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    Hi all

    Just posted latest update, 2 helicopters in one, flying from the front seat is really different than the back. Approach view is very limited from the back, but vis is great…try/1043-apache-update-4/

    Modelling is complete though I may add missiles for the release version. The guys at IPACS are not keen on weapons so I have to paint the noses blue and call them 'long pointy cameras'

    Color texture maps complete, I think. Still work to do on bump, ambient, specular, reflection, illumination, light...guess that all but the color.

    Most, if not all switches, knobs etc and systems work, also doors, guns, sights etc.. Best just play with things to see how it all fits together.

    To get heading hold, height hold to work bind button on your joystick to

    Hover ....Taxi light

    Heading ..Beacon light

    Trim......Landing light

    A note on trim. In the Apache its move the stick to where you want it then press the trim to hold the stick in that position. FS2 doesn't have this as yet so this one is may work sometimes

    If you see anything thats obviously wrong please do let me know and I'll fix it.

    Some stats

    Polygons 410,000, give or take a few

    Texture maps 90

    Individual objects 950

    Animated objects about 700

    Lines of code in aircraft tmd 20,933

    Lines of code in controls tmd 7,387

    Sound files 12 at the moment

    Systems programmed. Electrics, fuel, rotors, engines, hydraulics, apu, plus a few others

    Still to program, Engine chop, navigation (if I can)

    Still to produce, manual and paintkit

    Hours worked ... an effing lot :rolleyes:

    Next update should be the release version, hopefully.


    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the input, it would seem I'm no expert either. Although the definition of an expert is, ex ( a has been) 's'pert a drip under pressure ;)

    I have tried using the info from the pic above, added glass shader, even tried canopy shader but still no change. Guess back to square one and re do the material from scratch.

    I did how ever add 2 pilots and omitted the reflection attribute, both pilots were that shiny they looked like something from the Terminator movies.

    I am wondering if it's the fact the windows are pretty much flat and therefore don't reflect much to the eye when you look at them as there are no curves to give it away. I guess that's what the original designers intended but it's the opposite I'm after.

    Back to housework :rolleyes:


    I am unable to make the Apache windows shiny, so me thinks I am missing something.

    Followed DR400 settings but things are still matte. Tried Kai's Vorlagen pic from years ago but still matt

    Any designers out there that can help

    Ok, off to do the housework now =O


    If I added up the hours it would scare me to death, 3 to 4 hours a day most days since March, good job the other half likes knitting :thumbup:

    Reminds me of my days building RC and some weird stuff, I got bored with the run of the mill stuff so I experimented

    Lynx, SU and "Warbird" were all mine. Lynx was a TRex 450

    Music was nothing to do with me..=O

    Hi Heli fans

    Just posted update 3 for the Apache. Unzip to a temp folder and then copy the Apache folder to your user aircraft directory…ntry/1041-ah64a-update-3/

    Have included cold (still more switches to return to cold), ready for engine start, takeoff, landing and inflight (not checked the last 2 yet so your on your own). When in cold setting the engines will ONLY start if you have either the external power on or the battery on with the APU started. No manual as yet so just play with the switches. APU is on the right side panels at the bottom, 2 annuns tell you its state, plus rectifiers come on line etc

    Sounds are being worked on so bear with me on them. Lots more modelling and texturing...will it never end.=O

    More TMD work also, things like auto and manual stabilator, throttle chop, flight controls etc. plus more things I have not thought about yet. Trim may be having a dicky fit as I added another control to it and I may have upset it. Manual/auto stab will need to fed into this as well so it's on my list.

    It looks ok in VR but I appear to have lost my VR legs so will have to build them up before I can go flying.

    I have a list of jobs and corrections longer than your arm, but there is light at the end of the's just so far away :rolleyes:


    PS, I do ask myself why I do these updates, well it's to show just how much work and time these things take, so next time we ask for this and that aircraft please give some thought for the poor designer and the months and months of work

    Try listening to 4 radios, map reading and flying below 50ft, best not to loose that 50ft then :D

    I highly recommend a tv series (made many many moons ago) called Flying Soldiers available on Youtube, I believe 8 episodes, It shows what I had to put up with on my flying course, great fun some times terrifying most of the time :rolleyes:

    Count me in, fascinating stuff for us developers and aerodynamics nerds :D

    This is what I love (and hate) about FS2, its just so accurate. Why do I hate it I hear some ask..., well, if you want an accurate aircraft/helicopter there is just so much work involved and FS2 will let you do pretty much anything you want so you keep adding and adding and adding


    At the moment I "steal" the taxi and beacon lights so I can use them for altitude hold and heading hold. Also, as we discussed earlier a further one for the trim button might help if we ever get it to work.

    Main problem with helicopters is when users have to start looking around the cockpit for buttons the helicopter has a tendency to take itself on a different path, so having the option of some buttons would make it easier for the user.


    So how does a glider get an initial velocity when it loads in flight as in Antoine's case it simply falls down with gravity, I did wonder if the glider entry did this but now I know different.

    From what I understand a helicopter uses a different throttle command in the TMD files and thus in simulator.

    For aircraft its "Controls.Throttle1"

    For helicopters its "Controls.HelicopterThrottle1"

    The throttles in the setup menus I would guess point to " Controls.Throttle1"

    I have asked for user defined buttons and axis to help developers but it falls on deaf ears


    I also agree with Jan it is the best option but in the case of our hang glider we don't have the like for like which is why I suggested the glider and an imaginary one at that. The hang glider doesn't have a gear or wheels, or tail section, or ailerons for that matter. As Jan said, it's a new class.

    I am sure Antoine thought of a hang glider as a simple option but it may prove to be a little more complicated but it is one we can all help out to get it into the sim. I'm sure it will be a fascinating addition to the fleet and I'm looking forward to watching it's development.


    Morning master

    Isn't that a rather simplistic statement to make.

    Lets say our budding hang glider designer followed the advice and chose the 777 for his default aircraft. Some 40,000 lines of code of which 39,000 plus would be useless to him. Perhaps, start with a default aircraft that is an approximate of what your planning to build would be better. Or better still, chose from one of our templates that IPACS has provided within the SDK, ( if we had them) , ie glider, small GA, large Jet, helicopter, military)

    Also, are you saying the TMD file we are using above will not be acceptable as I am sure that is what Antoine will now be thinking , if not then please explain to him and me why it's not.

    Would it not be better to start with a simple IPACS written TMD that purely gets the aircraft into the sim, To give the designer that satisfaction factor and willingness to carry on rather than spend a lifetime bastardising a bunch of code, most of which means zero to them. What is child's play to you and sometimes to me is a mountain to others and we should remember that.

    I can feel my throat starting to contract, aka Darth Vader, so i'll stop right now :D

    Steve ( apprentice)

    Hi Antoine

    Only thing I can suggest is to spilt the wing in your model to LeftWing and RightWing. Rename keel to Fuselage. Then in the TMD rename your rigidbody to Fueslage. It may be that FS2 is expecting these as you have named them in the dynamics. You could then add another entry for you extras




    <[string8][GeometryList][ SpeedBar Cables ]>


    doing it this way we are at least starting from a known TMD format that works


    Hi Antoine

    I suspected that you had but to be on the safe side I included them. Your quest for a hang glider did get me thinking.

    I doubt FS2 supports the control method of a hang glider, master jan will correct me if I'm wrong, so you will have to build a 'normal' aircraft in the dynamics section and adapt the hang glider graphics to fit this later. If it were me I would start with one of the gliders and adapt from there as master Jan suggested with the Cessna.

    When I say 'normal' this will include fuselage, left wing, right wing, ailerons, elevator, stabilizer, rudder and probably trims. Main gear, wing gears and a tail wheel. Most of these will have to be imaginary and at positions that will achieve realistic hang glider performance. As the hang glider performance is way below the glider we are using we need to cripple it. If you know all about airfoil theory then you could adjust it there else we could adjust the weight to maie it fly like a brick.

    Usual terms and conditions apply and if it goes wrong I'll simply blame my old age :thumbup:


    Hi helpless...:):) been there done it got the tee shirt as they say.

    Ok, might I suggest an old thread for some useful information

    Aircraft TMD Self Help Group

    There is a zip file with a collection of explanations by Master Obi Jan at the end of the posts.

    I looked at your code above and if that is all you have then there are some bits missing from the code, I have corrected what I can see obviously wrong. I called it temp.tmd and its in the correct format for notepad++. This may not be your problem as you may have omitted them from your code above, but without seeing the whole TMD it's somewhat difficult. Also indent the tmvector lines as I have done as it makes it a whole lot easier on the eyes when things get a little more complicated.

    You may also need left and right wing in the dynamics, not sure if FS2 will play without them.


    edit, if it still doesn't play post the TMD and I will have a look



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