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    Realism.....The Lynx will do it's best

    If you crash you start from scratch, no in-flight option, no on runway ready to go option, just a cold Lynx...So don't crash...and best of's a real start sequence too with all the pain in the backside stuff Westland put in =O

    I plan on a low fuel state and a normal fuel state, swapping tmq files similar to the Starfighter. There is a re-fuel switch but no way to use it :(


    My Lynx will run out of fuel and yes the engines do stop, so it can be done.

    To be fair to IPACS, it's not an easy thing to just update everything as it does take a lot of time whilst adding new features elsewhere., They are a small team and are working flat out so we all have to be patient


    Yes and no Ray.. Without access to the original texture maps there is no way to change the background so it will always read KGS though the numbers can be made to show lbs. It would be even more confusing for you than it is now so pretty useless.

    I do hope Master Obi Jan forgives his Padawan for experimenting but I couldn't resist the challenge, sorry Master :rolleyes:


    Cheers for that, more confused looks :/, does it work with other aircraft as I can't look at the R22 files

    Edit. Also can you check if you can make it work without using your Saitek panel. I think it might be linked to the panels rather than any Fs2 direct input. Waiting for Master Obi Jan to advise


    Having looked at the default aircraft I cannot see any way of inputting the 4 digit code only the standby so are you able to do this in the aircraft or via a menu

    Hi Jan

    That was exactly what I tried prior to my post, both of your examples, and got the same error

    WARNING: property 'StaticPressure' is not a member of type 'first_order_low_pass

    It would appear the simulator doesn't want to play :(



    I believe you "cured" your problem as you inserted into the graphics section, where I think it was ignored. Every time I use a first_order_low_pass it is in the dynamics section.

    Here is the original code for my Lynx NH gauge output ( engine core speed)

    1. <[linear][LeftEngineNH][]
    2. <[string8][Input][LeftHighPressureSpool.OutputRotationSpeed]>
    3. <[float64][Scaling][0.000257]>
    4. >
    5. <[output_free][LeftEngineNHOutput][]
    6. <[string8][Input][LeftEngineNH.Output]>
    7. >

    and here is the modified code to slow down the needle

    Note the change of names to keep the final output to the gauge the same.

    I have tried to alter the cessna but I get the same error as you, it doesn't like the static pressure value. I have to admit it was only a quick look ( gorgeous blonde waiting, just don't tell the other half ;)) so perhaps I missed something

    Guess it's over to Master Obi Jan


    Buy !!!!! you mean I can sell it =O............Nope it will be free as always. That way if you don't like it you can't complain ;)

    So you don't want to read the manual !!!!! Good luck getting the Lynx going then... Acc drive or Main drive ??? What's that I hear.... When you read the manual you will know why it starts in one and flies in the other plus the dance you have to go through to get from one to the other.

    My Lynx is as accurate as I can get it at the moment ( usual T's and C's apply) and that includes most of the systems.....Engines won't start, read the manual....Engines fail but still have fuel, read the manual...Fly's like a bag of S**t, that could be down to me or most likely, read the manual....Can't close the doors,'s in the manual.. Nav needle doesn't move, guess what ?

    To be blunt, I spend 6 months building a Lynx and you can't spend a few minutes reading a manual, does make me wonder why we bother..:/ Best not crash it then as there will be no quick fly mode either ;( so it's back to the beginning and that's where I get my revenge for NOT READING THE MANUAL :D:D:D