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    Hey, I'm trying to find a way to map the MCP bugs to my keyboard and Yoke but there's no way to hold the buttons down to make the process less tedious. As of right now I need to hit the increase/ decrease heading bug button 179 times to turn around and that's just not cool at all. Any ideas?


    Hey guys, I just got a pro flight yoke and I'm trying to set up an amazing VR home simulator so that I can start my MCC/JOC with confidence!

    I'm flying the 737 at the moment and I'm trying to do some IFR LVO flying. I gotta say the experience is amazing, pretty close to the 600k euros FNPT II I used a couple of weeks ago in training so hats off to the devs for the amazing job.

    I got most of the stuff mapped to the yoke but the frequency/ course switching is a little bit of a pain so I came up with an idea: using my Impulse 25 MIDI keyboard (it has a bunch of knobs on it) to map all the bugs to. Problem is that I cannot figure out how to do it properly. I managed to get it to work in the sim but I can't configure the knobs to work with the autopilot. Maybe there's some tweaking to do in the config to make it behave like a wheel and not an axis?

    Thanks a lot for your time and enjoy the flight!

    I've been flying with LiveATC audio in the background via VLC lately and I gotta say it greatly improves immersion. It would be great if it could get implemented in the game, kinda like the online radio in Euro Truck 2, maybe with auto frequency switch en route :love:. What do you guys think?

    I noticed the rpm settings for the King Air are off. Full forward prop settings only produce 1900 RPM (cruise). Sholud be 2200 RPM for takeoff and 2000 for climb, right ? :/

    I noticed a weird change in the throttle steps in the King Air after the last update. I looks like the throttle doesn't do anything in the first 50% travel of the axis. Looking at the throttle quadrant in the cockpit I noticed that what used to be 50% power is now Idle. This is kind of weird as now the rpm range compared to the axis motion is very crammed and it's really hard to get the right amount of thrust for any given flight stage that isn't touch down or takeoff. It would be nice to have "thrust reverse" and "ground fine" in this 50% range but now it's just a dead zone. Is there a way to offset the axis so that a 0% axis value equals a 50% (idle) throttle setting in game ?