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    I agree with Thoemse that the AeroFly models don't fly right. All available models to my RC8 Standard fly as if on rails. With full up elevator and throttle in idle, I still have full rudder and aileron authority and can make any turn I want without having the model stall and fall out of the sky. No stalling, no adverse yaw, no spins. Such docile flying behaviour completely defeats the purpose of a simulator and honestly, makes flying much less fun!

    However, I do not agree that the fault lies with the physics-engine. I edited the PT-40 tmd file according to the suggestions given in other posts on this forum and the explanation on aerofoils found in the Aerofly Wiki. In addition, I increased the weight, moved the CG more towards the tail and changed the servotravel to increase the rudder, elevator and aileron deflection. Finally the PT-40 trainer flies realistically! I can even get it to flatspin.

    The problem is that this trial and error process takes (me) a lot of time. Adjusting a value, test-flying, adjusting again, testing, etc. In addition, all the parameters influencing fljght behavior are interconnected and influence each other, so you have to keep tweaking endlessly. Why don't all the models have an expert or advanced setting with all the parameters set correctly, instead of just these beginner settings?

    An option would be to make it a community effort, where members share the edited tmd and tmc files for their improved models in this forum?

    I recently purchased AeroFly RC8 Standard. In the main menu there is an option to update the program, but it seems no updates are available for the standard edition.

    The version number of the Standard edition is still at The version of the other editions are already at and contain a lot of fixes for bugs.

    Don't the same issues need fixing in the Standard edition? Why are there no updates yet?