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    Hello Jan - these are good features, sensibly implemented. It is good to know they are there. Thankyou.

    Personally, I like juggling throttle, mixture, prop pitch, and trim, to set up 'straight and level' flight and remembering what to do next time I use the aircraft.

    Sad to say, there is so much in my 74 yr old memory bank that it can take some time to dredge up that sort of info when I need it :/ :D

    AFS 4 is a great sim, with neat little touches that most young players would not realise were happening.

    Thanks again,

    ATB, MIkeW

    Hundreds of wind turbines plus hundreds of power pylons plus their shadows!

    Truly, a monstrous regiment of windmills. Why so many were planted in areas of exceptional scenic beauty is beyond me. I strongly suspect some bureaucrat getting revenge on the Greens. Offshore installations provide reliable, steady winds. Mind you, here in Oz there was a proposal to turn the old coal terminal in Newcastle NSW. into a windfarm. A spokesman for the State Minister for the Environment announced that the project would not go ahead "because people don't want these big fans blowing coal dust all over the place". ;(

    Is there a filter I can apply to the forum so that I only see the AFS4 and AFS2 sections?

    I am sick and tired of the childish antics of the Mobile Discussions group. :cursing:

    It's the same on my end, so it's intended behavior. Perhaps we can make the screenshot file extension optional in the future.

    Thanks Jan - I do most of my simming in NZ and post screenies in the NZFF Forum. I take what AFS4 gives me, and post-process to meet NZFF requirements, using Irfan View, before posting to Postimage as jpgs. So bmp or png does not matter, but there is no point in having pngs as well as bmps to start with.

    Many thanks for your help

    ATB, MikeW

    That has nothing to do with Windows updates. I guess the screenshots are now saved as bmp and png. Do you have the developer options enabled?

    Hello Jan - Thankyou for replying .I do not knowingly have developer mode enabled. This is what it says at the very bottom of the main.mcf:

    405 >










    <[vector4_float32][MonitoringPosition][0.0020000000949949 0.0020000000949949 0.400000005960464 0.300000011920929]>



    419 >

    Since AFS2 I have used reversed default screenshot settings, so that S gives me a screenshot without and Shift+S shows the overlays. both as bmp files. That has worked perfectly for years, until now. Apparently, using Win Key + Print Screen will create a png file. Possibly within AFS4 using the S key is generating two requests, which is why the tmlog only reports saving a bmp?


    The more I look into this, the more I am convinced that the problem is collateral damage from a recent Windows 10 update. The tmlog says AFS4 is saving a bitmap (.bmp) file and when I look in the screenshots folder, the image is there. But there is also a png of the same image. Something is copying/saving the AFS4 bmp as a png. I am not doing it, AFS4 is not doing it, Steam is not doing it, which only leaves Windows 10.

    In mid-April when trying the new airport conversions, I found that Print Screen would not work ( the keyboard had Prt Scrn as a Function on the Insert key, and no combination of Ctrl, Fn, Win Key and Shift would give me an image). Win10 kept popping up messages about installing the Snipping Tool. So I tried an older keyboard which has a dedicated Prnt Scrn key, and that worked, in AFS4 before the Beta.

    I did not try any screenshots in the Beta, but when I upgraded to the Release version, I discovered the png duplicates beside the bmp images.

    If you hear of an earthquake in Seattle, that will probably just be me gently persuading a certain software company to stop tampering with my machines. X( MikeW

    No worries, I live in Oz so I wasn't expecting any response from the European timezone before tomorrow - but thanks very much for taking an interest. And at least I alerted you (and maybe others) to a possibility that might have affected your setup.



    I checked on macOS: no PNG image associated to the BMP screenshot. (20230523)

    This is in on a Win10 PC. Don't think I took any screenies while I was using the Beta, but I will have a look. Thanks for your response :thumbup:

    Just checked - first observed yesterday, and I deleted them. Still have today's png's. No png's before that, or ever.

    I have been flying the new release - it is very good - over the weekend, and find that every time I take a screenshot, I now get two files, the usual *.bmp, plus a *.png.

    I have searched the mcf files for screenshot, bmp, and png but I could not find where the command causing this duplication is located. How can I fix this? I don't need png's, they are just wasting a lot of storage. ;(

    Thanks in advance.

    So what's new and exciting IPACS coming down the pipe for us...? Haven't seen anything new since the Concord ;)

    There is no reason why you should. The team are developing this great sim for all of us, but they are continually interrupted by demands from people who want the sim redesigned to suit their own personal wishes, with no regard for other users.

    How about just letting them get on with their work? They do know what they are doing. X(