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    Hi Jay

    Don'y you just love a midlife crisis=O,

    You got yourself some work there, very rewarding when it works and very frustrating when they don't, which happens quite a lot with home built sims.

    Unless FS2 supports something similar to AirManager your gonna be out of luck as there is no way to drive the gauges, which I assume will be on separate monitors. The choice of using servo gauges would seem even more remote. Eternal visuals will also need some thinking about.

    Welcome to the home build world where :/ is quite normal


    Hi Jan

    Thanks for the input :rolleyes: (sorry couldn't resist). Buttons now work fine thanks. Will need to add a cutout feature to return them to the out position later when we get the heli engines and I can actually work with real figures.

    Throttles are only used at start and stop so locking isn't really needed. It's an awkward procedure getting a Lynx going but it will be as accurate as I can get it so if it's not started correctly it won't work (that's the plan anyway, usual T & C's apply etc). An HP cutoff will be required but that shouldn't be too difficult, bull in a china shop method works eventually.


    Hi Jan

    My throttle lever has a starter button at the end. This button is pressed in and should latch in position until the engine reaches 45%. Whilst this start cycle is in progress the throttle is advanced to ground idle to open the High Pressure fuel cock to allow the engine to start.

    I have the throttles rotating, the button follows and I can press the button in at any position, so all good so far. Not that we actually have any engines yet but that's another story.;)

    Is it possible to latch the button so I can then grab the throttle to move it to Ground Idle. With some nifty finger work I can do it but its rather fiddly.

    Thanks Steve

    Something that will help navigate all the little bits that make up the big picture.

    I have been busy with my next project and loose track of just what the sim can offer. To be honest I hardly ever use the sim as modelling takes up so much time but then I look at some pictures, see all the improvements and think, so where do I start. I know the packages are available but they all take time to learn the ropes.

    New users must also feel the same so we need to make things easier. I just thought one place (program) to go to would help everyone

    We have several superb addon apps that bring so much extra to FS2, from airports to scenery to extra objects to cultivation to photo maps

    So, thinking outside the box for a moment, though some might think I should be in a box....=O

    Is there anyway we could bring all these together under one killer app. Maybe some of our extremely talented programmers could get together and manufacture a wrapper program that does just this


    Hi Alex

    I may be wrong but I believe all polygons in FS2 only render one sided in the positve direction which is why we need to build a full cockpit with internal walls.

    It looks to me like the a vertex in the corner of you internal wall is not welded, or the front and side have different vertice numbers, simply butting up two polygons doesn't work no matter how close you get them, yep tried that and it failed

    Sometimes it's unavoidable as we want more polygons in the cockpit but less polygons on the outside fuselage. I kept the internal cockpit a separate object but not sure if this is a good idea for this very reason. Interior cockpit rails had far more polygons and even though I snapped them to the fuselage edge I got the light bleed.

    We Live and Learn


    PS, They are a funny bunch here, users I mean, and I include myself in that statement, too much reflection on the canopy tends to get them all excited in a negative way, less seems to be the best

    Having never used a VR motion platform I may be talking out of my non VR motion backside but.

    I think we all agree that FS2 has one of the best helicopter sims in the market. As a heli pilot with plenty of real life heli simulator experience the one thing VR doesn't offer is the vertical sensation in the backside when applying collective. It would seem a shame IPACs cannot address the matter of motion support when there is possibly a growing market in the are that they have mastered so much better than anyone else, namely heli's


    Hi Donny

    Sorry me old mucker but I can offer no help, only recently found out about some of the shaders myself. As we have interior and exterior I don't get standard and default unless they are there for the scenery guys. Perhaps canopy needs to be used to get internal reflections rather than glass as I never did get any with glass, just a guess here. Again, should we be using canopy rather than glass as that's for scenery and not aircraft

    And of course there are decals, I know how to use these for scenery but quite how they are used for aircraft remains a mystery, never really seen the need to use one but that may change with the Lynx when adding aircraft numbers as thats the only use I can see at the moment

    Reading the wiki

    exterior........... everything that is not in the cockpit/cabin, outer faces of windows and canopy

    interior ...........everything that is in the cockpit and cabin, inside of windows and canopy

    Even these can be taken different ways. Does exterior include windows and canopy polygons or is it saying, not these but that's the bounding area, Interior would seem to include windows and canopy or is it also saying that's where the bounding area is again

    Also, can we add more then one shader to a material. Guess the IPACS aircraft modeller should make an appearance and help out


    Very Nice model Tony, we need people like you to expand the fleet, how good are your TMD skills. Polygon limit is somewhat higher in FS2, my starfighter was nearly 300,000

    An early Mk7 is pretty much a Mk1 with the opposite rotating tail rotor (much needed) , later 7"s had berp blades etc


    Hi Thomas

    Forgot I had an account there, managed to find one that looked fairly accurate, most were wrong. I know that when they draw the cabin door square things are not good. Also the lynx roof line kicks up slightly above the forward doors and 99% of drawing has this flat.


    HI Guys

    Have uploaded version 1.1, some fixes, autopilot, cold and dark (ish), new specular maps etc oh yeah, zero thrust on zero fuel.

    My first engine off ended in a heap just short of the runway..come to think of it, so did the others. There is a quick way to simulate this if you can't wait for the fuel to reduce. TMD editing I'm afraid. Copy the "Just a Starfighter" TMD to the main f104g root, open this in notepad++ (it's free so you don't have an excuse), do a search for InternalFuelTank, change fill level to 0.1, save the file (not save as) restart FS2 and off you go, for a short time anyway

    Although I have done my best to check things there may be errors, 14 TMD files can get a little complicated to check so just report things and I'll fix em

    Have included short txt file here and in the main zip so please read, it will help.

    Thanks to Matt for the specular maps and of course Jedi Master Jetpack, he's a programmer so got to be on the Dark Side


    On one of my many crawls through the Tm.Log I found this entry

    initializing dll 'AirManager.dll' in folder 'C:/Users/ste/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/external_dll/'...

    The AirManager dll s fairly recent, 21/09/2018 so how extensive is the support for Air Manager

    Now I know how to build models in Fs2 it should be fairly easy (subject to T&C's, liable to change without notice etc) to build a cockpit minus things I don't want to see


    Thanks Jan just what I needed

    Will amend the TMD files with the new stuff, wrap it up with the new model and post version 1.1. Don't think I can do anymore so this will be it for the Stafighter


    Hi Jan

    Last question on Starfighter, for now

    I am making the Starfighter load cold and dark, smoke and mirrors really. Would be better if engine stopped and engine sound off but it's the best I can do

    I can make the gauges return to zero on the battery off with the following







    I would like to do the same for hyd and oxygen but they use an input value which is a number




    If I add HydraulicPressureSystem1.Output to the needle input the sim gives me a wonderful stop cube. I tried EngineOutput.HydraulicPressureSystem1, same result. Also same with oxygen

    Is it possible ?