraft

    in the selection screen, just to have These 4 one beside the other. How can I do this?

    - My hdg bug is assigned to a button on the joystick. But the bug does not move faster

    when I hold the button down longer. I have to press it once for each increment, this is a bit annoying.

    Any idea?

    Happy flying


    So you are both right, I was a bit stupid and forgot the old files as you said. ;(

    The scenery is perfect now from Miami to Key West, absolutely great.

    By the way, if IPACS would do the same style of cultivation as it is at Miami for California

    and than offer it as " California Dense Cultivation DLC" or so, I would of course buy it.



    Hi all,

    meanwhile I have the last big update installed via regular steam update, not as a beta.

    It all works well including the new Vulkan renderer, the sim really runs like hell.

    But I don't have any changes of the Cessna sounds. It sounds exactly like before and I don't get rid of this annoying sound "drei" outside.

    That now amuses me since 1 year. :) Sorry, but the Cessna for me is the most important aircraft. I mostly fly Cessna in my sims.



    Hi all,

    now I also installed the Florida South DLC which is really great.

    The scenery from Miami area down to Tavernaero is fantastic.

    But south of it I have some issues:

    - At Marathon area and also near Key West I have a lot of flickering roof textures of the small houses there.

    - Some texture problems with the runway at Marathon at the south end.

    - When I fly south from Marathon a big green plane appears and overlaps the watertextures and than disappears again.

    - At Key West International Airport I have a lot of static aircraft sunk into the ground.

    Because I have no issues at the large Miami area I don't think this is caused by the Installation or setup.



    So now I left the beta, thanks to Steam this is easy, they are great. And the scenery at Rheine works now, the buildings at town have roofs and colors.

    The airfield has a nice grass texture now which was a light green plane only before.

    See this screenshot here and if you have the beta installed go there and compare it. To me it seems that this scenery is completely ruined by the beta.

    And I also saw around the airfield what this pilot here reported:

    The cultivation shows palms where other vegetation has been defined.

    Also, something changed in the cultivation, that all gabled roofs have dissapeared, only the flat-roofed buildings remain.

    Yes, I've installed the nice Rheine scenery, free download designed by Rodeo, thank you very much.

    At Rheine there are a lot of houses which are all simple blocks, some are completely white

    and some have a black top but no roofs or windows or textures of any kind. Not very nice.  

    Hi all,

    these shots are from a short hop KMRY to KSFO just to practice an IRF Approach flying the Q400.

    Works well, it's a wonderful aircraft model, I really like it. :)

    Thank you for viewing and happy flying!



    Hi all update programmers, :S

    now I also have the new update installed and had a look at some features but not really in all detail.

    - to switch off the jokes if necessary is very helpful of course.

    - for me it's very helpful to turn of the lensflare because the ground was often too bright before, great.

    - the Vulkan renderer does not work with my graphics, but I don't need it anyway, because performance is really not the problem.

    so please: even if there is a lot of positive response to the new renderer, do not kick out the "Open GL" setting.

    - as others said here, the Cessna sounds are as strange as before, I can always hear "drei" from somewhere, why is that?

    my recommendation regarding sounds: any kind of "aeromusica" is an old hat, don't do that, it's not realistic.

    My special thanks go to the team for working on these updates, in this way it is getting better and better.

    And I will now go on and discover all the rest. :)



    Hi all,

    does anybody know about a tutorial of the 747 navaids? The 747- 400 tutorial from the wiki only covers the autopilot,

    but I don't know how to adjust the NAV1 and NAV2 frequencies. I am a GA-flyer mostly.



    Hi again,

    now I've understood how to use the navigation and let it fly flightplans automatically and do an ILS approach at the end, works great.

    I have a lot of fun with some of the aircraft, specially the Q400.

    But what about the problem with the trees? Will there be an update for this? I've set it to the lowest, but still have a lot of missplaced trees everywhere...



    Hi all,

    now I do a little more using the navigation in the sim and I first tried the B58 for this.

    It all works fine including ILS approach but the RMI does not.

    The ADF potion of the instrument works but the green VOR 2 needle always points to the West.

    In FSX and P3d with the stock Baron it always indicates the direction to the VOR 2 which is activated in the radios.

    The VOR 2 Instrument in Aerofly Baron 58, which also has the OBS knob, works fine.

    Happy flying


    Hi Jan,

    yes, this is good to hear because I like the model very much but I am not really satisfied with the operation of the avionics.

    I was a bit uncertain if this is me or the model. Than I can wait until you have time to finish it, no problem.

    It's the stock Cessna. I am afraid I didn't try your mod so far :S but I will do this now and check it for the sound.

    As well Merry Christmas and nice holidays,


    Hi again,

    in his video tutorial "cultivation" Rodeo describes the use of the tool "ScenProc" to create cultivation in an area

    around an airport or so.

    I've now downloaded this tool and read through the manual. It supports creation of Aerofly xxx.toc files now

    and in principle allows to place buildings, plants and lights autogenerated in large areas.

    The quality of the results depends on the input data which can be openstreetmap xxx.osm or so.

    And it's configuration for ScenProc of course. This is what the author says.

    I think the initial setup how to use it for Aerofly for large areas will be a bit difficult.

    Unfortunately I will not have the time available during next months to work with this,

    but this seems to be the method to create more cultivation for the whole stock area and dlc.

    Did the Aerofly team use this tool to create the trees cultivation we have now?

    Happy flying,