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    Hi, as a developer for FS4 I find this very interesting and well done :thumbup::thumbup:

    I take it in FS4 you are limited by the severe lack of available controls in the menu system, which I also find extremely limiting as I am building a 4 engined turbo prop and there isn't even a menu for that at the moment, maybe IPACS will see this and implement both. User assignable controls in the menu system would help a great deal, it wouldn't take much work to modify an existing aircraft and control tmd files for your own inputs.

    I'' be interested to see how many FS4 users are prepared to part with some hard earned cash as I have always done my work for free.


    PS, Voice Attack is already used for DCS, not sure about other sims

    I remember this, airport creation, being discussed some time ago and here is a quote from my beloved Master.<3<38o

    'The airport tool is an online editor but at the moment it is in a closed testing phase.'

    This was June 2023 so maybe the testing is going slower than expected.

    RR Trent ? I assume this is model wise and not in the TMD. To adjust an engine in the TMD is no easy task so I would suggest what ever engines are in the A320, If they are RR Trent they hey presto! problem solved. Visually it will make no difference as you can add a kitchen sink and it would still fly :/, Might not look so pretty though.<X

    How do we change the brightness of the numbers in a 'texture_animation_numeric_display' ????

    I have tried, display_light and display_source_light and even display_illumination but the numbers remain a mid grey. The texture from where the numbers come from are pure white on a pure black background. I can change the brightness of the background image lighting in the rigidbodygraphics for the display which uses the same texture map and once again are pure white on a pure black background. Tried a luminance entry in the 'texture_animation_numeric_display' but the 'BIG RED CUBE' spat it back at me, nasty little barsteward it is :saint:

    Once again thanks Master :thumbup::thumbup:

    My logic does work with your graphics entries, nearly, it just doesn't re-centre and we can push on the open and close parts of the panel rather than on the button.

    Just tallied up the switches in the aircraft (so far) a small number of 186, only 88 to go, no wonder its taking FOREVER || and still more to add when I do the side panels. GROAN. Lets not mention buttons, knobs and instruments. Gauges are done.

    Thankyou Master, I have indeed used it now to ensure my anti-ice systems only work in Icing conditions.

    Follow up question regarding annunciators. I need to have a single annunciator flash and remain steady from 2 different inputs, ie Engine Fire (steady) and Turbine overheat (flash). I can do one or the other but not both. Is it possible? Also

    Are there any plans for the sim to have random failures? I could hard code an Engine failure using an Integral and height for example but it would be anything but random, fun though it may be.

    How do we output the air temp for use within the Dynamics Section. :/

    Trying to activate a bunch of anti-ice dynamics that rely on the air temp being below zero.

    I have this already in the dynamics. I note this is used for graphics input's for MFD type but nothing found for dynamics use.


    Hi Master

    I have included a simple test switch for your guidance, no addon outputs for the oil cooler itself as yet.. The switch will do everything I need in the way of outputs and at the right angles but with a single problem regarding the animation. It will only work on one animation at a time, the last in the queue is the one animated and the other two before it are ignored. If I comment any two out, the remaining one will work no problems.

    Is there a way to combine these inputs to a single animated switch. A graphical multiplexer I guess.


    Afternoon Master and apologies for the delay, Doctors appointments.

    I have not yet done the coding for this as I was initially stumped as we basically have three switches into one. From what I understand above, a basic input switch and single rocker should enable the logic. As you say the animation is problematic.

    Can we use 3 axis's on a single graphical switch ? ie change the axis of rotation of the switch for each output from the logic. For VR the rocker could be positioned higher and between the open/close and the auto point positioned lower than the actual switch to give them separation.

    From memory, which I admit is rather suspect most of the time these days :/, I believe the KA50 (Blackshark) has similar switches.

    A fine thought master but there is one problem, the switch also needs to be in the centre position for when the flaps are fixed. In a nut shell there are 3 inputs needed with the fourth being the fixed. So what we have are two manual operations (open and closed) and auto option and a fixed setting where ever the manual settings has positioned it and it is then de-energised (a safety lock I guess)

    With the logic you suggest the fixed could effectively be written out using the knob but the animation is the sticking point. The manuals are also spring loaded to reset back to the fixed position. =O