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    Why not try creating some photo-scenery yourself, instead of rubbishing people who are actually doing something useful in that area?
    That might give you some understanding of the problems involved. :cursing:

    We need some voices here. What are you doing? What are you planning to do? I know you have something big up your sleeves, and I know your calm, silent and lowkey style, but this is not a time to relax. It's a time of crisis. The wolf has come. You have to shout out to let people stand by you. Don't delete me. I am writing this out of my long time love for you.

    Why should you, or anyone else who is not a member of the IPACS team, be given access to their plans?X(

    Hello Everyone A small help will be highly appreciated..

    The best advice I ever got was 'Muggins Guide to VOR / ILS Flying''

    1) The dot in the middle of the dial is where you are.
    2) Where the needles cross on the dial is where you should be.

    3) Fly the dot to the needles.

    You have plenty of time - if you are below the glideslope, level off and you will soon intercept the beam. If you are above, increase your rate of descent by reducing power and / or adding some flap, and as the needle starts walking towards the dot, increase power to reduce the rate of descent to stay in the beam. Similarly, if the localiser needle is saying the beam is off to your left, watch for it walking back to the dot and start a steady left turn with about 3 dots to go to intercept the radial you want. Practice makes perfect.

    Hope this helps:)

    If you go to Settings>Controls, you can assign a keypress for an action. Click in the first box to the left of the Throttle 'Assign Axis' field and press the negative symbol "-" on the numeric keypad. Click on the first field on the right, and press the "+" symbol. You will then find that tapping the - key will reduce power in steps, and tapping + will increase power, again in steps. If you hold the key down it will move you directly to maximum or minimum power very quickly. I tested this with 8 and 2 for the elevator, and 4 and 6 for the ailerons, and 1 and 3 for the rudder. These all work as alternative controls if one of my joysticks is not working, or I don't want to use it. I tried to get a screenshot and failed, but I did get a photo of my screen.

    Hope this helps.


    Michael, LINZ emailed me to say these were now available from cloud storage as an alternative to the LINZ servers. That is a good service for flight sim devs, and should improve things for professional GIS people. I had a look at the Chatham Islands maps, but they looked the same as the ones I was already using. It seems to be a new delivery method, rather than a new set of maps, but I could well have misunderstood. Wouldn't be the first time !



    The alpha update won't come to the DVD version, no.

    Once the Steam version has gone through the alpha and beta phase and moves to the release phase, then the DVD version is probably going to receive the update if things go well. Same procedure as always.

    And a very good procedure it is, too.:thumbup: IPACS can trouble shoot on the standardised Steam installations, the Steam folk do all the testing, and we DVD folk get a fully-sorted update. I don't mind waiting for that 8)


    There are few things more annoying than flightsim videos where the good sounds are drowned out by whatever 'music' the creator thinks we should hear. Let the sim speak for itself.

    The only quality landscapes in aerofly are those of ORBX .. The ones made by users are only photos from google maps added to unrealistic buildings

    With all due respect, that is rubbish. Why not try to create some scenery yourself, and find out how much work is involved? There is a very strong community here, producing some excellent scenery, as freeware. A long time ago, when MSFS was the only sim around, a guy named Mike Stone created all sorts of planes for us to fly in that sim, and in the readme for each one, he said " if you don't like it, delete it - it is that simple".

    Well said, Michael !

    ATB, Mike

    ( I decided to be 'Mike' here, because there are already 3 or 4 Michaels :D and I don't want to cause any confusion.

    Could you imagine a world where perfect orthos existed and you never had to edit them? ;)

    O, yes please!. I have been working with LINZ data which is generally pretty good, but it led to Aeroscenery creating a masking disaster at the Heaphy River. Finally gave up and pulled down a couple of tiles from Bing, which did not do that. Wasted about a week.||

    The big (general) question for me in future is :

    how do we handle double areas... how did we make a selection ...which version is better ..

    I have (in my Downloads folder) a folder named Safe_Store for this purpose. It is a simple matter to move an existing scenery to there, before installing a new one for the same area. If I don't like the new one, out it goes, and I bring the old one back to AFS2. If I like the new one it stays and the old one goes to backup storage.

    which aircraft are cold and dark capable as standard, but without modifications?

    There are in this forum links to several modified files to change the default behaviour of some aircraft, but I took the OP's request as applying to aircraft not needing modified files.

    From the AFS2 community, Sylvain Delepierre gave us a Cessna 152 in two versions, normal AFS2 and Cold and Dark. It is a bit over-powered but very nice to fly if you keep the throttle setting below 50%. The payware Beech Duchess76 from Just Flight is C&D if you place it on a parking spot (white icon) and AFS2 normal if you place it on a Starting Point (green icon). The Duchess is my favourite runabout.



    With older style APs, you generally have to hand-fly the aircraft to the attitude you want and then select ATT. The AP will then hold that attitude for you, provided your power and propellor RPM will allow that.. So, get it settled into a climb at, say, 300fpm, select ATT then use the Pitch up/down button to vary the VS.

    If you look in Aerofly FS2>aircraft>Duchess76>Manual you will find nearly everything you need to know.:thumbup::)

    Try clicking on the yoke to hide it. Then you can switch on the power to the autopilot. After take-off, you can start the autopilot. I just select Alt, because I like to look out the window , or fly from a chaseplane position (5)