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    While those "airports" may be of help for developers, I agree they may be rather misleading than helpful for the general user.

    Hello Michael - I think they would have been better described as 'location points' rather than 'airports'. But they are very useful; and the author makes it clear that they should be installed with forethought, not en masse.

    All the best, yet another forum Michael :)

    Nick, there are tsc files, and some pairs of tsc and toc files. I have Rob Corn's AFS2 test version of his NZ Coromandel scenery, which is not generally available. The photo shows all the grass airfields and the excellent mesh lets you land "on the photo". Chris's files let me show these places in the Select Location screen, so I can choose a runway and a starting point. Very useful freeware, for now.


    I just wish that the people who are demanding this that and the other for AFS2 should be provided instantly would stop and think. Do they not realise that MSFS started 37 years ago, and had a big dedicated team to develop it until MS abandoned it?

    The small IPACS Team have been developing a completely new simulator, and in barely 40 months, have provided things that MSFS never did. Please, people, pull your heads in and give them a chance.

    Hi ! Hope your wife is recovering well 8). Do you have any news info about your project ?


    ???? Mine ? But why ? What was offensive about my post ?

    It is offensive (to me, anyway) because you are saying 'I know your wife is ill, but why haven't you finished the freeware I am waiting for?'

    Although there are not a lot of Moving Platforms out there, I would think that not supporting such interfaces would be bad. A lot of us are dreaming of this and you would take away this long term vision, one driver to buy this or other sims. Also all the examples of implementations on flight fares, shows or teams building their dream cockpit would vanish. I believe IPACS would make an error not supporting this kind of interface. It is ok, if this interface will not work for a small time span, if IPACS implement an IPACS high quality interface.

    I don't say IPACS should not support interfaces like that. I do say it is up to the manufacturers of such devices to buy a copy of AFS2 and get their act together. Certainly they will need to consult with the IPACS team, on final integration but 'consult' does not mean getting the IPACS team to do the manufacturers' work for them. The team are very busy building us a brilliant flight simulator.:thumbup:

    Well, I think AFS2 is the future for flightsimming, and I like to see how it is developing, particularly the strong community involvement. I do not think it should be developed to cater exclusively for people with enough pocket money to buy VR sets, and motion platforms.


    The IPACS team is working on ATC for AFS2. That is all I need to know. It will be ready when it's done, and the quality will be superior to any older ATC. That's what IPACS does. In barely 30 months, this small team of developers has given us things which the other lot did not achieve in 30 years. I am happy to wait, and will certainly not be asking "Are we there yet?" every few weeks. 8)

    I have a CH Yoke/Throttle Quad/Pedals setup. I use the throttle axis on the yoke to operate spoilers or airbrakes, depending on which sim I am using.