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    The helicopter TMD coding is very complex and highly detailed, IPACS are extremely protective of how the helicopter physics work. Most of which I didn't understand. Similar to the complexity of their gas turbine engine coding.

    I was worn to secrecy under pain of having certain bits of my anatomy removed and making a necklace from them =O

    If you ever get to work with the heli TMD file, I would stick to a helicopter with 2 or 4 blades as its much easier. IPACS are very protective of the heli coding so you will need their permission first and you will need to demonstrate a strong, no, very strong dedication to the development. My guess they would like to see the full model first.

    Developing a fixed wing aircraft. which I recommend you do first, is a rewarding but time consuming task, a heli is maybe 1.5 times the fixed wing development. Sitting in a virtual version of the model you built and programmed is like the big Christmas present you always wanted.


    Diagram above simply shows the hydraulic connections in the 747 braking system. It does not explain anything in connection with how the Autobrake logic works.

    Pressure from Hyd system 4 or the accumulator, which ever is greater, supplies hyd pressure to the brake pads via the anti skid units. A shuttle valve on each side ( moves up in the diagram) to block the activation of any fluid from the normal brake pedals. If the pedal pressure is greater than the autobrake pressure the shuttle valve will close and the pedals will have priority. I would guess, sensors are fitted to the peddles that take priority over the Autobrake logic.

    If you want the autobrake to work then reinstate the lines of code. There is normally a lot more coding connected with this entry, perhaps another 100 lines or so. It's not always the case to just look at one entry in isolation, more often than not there are several branches to the code.

    Hi Art69

    At what point did Jetpack say, 'there are no future update', he is always updating the aircraft, and the helicopters, lets not forget those (and they use yet more code and dynamics that you don't see).

    Before making such comments again, perhaps you should build an aircraft from scratch, even a very simple one. When you have completed the task maybe then you will think about your comments and realise how poorly thought out they are.

    FMC functionality ? My guess is you will get lost with that within the first few lines of code, I certainly do, and we have the privilege of reading the examples as they already appear, Jetpack writes this stuff from a blank piece of paper. The FS2 A320 TMD files has 60104 lines of code, plus some we don't even know about, and that takes dedication and a lot of time.

    Yes we all want things yesterday but it ain't that simple. It took me 7 months of pretty much constant work to produce my Lynx Mk7, and that was just one helicopter. Jetpack looks after all the aircraft, helicopters and puts up with us forum members.

    If you examine the TMD file you will see that the default fuel values for the A320 are

    LeftFuelTank 0.5

    RightFuelTank 0.5

    OuterLeftFuelTank 1.0

    OuterRightFuelTank 1.0

    CenterFuelTank 0.0

    Seems to me the tanks are not full to start with, but what do I know :/

    Not saying that at all as I didn't program the A320, only Jetpack can answer that but my guess would be not at the moment . All I'm saying is fuel systems can be simulated fairly accurately, in my Lynx Mk7 these factors were included and changing the FillLevel may help with endurance. All though I could simulate everything I needed as part of the fuel system, there is no way to assign a fuel state from within the sim. It still required a TMD correction.

    Orangedog433, thats not true. The mass in the TMD file is for a full tank (look at TMD files) and only the required percentage is used depending on what the tank level is, just like a real aircraft or helicopter.

    As I said above fuel systems are experimental and prone to leaks. Fuel usage can be modelled and using fuel does change the weight and balance. A full fuel system doesn't just have a tank, it has switches, fuel lines, fuel pressure, connections, return lines, fuel pumps or fadec systems, governors (if needed), fuel usage rates and instrumentation to show the fuel tank quantities etc. Like all the systems in FS2 or FS4, its a complex business if you want to be accurate. We also need a working electrical system, an engine or two and the list goes on.

    If the TMD file is set correctly running out of fuel will also cause an engine failure. Also, not setting the desired switches can cause fuel to not be correctly pumped around the system, once again effecting CofG and engine failures.

    FS2 and FS4 do allow for very accurate systems implementation, not just fuel but electrics, hydraulics, radios, flight parameters etc etc. A full study level aircraft can be created by any user wanting to get his hands dirty, sure it's not easy nor is it quick but it can be done.

    Jetpack is a very busy guy as he looks after all the aircraft TMD files for the systems we all take for granted, implementing new systems, programming all the MFD screens and quite often answering questions from developers and users alike.

    Yes you can change the fuel level for the aircraft. Fuel systems are somewhat experimental and prone to leaks, or at least they did when I did them. You will need to look for this line or lines in each aircraft TMD file, use notepad++.

    It should be under a fuel_tank entry, (maybe more than one). You may also find this entry under PassengersPayload and CargoPayload, seems it's a quick way to add pax and cargo weight too.


    Changing the level to 1.0 will give you full tanks, change it to 0.1 and you'll be practicing engine failures =O , if implemented. DO NOT adjust anything else, it's very easy to delete a [ or ] when your not looking, years of practice doing that.

    1.0 is the max allowed so no need to try for that around the world trip on one tank of gas.

    Do remember to make a backup of the TMD file first just in case and the file will be overwritten if there is a upgrade from IPACS, steam may also do it but I'm not sure on that one.

    Master Obi Jan might not like you tinkering with his TMD files but you can't really break the sim with this (I think), if you see a red cube you screwed up. Replace your modified TMD with your backup and all should be good to go. You could also just reverse what you did.

    Usual T & C's apply, no money back, no guarantee, your on your own =O

    Open the aircraft TMD file you wish to edit with notepad++. For example c90gtx.tmd

    Look for an entry similar to this one from the c90gtx



    <[tmvector3d][InertiaLength][ 9.0 1.3 1.5 ]>

    <[tmvector3d][R0][-0.2 0.0 0.4]>

    <[tmmatrix3d][B0][1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0]>


    I would suggest copying this line <[float64][Mass][1585.0]> and placing a copy below the existing one for reference should things go wrong. You can edit the original line by putting // at the beginning of the line like this //<[float64][Mass][1585.0]> Using // at the start means that line will be ignored by the sim.




    <[tmvector3d][InertiaLength][ 9.0 1.3 1.5 ]>

    <[tmvector3d][R0][-0.2 0.0 0.4]>

    <[tmmatrix3d][B0][1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0]>


    It should now look like above. Change the mass value of the extra line (the one without //) until it suits your desired level. Mass is in Kgs. If it all goes wrong just remove the extra line you added, remove the // and it will be back to default and try again. You can't really break things it just might not always do what you want.

    Make sure you use save in notepad++ and not save as, you need to keep the file as a tmd file and not a txt file which is what will happen with save as.


    One would think so but alas its not always the case as it hasn't stopped me from the early signs of dementia at the tender age of 65.

    Recently I developed 3 addon aircraft, forced myself to learn TMD, wrote a 510 page novel and am building an ah64D simpit (for some other sim that supports cockpit builders), but it's starting to be a struggle. Unfortunately the only person who doesn't know you are developing dementia is yourself as you forget the conversations etc that others remind you off, it's only then you think, 'Houston we have a problem'

    To be honest I have no idea.

    From screenshots previously posted it has been done but that was with a different version of FS2, one supplied to a private company.

    Best person to answer the question would be Jetpack

    Do You have 3ds max ?

    Do you have access to the helicopter coding for the TMQ ?

    If no to either of these then forget it for the moment as you will need both.


    Book is yet to be published, still error checking using a text to audio program, (audio version eventually), which takes nearly as long as writing the damn thing, just 4 chapters to finish out of 42. It's only when someone (Roboman) reads it to you that you find missing words etc. As for publishing, that's not as easy as it sounds, yet more research on how to do all that.

    Last year my brother and I came up with a theory to solve the mystery of the treasure on Oak Island. Like an idiot I said, "that will make a good book", so that's what we did. The theory takes up a few chapters and in the rest, we re-write history and start many wars. It will be called, 'Misdirection, the fictional true story of Oak Island. Part 1' as we intend to make it a 3 part series. It's been fun, time consuming and a steep learning curve. We all think we can write and tell a good story but sadly that's not true. It's also fun to bump so many people off, add twist and turns, leave the reader guessing and introduce some supernatural stuff, or is that all in your head. I also learned a lot about Paris, or more to the point, 1300's Paris, which was about a mile across at that time and the number 494, which became part of the book and also my past, quite scary stuff.

    Hi Play

    Thanks for removing the link and no I never left the forum, I just don't post. I keep up to date everyday. and like many users, I am wondering where FS4 has gone. At least IPACS didn't take every ones money like another sim, and we are still waiting for that module too.

    Your are right about payware, very few would buy the models and that puts developers off big time as their investment would not be recouped. At least with them being free many people did download, over 7000 for the Lynx, 3000 plus for the F104G, AH64A not known.

    You are also right about the apology, there was a general apology. Considering the above and a 4 page article in PC Pilot, I would have thought a personal apology via email would have been a nice thing to do, alas non was forthcoming. Simple things mean a lot and would probably have persuaded me to carry on.

    2 good things did come from my departure. Jan's life got a lot quieter and I wrote a 720 page book, you good forum members should try it, it's much harder than it seems.


    I would like to request that the moderator of this forum remove the link for my files that is posted above.

    I have not give permission for 'MY FILES' to be shared and as higgy rightly points out, I still have the copyright to 'MY FILES'. I made them available as a gesture of good will on my part. Sharing and uploading are the same thing.

    Being UNFAIR is neither here nor there, it is my right and mine alone. Had I not been censored by the gods, I would have remained a member of this forum and most probably produced more models.

    Thanks, Steve

    I agree, Jetpack is the most honourable and helpful guy and is the glue that keeps this forum going.

    admin should apologise, not to me as I'm past caring, but to the forum members, they got it dead wrong. I made a simply statement of fact. The fine line between censorship and dictatorship was crossed and sadly that's when it's time to leave.

    Are landing lights also covered by this "professional" version. To my knowledge this is the only sim not to include any method of lighting the ground. Even FS9 and probably before has this feature. It obvious you can do it so how about giving it to us poor people :/