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    I think you do designers a dis-service with your comments.

    From memory the weather engine does not belong to IPACS so until they replace it with their own they cannot let us do as we please.

    There are numerous scenery developers out there that produce fantastic products for the sim, most of it is free.

    Granted aircraft and helicopter design is somewhat limited. Not by FS2 but by investment in time. This is mainly because FS2 is so rich in what can be done, it takes a lot of time to master and commercial developers don't want spend that time.

    This would appear to be a MAC problem as the PC version works fine even with these errors. I have corrected most of the errors (plus another one) as seen in your TM.log

    I am stuck on the NAV1Frequency.Set error. I plan to ask Jetpac for help but he is on a well earned vacation at the moment so it will have to wait.

    Once I have corrected this error I will post a new TMQ file.


    Hi Michael

    Thanks for the updated log file. The new file did find yet another minor error which I have corrected. Quite why it didn't find this error the first time is past my pay grade.

    We do still have the NAV1Frequency errors but I can't see why that should be so I will consult with Master Obi Jan next week. He's on a well earned break so I'll leave him in peace.

    Happy New Year to you and all the other forum members


    HI Michael

    It would seem the MAC is less tolerant than the PC as it runs with no errors on the PC.

    I looked at the errors in your file and I have hopefully corrected them. Perhaps the 4 "NAV1Frequency.Set" may still cause me problems. They relate to the TACAN, which works perfectly on the PC.

    I will PM the updated file as I don't want to include a updated TMQ file on the forum until I know its working fine. Once all is Ok I will post it over on the site so everyone can update.


    On the PC version we have a TM.log in the C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Aerofly FS 2. Does this file also exist on the mac. if so can you post it.

    This file will normally explain why the dreaded red cube has appeared

    Also, many thanks for all the messages, really appreciated :thumbup:


    Sorry unable to help as I do not have a Mac, perhaps Jetpack or other Mac users will offer some advice. Please ensure you downloaded the Release version as the WIP versions didn't have the options files and it's normally the lack of these that causes this error.


    I have indeed done a comparison and agree with your findings. My system is what you may call average so its just my observations so far using Rift CV1

    MSFS2020 VR. Visually superior but needs most of the details reducing to avoid frame stutter, even then it's still not good. Noticeable barn door

    X-Plane 11 VR. Works well for the most part but still stutters occasionally. Kind of looks cartoonish at times. Cockpits tend to look smaller, tiny in some cases.

    DCS VR. Works great, flies great, is great but it's a combat sim so not for everyone.

    FS2 VR. Fantastic in VR but lacks a lot of features. Perhaps the introduction of better weather, ATC and AI may well reduce this but time will tell. Apache looks great in VR, yes I'm biased ;)

    Just my two pence worth


    Make a backup of the a320.TMD just in case. Master Obi Jan may not approve and may correct what I say but this is my understanding.

    The nose sounds are controlled in this TMD file, towards the very end of the TMD line 56727

    Here you can see the nose volume, it has 2 components, input0 gets multiplied by input1





    you could try to adjust the GroundRollFactorNose, this entry is above the one above, line 56691



    <[tmvector2d][Map][ (0.0 0.1) (1000.0 1.0) ]>


    I would guess this is the load factor on the wheel mapped to the GroundRollFactorNose.Output, so maybe raising it above 1.0 may help. Same for the 2 mains

    Adjusting GroundRollFactorNose1 is speed to output, as it's the wheel I suspect radian/sec though it could be aircraft speed in m/sec . The 5 entries for GroundRollFactorNose1 are similar to a U shaped graph.

    Any updates to FS2 will overwrite what you have changed, Steam may also do this during it's checks too.



    A TSB file is a wav file that has been converted via the IPACS Aircraft converter. Similar to a zipped file.

    It's use is set out in the aircraft TMD file, go to the end of any aircraft file and you will find the sound section. It's not rocket science but does take a little detective work. All good so far.

    Now the EC135 brick wall that you will find difficult to get over. All helicopter TMD files are converted to TMQ files and these cannot be accessed so you really have no idea what is happening regarding the TSB files.

    Hope this explains things for you


    From what little information we can get from the pics it looks like you are ' landing' at...well, no where really

    There doesn't appear to be any runway so how about sticking up some more information, like what was the airport, is it a user airport, what was the route.

    Also does this happen at a default airport

    If you want something fixing how about giving Jetpack the information he needs


    Hi Pascal

    Your wish is my command

    Here are some Lynx7 start files. Just unzip and place in the main lynx7 directory

    There is no start at the end of the runway, too much work involved for that one as the main tmq is set up for cold and dark. :/

    What you can do is select a parking place or helipad and it will give you option for ready to depart or cold and dark. Select ready to depart and off you go. Cold and dark works ok too.

    clean and landing seem to work you just have to be ready for things, rotors are slightly low but nothing you ace pilots can't handle.:thumbup:

    No guarantees so if they cause problems just delete them =O

    Have fun


    Hi All

    Just posted the release version of the Apache, can really take it much further at the moment, still need to work on nav stuff which I plan to do now, If I work it out I will add it to the Lynx.

    Also included a manual, Cold and dark for the geeks, plus the paintkits…/1057-ah64a-version-1-00/…?entry/1058-ah64a-manual/…1059-paintkits-for-ah64a/

    Time for a rest, think I've earned it:rolleyes: