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    I highly recommend OBS studio. It is what I have been using to record my Aerofly FS2 tours. Very easy to use, quality is quite stunning once you set everything up properly.

    Huge thanks have to go to IPACS though for allowing me to see in VR in the headset, AND record standard aspect ratio, full screen videos for YouTube. All the other sims need to do it how YOU have done it.

    Yes, VR is a game changer! I use it almost exclusively for my three primary flight sims, DCS, XP-11 and AFS2. My helIcopter flying, hovering and landing skills have improved dramatically in XP (B407 and B412), and DCS Huey.

    One thing I should recommend is to take it easy at first until you get your "VR legs".

    Don't overdo it like I did performing aerobatics and flying for over an hour on my first few flights in the rift. VR sickness is real and it eventually got me, lol. I had to put the thing down for a couple of days. When I came back to it, I took short flights until I built up a tolerance.


    You know me...

    That is the FIRST thing I did in VR was aerobatics. Hahahahaha.

    Welcome to the club JetJockey10!!

    Hi Thomas. I realized this after the fact. Which is why I also noted in the video that i wanted to do another swiss video, because i felt this one really didn't showcase as much of the beauty of the scenery as I would have liked.

    I did do a trial run around switzerland initially in the hornet, but decided to do the learjet instead because I have featured the hornet a few times now. I may go back to it, since it has a swiss livery, then I can get down and dirty with the mountains.

    What I am looking for, for those of you who know more about this area than I do (never been there in real life, rarely fly there in simulator). I need suggestions please, on the most scenic flights that can give Switzerland the proper love it deserves.

    I enjoyed your Lear45 flight. I don't know about the scenery problems early on in the flight but, from the center of Lake Geneva south is not Switzerland so that is why you are not seeing HD scenery for that area. Same for most of the approach from the South. The Swiss DLC shuts down in all directions at the borders.

    I wish I could switch from pilot seat to exterior views and back as easy as you appear to be doing it. I suspect it may be a bit of editing, if not please tell me how it is done.

    Thanks again for the flight.



    That's really interesting. I was not aware about that. It does seem a little jarring, when seen like that though.

    Anything where you see the camera wipe in any given direction (usually up, left, right, down) is a cinematic wipe. It's not the default game controls.

    Thanks for the info on the map Ray!

    I watched BelGeode's Cessna flight between Marathon and Key West and was trying to figure out how he was able to turn the lights on and off, adjust the Heading, AP and such. He states that he only flies in VR. I have Saitek Cockpit gear and use the individual x52 Pro Throttle and Flight Controller when flying AFS2 airplanes now. Will I use them once the VR in installed?

    Could someone give me an overview of a flight in either the Cessna or Lear using the Rift VR? Any tips, cautions, pointers, limitations? I'm guessing you fly while seated.

    Hi Ray, sorry I missed this earlier, but you got some awesome answers above me here.

    Yes I only fly in VR, when it comes to Aerofly FS2. It's starting to become the case with all my simulators.

    In answer to your question, muscle memory, plus since I use the X-52, I have a lot of my needed switches and knobs bound to individual buttons on both throttle and stick. I try to keep the format similar to other sims I fly, so it is easier to remember what switch does what.

    I also make use of the mouse while "under the hood". It is always placed in the same location, a few inches northeast of my Saitek stick. With little real estate on my desk, I can easily find it, even when blinded by the headset on.

    Some controls I had to make compromises on... for example the heading bug. I have two switches on my hat switch (opposing directions) set to heading bug increment and decrement, and same for the course knob. I found that the "rate" if you will, when I hold down the hat switch in a given direction, makes for a nice easy turn rate. I still have to visually eyeball where to stop the bug. But thankfully, that can be done in the cockpit, with a generous helping hand from the built in HMD (which does not normally show up in my finished videos, but of course I can see it).

    And yes, always fly when seated...

    I really like the colorful graphics and assortment of challenges that had me really engaged in survival! This is a fantastic little add-on to show off the capabilities of Aerofly - would be a great one for BelGeode to post a video of and grab the attention of some of the more action oriented simmers out there.

    Thanks again for sharing your creation mapicted!

    That sounds like a brilliant idea. I will have to download and try this. You recommend the Pitts for this one?

    drhotwing1 (IPACS) -

    Tomorrow I am doing a video on the Keys, and I generally like to talk about some of the processes and challenges in making scenery. Can you give me a quick rundown of each, that I can refer to when describing what you had to go through, and what the average scenery developer/user will face when using these tools.

    That way I can have answers for the questions that will inevitably pop up when I tell folks that they can do this too.

    Thanks in advance. I am recording voiceovers tonight to finish up the already recorded flight, then putting this up live tomorrow.