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  • Hello, I have an Idea to improve this simulator( Aerofly FS 2019 mobile) You should add a co-pilot mode, so you can invite your friends and they can be co-pilot or Flight Engineer. This would make that game more exciting. And you must add a EGPWS, if you want this simulator to be the best mobile flight simulator, you must add it... Also you have to directly mind about multiplayer and global.

    In feature I want to see a ground service mode. (Players can serve your plane with Tow, stair truck, fuel truck etc.

  • Hi Tomfa-18. If no one else has replied to your DR400 request, I'm sharing a link to some files for you.!AtwCOrwgfK28mjvVnk_7t0VLQZLG

    Click the download button at the top to save as

    Extract the files so they end up in folder C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft\dr400

    I'll remove the share after a few days so you have time to download.

    (Building the aircraft yourself should really only takes 2 or 3 steps but the instructions were not that clear.)

    Have fun!

    PS Don't mention in the forum that I shared files, as this is likely in breach of the license agreement. Of course this is a private share, not public, so ethically fine for this freely available aircraft.

    • Hello,

      I would first like to thank you very sincerely for this plane! I am very grateful to you! It is a real pleasure to have it now. I used this plane a lot with FSX in the past. Since I'm new to Aerofly, I still have not had enough time to learn about conversion, but I tried with SDK but without success? You can delete the link.

      If I could make a donation for you via PayPal it is with great pleasure.

      Another question: Do you have the opportunity to convert a plane for me if I send you the model? this is Thorn Hammer's Rafale FSX v.2.2 with the modification of the Fa-18 cocpit, since he did not have a VC at the base.

      Let me know.

      Best regards


    • You're welcome. Sharing the files was no effort.

      I'm afraid I can't help with converting models. I know nothing about that except that it is a big effort using the custom tools provided by IPAX and special knowledge about how the aircraft data is organized. The forum has some information about this and a few members are involved in aircraft assembly or conversion projects.

      All the best!

    • Hello,

      I come back kindly to you, to ask you generously if you have a nice scene to share for me kind, Finland, Ireland, or possibly England? (Or what would you have)

      Thank you for your reply.


    • Hi,

      I have not made any scenery to share. I just play the game a little and hope for more content in future.

      I'd recommend trying some of the user made scenery from here:…file-list/3-aerofly-fs-2/

      And if you'd like to try making your own imagery (just ground texture) from google or bing maps, tinker with this tool:

      AeroScenery Beta - Help With Testing Required

      I really can't help with anything else. Please direct questions to the forum.

      All the best!