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    When launching AFS2 from Steam, a pop up says 'This game doesn't support this headset" - when clicking okay, the sim launches and has no major issues, however, I wondered if a small update needs to be released to tell Steam that the Rift S is supported?

    Hi All - just letting you know that I posted a message on the Orbx forum today about an update and whether London will be included.

    John Venema has replied to everyone stating that the "big reveal" will be this Saturday at a flight sim event, followed by posts on their social pages - this announcement will also include GB South (hopefully London)!

    I processed a new Oahu overnight using the newest google ortho and it is a dramatic achievement. I used 1dl @ level 9 - 14 and from the first pass it looks excellent. We can add in higher levels around the airports as needed.

    Very few clouds on the mountains now and the water and coastlines look so much better. The Marine base at Kaneohe is fully in the clear now with very sharp images.

    Yes, I hope we can get back to improving the airports on the island.



    Could you post a screenshot of your geoconvert tool so that I can make sure I'm following correctly? Your results are incredible.

    I own a property development agency based in London and we use the below website to look at building heights - this effectively shows a 3D map of London/other cities.

    The information is pulled from the Environment Agency LiDAR data.

    I wonder if using this type of software/information, may be a good way to generate cultivation/autogen?

    Parallel 3D Buildings - London

    I've updated and the changes are fantastic - I run an overclocked i7 with a 1080ti and vulcan/AA seems to be working very well.

    Night lighting in VR is massively improved - no more large blur and everything is more defined - I especially love the HUD in the Q400.

    I wondered how complicated it would be to change cultivation lights on roads into streetlights, similar to other sims?

    Currently the floating lights work fine, however, attached to streetlights with a glow onto the roads would look great.

    Hi guys,

    I realized that AFS2 only draws clouds in about a 5 mile area around me. I cant find any settings to extend that so that clouds further away are drawn.

    Is this how it is, or can we change it?



    Oldar gave me the idea some time ago to reduce your visibility down, which can give you a similar effect to flying through overcast cloud. Worth trying.

    i have similar question. I am playing FS2 on my old low-end PC and it works smooth (with graphic details set to medium) but I am considering to buy iMac with Intel i5 3,0 GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM and Radeon Pro 555 graphic card (2 GB of VRAM). Will Mac version of FS 2 works smoothly on this computer? Thank you in advance for any advices.

    Should run okay on medium settings but that 2gb of ram on your graphics card will limit your experience when flying over highly populated areas.

    I totally agree that the wait is difficult but honestly, constantly asking and chasing for updates isn't going to speed up a coding or development process and is just going to take the developers away from creating the updates everyone is waiting for.

    They've reassured all of us on many occasions that updates are coming and that there is nothing to worry about, so as difficult as it is (and I'm not being sarcastic), we all just need to chill out and let ipacs get on with it.

    In software terms, we're all quite impatient yet when it comes to hardware, it can sometimes be years before we see new releases, which we all grin and bare, so let's just leave them to it and hopefully, soon enough, we will all have some great new features.

    I'd need to see some sort of demo video before commenting on price but I'd definitely be interested.

    As an idea, has anyone ever thought of a career mode option for AFS2, where a user could effectively build up funds from flying passengers etc? The rewards could be aircraft/access to certain airports and hangars.

    Of course, all planes and airports out of the box can be accessed in normal mode (as it is now), however, it would be quite cool as an option to use a career mode, seeing other users current positions and to create teams etc.

    Anyway, it came to my mind so I thought I'd share.

    Hi guys,

    I've seen a few mentions of buttkickers/base shakers on the forum and how they can improve realism with adding the 'feel' to VR flying.

    Does anyone have a link of what I'd need to buy and the setup procedure to get it working for Aerofly?

    Is it a type of speaker which you attach to your chair?

    Thanks and any help would be much appreciated.

    I have a pretty high-spec system with an i7 overclocked 6-core CPU, 32GB Ram and 1080ti GPU and am experiencing the same.

    Deleting the Main.mcf file from the Aerofly folder and updating my drivers did seem to make a slight improvement, however, the shimmering of most buildings and some ground textures is still occurring for me too.

    This is happening across all regions, not just the new DLC areas - prior to the Colorado update, I had never had this type of shimmering before.

    Hopefully there is just a small bug somewhere in the code and IPACS will fix it soon.