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    What makes me really wonder is, that Aerofly FS is still on the market (since 2012), despite all the boringness this sim offers after the first (and mabybe second ;) ) excitement has gone.

    So, there must be some growth, otherwise this sim has disappeared in subsidence already.

    Don't get me wrong, I really wish IPACS all the best, and wish that this sim will last for the next 100 years at least. But I don't count on Aerofly anymore, no more expectations from my side !!!!

    If the team brings some something new, maybe a new aricraft/helicopter, or a new feature they've promised years after years after years ago, yea, it's fine and I'll have a quick look.

    If not: " I don't give a damn " !

    So long and farewell, Aerofly :thumbup:

    Sure it "can", but it is not certified for aerobatics.....

    Of course I tried all these maneuvers already; and over my intense testing phase it made me wonder how nimble this bird is rendered.

    I also appreciate how IPACS has modelled the FENESTRON, and how ineffective it becomes during increasing speeds of forward flight.

    Thank you for your informative reply ;).

    My question goes to EC-135 Eurocopter experts:

    I can do some serious aerobatics stuff with IPACS's EC135 within the simulation, like barrel rolls, spins, even loops.

    Is it realistic, and is the real aircraft capable of this, alike the mighty BO-105 (oh man, this would be a gorgeous heli for Aerofly FS2 too :huh: ) ?

    Thanks in advance and kind regards

    Please let's all stay friendly her.

    Adjusting the internal parameters to give the EC135 a realistic crash detection is difficult and requires careful tuning. We wanted to delay this until a future update.

    As for the professional flight model, the EC135 already has a 'professional flight model' and is setup to fly like the real one. The R22 Profi mode just disables our internal stabilisation mode, so it flies as 'nervous' as the real one. However due to the missing acceleration feedback for the pilot in a Flight Simulator, we have created this special stabilisation mode.

    Okay, thank's a lot for your profound and inspiring answer :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:, it explains a lot to me.

    And it's very motivating and good to hear that you guys are still hanging on to improve the EC135, because i really appreciate this new helicopter. It's almost the perfect aircraft to discover sceneries, because it's so fast and you can land with it almost everywhere.

    I only mentioned Fred Naars legendary HTR Tool in my first post, because I'm a real lover of realistic helicopter flight physics/dynamics, and appreciate Fred's work (it's freeware) a lot.

    Staying within realistic helicopter landing parameters is very crucial for a heli-pilot, and a simple, small tool (alike the HTR tool) which rates your landing performance in an instant would be great (especially for real world pilots). But of course: It's up to you, and my words are only a suggestion ;) , NOT a demand.

    All the best.

    No it's not Kryptonite, it's a new anti-gravity system invented by Master Obi Jan Kenobi....may the force be with him:thumbup:

    Yea :). Sadly, Jedis tend to be arrogant !

    This Obi Jan Haustenobi even has not answered my question " if the EC135 will have a professionl flight model in the future ? " (see my first entry post).

    Well, such a behaviour reflects the overbearing stance of IPACS's developers in dealing with their customers in a very classy way.

    This is simply because we're a flight simulator and not a crash simulator. .....much time into making a pretty crash animation....

    Well, you've read my official post not carefully obviously.

    I have written: " ....why has it no correct landing crash detection ."

    It's something completely different in the meaning compared to crash animation.

    Once again: I'm meaning crash detection as mentioned above.

    All your planes, including the Robinson R22, even LarryLynx's recently published Apache Helicopter are simulating a simple crash detection ; but not so your EC135.

    Just try it for yourself instead of complainig about my post in a false way !

    Just rise with the EC135 e.g 1000 feets above ground, cut off the collective, cut off the throttle, and guide the bird through slight corrections horizontally straight into the ground (it must land with insane vertical speed on its skids ).

    And look what happens !!!

    Exactely: Nothing will happen, and the EC135 will not eject into the "orbit" like all your other models if something went wrong.

    Even completely unlike to your R22; wich will eject if you exceed the correct landing speeds ; Larrys models also behave in the same expectable manner, but not IPACS's new Eurocopter. And you guys even have not to invent something new, because it's already there and implemented in the sim - it's just a question of correction and tuning.

    ....why has it no correct landing crash detection ?( ??????

    Dear developers, I'm really puzzled about this issue; and it's completely opposite to your previous Robinson helicopter !!!

    You are putting so much effort and enthusiasm into your big projects. I think it would be better to finish and complement these projects instead of leaving them half-baked.

    I've done various crazy landing tests with insane vertical velocity rates numerous of times up to now; from different altitudes, up to more than 2000 feets above ground.

    Always with the same result: IPACS's Eurocopter doesn't crash if it lands on its feets (the skids must be made of Kryptonite or some other alien metal). The copter just bounces a few inches above the landing area, and nothing happens, WITHOUT any consequences left - you can start another flight immediately.

    Sorry guys, but this is soooo arcadish, and completely against your high expectations regarding quality. It would be great if you can fix this absurdity as soon as possible, because the rest of this bird is well done and doesn't deserve this.

    ANNOTATION: A helicopter landing rate tool - similar to Freed Naars legendary HTR Tool (gorgeous freeware from former HoverControl) would be a great addition for your helicopter hangar. Even developers like DCS, P3D, XPlane have nothing like this for their helos.

    Best regards to all of you ;)

    PS: Will there be a professional flight model for the EC135 anytime soon, similar to the R22 ?

    Yesssss :) dear AOB, I've tried "The Wolf".

    But to me it debunked as a nice, good looking puppy which is at the mercy of too many servants and doctors. It's a greatly enhanced Google-Earth-Flightsim, or better called Bing-Earth-Flightsim.

    Resume: I uninstalled it some weeks ago, not shedding a tear over this puppy .

    ......The wolf has come. You have to shout out to let people stand by you......

    Yea, but this "wolf" (assuming you are referring to this new "simulator" from MS) has blunt teeths in many aspects.

    Our beloved Aerofly FS2 still offers better:

    • Performance !!!! - which results in a far better and more fluid flying experience.
    • Far better and more plausible flight model/physics.
    • Helicopters !!!!
    • No online-force !!!! - you can operate AFS2 completely independent from online services and foreign servers.
    • With Aerofly FS2 you are buying a PRODUCT !!! which you can store on your hardware as a whole and with complete access to all its features. Whereas and in actual fact you are getting only a SERVICE if you buy this other sim - everything essential for this " other wolf" is provided outside of your simmer-hemisphere, and can be turned off anytime.
    • For Aerofly you don't need a decent internet connection; even no monthly subscription for internet, if you want to do so (like myself).
    • Aerofly offers a far more efficient VR AND TrackIR integration.
    • Aerofly FS2 offers a package of carefree. No horrendous download times, no regular CTD's, only very few bugs.
    • For Aerofly you don't need a modern and decent PC monster to handle it; and you can opterate it on various OS's.

    These are all points which the evel wolf doesn't offer ;).

    This is crazy ! Whenever I select the EC135 in the aircraft selection menu, the map in the airport selection menu goes completely black - which makes me unable to select a starting point for the EC135 :huh:

    By selecting any other aircraft in the respective menu, the appropriate visibility of the map comes back again - on my system this strange bug only occurs when I select the new Helicopter.

    Anyway, thank you IPACS, thank you dear developers.

    PS: I could already solve this strange graphic issue with the new EC135 by deleting the main.mcf file !!!

    I also dont get why drhotwing wanted to "Delete this Thread" if it was his alter ego. Like... ???? Thats just a prime example of someone who A: cant accept the Truth, or B: is not able to handle critisism

    Well, you must understand that drhotwing was the "Thread Terminator" in the past, and his old me would have terminated this thread after the first post for shure ;).

    Me must acknowledge the transition of drhotwings old me to the new one, who is presenting us a vast gain of serenity :thumbup:

    oder noch besser, kauft euch bitte denn MFS 2020 der sogar mit 2 RTX 2080 ti ruckelt. Freue mich schon wer da alles in die Sch....greift.:D:D

    ...LoL, ja, genau. Da wird sich nach dem Release wieder "tot getweakt". Und wo landen frustrierte User wieder letztendlich? - genau, bei performanten Sims a` Aerofly FS2.

    Kann mich noch gut an den Community Leitspruch nach dem FSX Release erinnern: Tweakts du noch oder fliegst du schon ^^ ? Leicht möglich dass wir diesbezüglich in einigen Monaten ein Déjà-vu erleben werden.

    Beste Grüße

    And if you don't create a hype, people will just migrate to the next best product :-)

    There are pros and cons so far, regarding hype:yes or hype:no.

    Over all I'm happy that AFS2 is still on the market and viable, despite competition.

    Which is - to me - AN OUTSTANDING MIRACLE - because the pace of IPACS's speed of development is exceptionel slow. And the simulator itself is still bare bone in many aspects, even after so many years of history, and eight years after the launch of aerofly FS in 2012.

    But people still seem to buy their products allthough all of these drawbacks and inherent limitations of the sim. If not, the product would have vanished from the market already, but it's still there......which is a MIRACLE :)

    PS: And this MIRACLE becomes even bigger if someone consider HOW SMALL the team of IPACS is.....less than five guys !!! ......and let's hope for new BIG FEATURES within the next decade :thumbup:

    .....But those are the Promises that always come and always we need to wait another Week. Another Month. Another 6 Months :(

    Don't be so shy ;).

    What I'm missing at the end of your quote, after "Another 6 Months": Another year !

    I assume, this thread wil be closed in , this thread is still open 8| ????

    You will pay an arm and a leg to use MS servers to feed that sim providing you have a new red hot PC in the first place. FS2 will look just as good on a nice foggy low cloud day.

    Exactely, that's it ! And not everyone want's to play online. E.g there are still simmers out there who want to fly in their own realm at home :) - like myself.

    I guess, AFS2 will stay the Nr.1 occasional flight sim for many among us.

    A debate like this reminds on the release of P3Dv4 64bit. Several weeks after its release many simmers and developers stated, that FSX will be a dead platform in some months from now on, and develpopers will cease their developments for FSX.

    But, guess what: after all these years since the publication of P3D-64bit, there are still many developers out there who are developing for FSX. And there are still many FSX enthusiasts (like myself) who are flying FSX(SE).

    All the best.