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    Tried this with max15 and nothing showed up in game,

    Added a null object, copy pasted the name to the null, attached the null to the airport object, along with over 800 other objects, no xref ryanair jet appeared, my lovely ryanair jets did :)

    Guess we are both missing some steps


    A null object has no faces so perhaps the exporter log file is correct. Haven't tried xref objects as i make them all myself but will give it a try tomorrow and report back


    Hi everyone

    Some pics of my work so far

    Liverpool Airport (EGGP) progresses at pace, well, a slow pace really. I didn't anticipate just how much work goes into an airport scenery. Texture mapping is very very time consuming.

    Runway, taxiways with 3d lights are done (blue and green lit at night, stop lights to follow), aprons are marked out though would like to add some grime to them, taxiway signs, stop signs etc

    Most buildings are modeled just need textures, then onto support equipment, vehicles and the list goes on, oh yeah, planting a few hundred trees, groan

    Big thanks to the IPAC's team for a fantastic sim


    Hi guys

    Update to my texture problem, managed to cure it by applying a transparent png file to the tyre marks area with no alpha.

    Also experimenting with taxi lighting. Taxi lights (green and blue) look fine on the ground but disappear when airbourne, guess they are too small to be drawn, yet more work

    Please, please, please developers can we have a ground avatar to help with airport designs



    I am trying to use a decal for the runway tyre markings. I want to use this approach to give me more control over where they appear.

    I made a copy of the runway, applied a tiff image with a alpha channel, exported as a decal priority 9.

    Whilst it shows in the sim it has some strange edges, appears washed out and whitens rather than fully darkens the runway.

    Any ideas.

    Plus, is there a way of checking the airpost in the sim without having to throw a cessna around, perhaps an avatar view or similar.

    Thanks for the help,


    Hi Jeff

    After a short lay off building a 737 sim I'm ready to pick up on my Liverpool scenery.

    Ok so here's the question, is there a maximum number of polygons for an airport.

    Reason I ask is having looked at all the buildings, ground equipment, static aircraft etc the count is going to be substantial. I also note FS2 does the taxi lines etc by polygons. I have managed to get these to work but looking at a typical dispersal there are going to be hundreds of lines, markings, numbers etc.

    Is this the best way to do things or would a texture map over the dispersal be better, guess this would be quite blurred as it would be stretched over a large area.

    Thanks for the help



    Managed to correct the problem, I had collapsed the stack which seems to get rid of any vertex weights, once I added more edit poly modifiers and re-did the vertex weights all was ok.

    The mesh does not have any overlapping vertices and I asked the question before about mesh density, I used the kingman mesh to compare and modelled using that as my base. The new tutorial shows a different method and mesh density, perhaps the wiKi can be updated to say which is better. How we get to the mesh shouldn't make a difference its simply if its too dense or not.

    My textures appear very bright in the sim but at least its all showing up.

    I have made tracks for racing sims and aircraft models for FSX/P3D but this method is definately weird to say the least, I guess practice will make perfect,

    Thanks to all for your input


    Morning Jeff

    The denser mesh I mentioned is from the original scenery tutorial file, at the very end of the ground section it says

    "As the auto height feature changes the height per vertex, a smoother surface can be achieved by creating a denser mesh."

    I also noted that the Kingman example has a regular polygon base so I assumed this was the preferred method as it shows the denser mesh.

    I know that FSX/P3D do not like the shift/drag method for adding extra objects, we have to use the clone option, also a mirror modifier rather than using the mirror button, does FS 2 have similar restrictions.


    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the tutorial and clearing up the material naming.

    With some of the bigger international airports having oodles of things to model is there a limit on polygons. Plus I noted in the wiki it mentioned having a dense mesh for the outside object, in your tutorial it seemed fairly light so at odds with what was advised. Whats the advice for this.

    Any limit to the maximum textures in a multi subobject.

    All the best


    Hi Jeff

    Looking frward to the tutorial, may I ask for a lengthy section on material naming. Please remember to include the Ambient map trick, that caught me out for some time till I did some forum searching

    Not a great fan of spline modelling nor booleans for that matter, can leave long triangle polygons. Prefer to use edge extruding, that way I can control where the polygons are put, make for a cleaner mesh. I used to develop aircraft for Prosim737/A320 and no one ever noticed all the complex animation but were very vocal about a stray polygon causing shading errors.

    Is it mandatory for the ground to be one object, ie runway, aprons etc all stitched together or can they be separate objects. I am presently using separate objects then selecting all these objects and exporting as the runway file, egpp_liverpool_rwy.tgi in my case. Seems to work ok but I do notice odd triangle shading errors, guess its a common theme today =O. All vertices are snapped together so in theory the meshes cover the same place just not as one


    HI Jeff

    I am a max user, managed to work out the problem, the more I added polygons the worse the uv mapping became, I simply applied a new uv mapping modifier and everything worked ok.

    I have just finished the ground for around the runway/taxi etc, not yet textured or imported so another headache looming. Now i know why i love modelling, pushing all those vertices around, great fun.

    Not sure if I should but I have broken the model into many parts, makes modelling far easier and more manageable. I can always attach things later. it seems to import into the sim just fine, except for those small triangle artifacts. Maybe thats the result of many parts and insufficient auto height.

    Well bed time for me



    To the developers and wizards

    Any Idea what the strange textures are here. All I have done is extrude an edge from the taxiway you can see and I have then extruded out a shape for the apron using the edges I formed. This is how I made the taxiway and that works fine mostly, I do have this pattern at one highspeed taxi. They all share the same material.

    Also some triangular edges are visible on runway, taxiways, as if the underlaying mesh is poking through



    Long time max user, my normal thing is aircraft development so this scenery is proving somewhat entertaining.

    Managed to get the runway to show up, turned out it was either using red for the vertex colour or the inclusion of the ambient map, big thanks to Hartman for the info.


    So I wanna build an airport, seemed like a good idea at the time, groan. One mans dream and quickly a nightmare.

    I have managed to work out how to import buildings and some of the airfield data (plugins didn't seem to work so i added them manually using notepad++). Took me ages to get the scale right in the modelling program. I converted the satellite data using geoconvert and geoconvert helper (thanks to all), set up my scene using max and the real life runway size. Positioned a background using the runway as reference, positioned some small cubes at the corners of a large building, exported and looked in the sim, quite a long way out. spent some time repositing the cubes till they lined up on the satelite images in the sim, then rescaled the modelling background image to match the cubes and the airfield reference point cube.

    Airfield reference cube, use this to locate the airport in the sim and make sure its at the 0,0 in the modelling program. This should also be the same as real life location, these detals were added to the TMC file manually

    Cannot get ground/runway or decals into the sim, no matter what I do.

    Decals, are they exported as scene or a model, not clear in tutorial, but didn't work either way. Probably a material thing or vertex weight.

    Ground/runway, is it a child of anything like objects are or just by itself

    Material naming is a real headache and a bit of joke.

    Tutorials are ok to a point, they give differing information specially in the material department

    Well thats it for now and if there are any other airport builders out there give me a shout. Its difficult on my own.


    PS, anyone know how to slew in fs2, would save me having to fly a cessna around all the time

    I run a DK2 on a very old system, (core2 quad cpu) , GTX 560TI and things look ok to me, perhaps I should go to specsavers8).

    My normal game is the brilliant Elite Dangerous and very new to Fs2 but impressed so far. Yep big thumbs up for helicopters, ex heli pilot so its in my blood.


    Is anyone building UK airports and if so are you building EGGP, Reason for asking is I plan to build this and want to avoid any waste of my time.

    Might also be a good idea if we had a post where anyone mad enough to build airports could advise other potential builders. FS 2 is short of world wide airports so lets not duplicate our work.

    All the bset


    First post here so a big ANDI's room Hi to everyone, ok so I like Toy story, even at 60

    I developed a set of aircraft landing lights for Prosim737 and Sim Avionics, they took me nearly 2 years to perfect and reduced what hair I had left to a few strands, so I guess what I'm saying is, these things take time, lots of it and I only worked on one thing, so patience is essential in flight simming. Volume/dynamic lighting looks great I admit but it will come with a cost, FPS will suffer