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    This is crazy ! Whenever I select the EC135 in the aircraft selection menu, the map in the airport selection menu goes completely black - which makes me unable to select a starting point for the EC135 :huh:

    By selecting any other aircraft in the respective menu, the appropriate visibility of the map comes back again - on my system this strange bug only occurs when I select the new Helicopter.

    Anyway, thank you IPACS, thank you dear developers.

    PS: I could already solve this strange graphic issue with the new EC135 by deleting the main.mcf file !!!

    I also dont get why drhotwing wanted to "Delete this Thread" if it was his alter ego. Like... ???? Thats just a prime example of someone who A: cant accept the Truth, or B: is not able to handle critisism

    Well, you must understand that drhotwing was the "Thread Terminator" in the past, and his old me would have terminated this thread after the first post for shure ;).

    Me must acknowledge the transition of drhotwings old me to the new one, who is presenting us a vast gain of serenity :thumbup:

    oder noch besser, kauft euch bitte denn MFS 2020 der sogar mit 2 RTX 2080 ti ruckelt. Freue mich schon wer da alles in die Sch....greift.:D:D

    ...LoL, ja, genau. Da wird sich nach dem Release wieder "tot getweakt". Und wo landen frustrierte User wieder letztendlich? - genau, bei performanten Sims a` Aerofly FS2.

    Kann mich noch gut an den Community Leitspruch nach dem FSX Release erinnern: Tweakts du noch oder fliegst du schon ^^ ? Leicht möglich dass wir diesbezüglich in einigen Monaten ein Déjà-vu erleben werden.

    Beste Grüße

    And if you don't create a hype, people will just migrate to the next best product :-)

    There are pros and cons so far, regarding hype:yes or hype:no.

    Over all I'm happy that AFS2 is still on the market and viable, despite competition.

    Which is - to me - AN OUTSTANDING MIRACLE - because the pace of IPACS's speed of development is exceptionel slow. And the simulator itself is still bare bone in many aspects, even after so many years of history, and eight years after the launch of aerofly FS in 2012.

    But people still seem to buy their products allthough all of these drawbacks and inherent limitations of the sim. If not, the product would have vanished from the market already, but it's still there......which is a MIRACLE :)

    PS: And this MIRACLE becomes even bigger if someone consider HOW SMALL the team of IPACS is.....less than five guys !!! ......and let's hope for new BIG FEATURES within the next decade :thumbup:

    .....But those are the Promises that always come and always we need to wait another Week. Another Month. Another 6 Months :(

    Don't be so shy ;).

    What I'm missing at the end of your quote, after "Another 6 Months": Another year !

    I assume, this thread wil be closed in , this thread is still open 8| ????

    You will pay an arm and a leg to use MS servers to feed that sim providing you have a new red hot PC in the first place. FS2 will look just as good on a nice foggy low cloud day.

    Exactely, that's it ! And not everyone want's to play online. E.g there are still simmers out there who want to fly in their own realm at home :) - like myself.

    I guess, AFS2 will stay the Nr.1 occasional flight sim for many among us.

    A debate like this reminds on the release of P3Dv4 64bit. Several weeks after its release many simmers and developers stated, that FSX will be a dead platform in some months from now on, and develpopers will cease their developments for FSX.

    But, guess what: after all these years since the publication of P3D-64bit, there are still many developers out there who are developing for FSX. And there are still many FSX enthusiasts (like myself) who are flying FSX(SE).

    All the best.

    Wow, thank you Tom for your clear and simple instruction :thumbup:.

    A "boring" user like me would've never discovered this flaw and the correct place where to revise it; even didn't know that a LIPV.tsc file is existing .

    For other users like me: I could find the " autoheight " line in row 14 too; it is there (in the folder: AddOns\scenery\venice\places\LIPV.tsc )

    All the best.

    OK, planted trees for the update.

    However I deliberately kept the number of trees in the city low, to not leverage the fps too strong.

    Sehr herzlichen Dank für die Annahme meines Vorschlages :) !

    According to my own experience tree-rendering load can be handled pretty easily : probably many users set trees high, but even on medium it still looks fantastic and very dense, but performance can increase significantly over dense areas.

    By the way, IPACS have done really an amazing job with their "new" tree-set in version 2, which is a huge improvement vs aerofly FS (version 1).

    Compared to my other sims I can say honestly : the best default trees of a flightsim !


    Challiot by Gasy24

    Now, with the Palais de Chaillot placed I must admit: this is really a must have !!! Some say from there you get the most famous view towards the Eifel tower - as you can clearly see in the picture below:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Ah! And the park below from "La Defens" needs some trees-cultivation urgently as shown up in your picture above and as I've noticed during my first flights through this wonderful scenery.

    And here you can see almost the same perspective of yours, just depicted broader from another angle.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thank you !

    O man, what a joy :D to fly in this scenery.

    In high speed close above the Seine or through the broad streets of Paris downtown. And there is no police francaise which will stop you, because of the absence of car traffic in AFS2 ;)

    This is really nuts. I fly AFS2 exclusively on my nearly eight years old gaming laptop (yes, 8 years :huh:) , because I don't want to throw this wonderful machine just on junkyard - and ey - I get 60 FPS through the hole Paris scenery, no matter where (the additional monitor is 60 Hz) - the buildings density slider is on "high" and there is so much autogen, up to the horizon plus POI's.

    The Eifel Tower is not just a simple unpleasent model when you come close to look, no, its detailed .... crazy, and a poor to joy to fly.

    Thank you so much!

    Oh, this sounds like good news; I'm very pleased indeed :). Because I'm seriously thinking of buying ORBX's Monterrey DLC for AFS2, and its good to know that my favourite scenery company will accompany Aerofly further; thanks to John and Sasha.

    Allthough my really passion is combat flight simming (DCS, Falcon BMS), AFS2 still remains my favourite civilian sim.

    Outstanding performance, astonishing visuals and - honestly spoken - I cannot abandon AFS2's Jungmeister.

    This biplane and its flight envelope - how the guys from IPACS have implemented it - is soooooooo gorgeous, so well done - its a masterpiece and one of the best of the best sim palenes of its category out there - believe it or not, its just the truth I'm saying ;)

    All the best.

    I'm not a real helicopter pilot - so I have no idea what is realistic. My only wish is that the helicopter behave "As Real As It Gets". Whether it's easy to fly or difficult to fly - is subordinate.

    If it is subordinate why are you bothering me? I strongly believe it is not subordinate for your ego - it is also not subordinate for simmers like me and others for sure, because I really miss the original Professional Mode, and I'm afraid that it disappears completely as soon as AFS2's release canditate version will be updated as well.

    • The original Professional Mode of the R22 gave me a lot of joy, which I cannot claim about the new one - as a helicopter simmer mainly I am really disappointed about the changes they made, and you are just commenting it as "subordinate". For me your ego is subordinate !!!
    • And that's the reason why I've rolled back to Aerofly RC version again, as I've done before.
    • And relating to DrHotwing1's post from 29th November 2018 " The Aerofly FS2 R22 was designed with the professional and novice in mind featuring both a beginner mode that provides more stability and balance when you fly allowing you to fly while enjoying the surrounding scenery, and a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart...." --->
    • The "old" Profi Mode definitely feels and flys more realistic for me than the current professional mode of the latest OB version.
    • And yea, that bothers me; because its me who sitting and simulating in front of my PC, not yours.