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    Thanks all.

    Wünsch - thanks I'll give that a try

    TomB - I was planning to do that but the cultivation files are too large to load - so my idea was to exclude some areas I wanted to edit and then generate those smaller areas for editing in Scenery Editor - rectangles would make this easier

    TomSimMuc - again thanks for the suggestion - but I couldn't find an easy way to draw precise rectangles in GE - ie I'd like to generate a large toc file with missing rectangles and then generate those rectangles for editing in Scenery Editor - ideally using as few steps / applications as possible. Hence if it could be done in the scenProc script that'd be great.

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to use CreateRectangle in scenProc to exclude everything from a particular rectangular area. The rest of the script - based on the examples in this forum - is working fine.

    I've tried a few things but cannot get the syntax right for excluding a rectangular area- any help appreciated.

    OK, loaded the original png texture into GIMP, removed the alpha channel and exported as PNG and BMP versions. Recompiled two versions of the obj file, one using png and the other using bmp textures. Both seem to work fine in the sim.

    So problem solved and thanks again for the help, cheers, d.


    I have some .fbx models and their associated textures (.png format). The objects show up in the sim ok but have an odd transparency to them in that some walls appear to show the textures behind them (on other walls) when viewed from certain angles. They show up fine in 3dsmax. Any advice on how to solve this appreciated.

    cheers, d.

    I was thinking more whether they could be released as standard .obj files (or something similar) which would make using them easier than using placeholders where it's not as clear what they will look like (perhaps I've missed something about how to use them though!).

    Is there any chance that the XREF objects/models will be released as 'standard' object files for direct use in 3DSmax / AC3D?

    cheers, d.

    Actually, I had to check before posting the texture maps again. They are already available to everyone. They are in the cultivation folder of the Airport Design Package

    You can change the textures by using Gimp or Photoshop, then you just convert the package. The result will be the folder used for cultivation in your project.

    Small clarification please. In the building_textures folder within kdwh there are 74 ttx texture files but in the cultivation folder there are only 24 bmp texture files. Are all the ttx somehow generated from just these 24 bmp files? cheers, d.

    Phil, Steve, Ian,

    I think the flickering might be because you are 'importing' both buildings and 'importantbuildings' - from QGIS important buildings seem to be a subset of buildings and so perhaps AF2 is drawing both in one location - possibly causing the flickering? (I recall just using buildings solved some flickering issues for me a couple of weeks ago when I was trying this approach).

    cheers, d.

    Hi, just tried to change the render scale factor under the VR settings and for some reason the max is 1.5 when the slider is fully to the right. Thought it used to be 2? Is this a change or some issue with my settings somewhere?

    Thanks for confirming larrylynx - much appreciated

    As an experiment I've just tried 'moving' the airport from roughly the middle of the UK to roughly the middle of the USA - simply by changing the lonlat in the tsc file (no re-export or anything) - and then the xref objects show up.

    Jeff - might want to check if this is a bug or something?

    thanks for the help so far but still not working. I added three dummy objects and renamed as follows, then exported as object:




    None show up - I also noticed that when I ran the exporter it reported that nothing had been exported ie

    Objects = 0

    Patches = 0

    ... = 0