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    The last update provided revised naming rules for airports, along with advice on applying the fix to third-party sceneries, to address that very problem.

    I am in the process of shifting everything to a 2TB SSD, but I'm not in any hurry. In the last 30 years I have used just about every variety of the Microsoft product, so I am very familiar with loading times. People need to realise that data do not move at the speed of light, any more than electricity does.

    Hello Grover2005 -

    Originally the Documents\AFS2\addons folder contained both an aircraft folder and a scenery folder. Since a recent update, the aircraft folder is now directly under Documents\ AFS2. I prefer to unzip in my main downloads folder, and move the [aircraftname] folder to the Documents\AFS2\aircraft.

    That way I can make sure I don't get Documents\AFS2\aircraftname\aircraftname\ as a structure.

    Google Translator can not translate the word "Bliemeln" or "Rochwitz"! :D

    I see what you mean...I tried a number of online translators, and most of them were just gateways to Google Translate. All took Rochwitz to be the name of a place, but some said you wanted to plant some flowers, or smiles, or pebbles there. I even saw 'Bliemeln' translated as 'blistering' but I think that was from Dutch. ^^

    Seriously speaking, with so many translators and language dictionaries available online, there is no excuse for demanding that everyone posts in English. That attitude belongs in 17th century England, not modern Europe.



    I can't remember what Sylvain said to do ( in the original version) to change the panels, but I do know I set the White panel as standard for all the choices, because it looked like too much hassle to change it "manually" every time.

    Not sure what to fiddle with next - might be best to just copy/edit a tmd for each combination, but if option.tmc is as good as they say, it should be possible to write one that covers all bases.

    Anyway I deserve a beer after all that, so I will look further tomorrow :saint:

    You're too kind, Ray...Jan's diagnosis was spot on ('it must be something before PrimerLever') The primer inputs are in the very next section.

    There was also a clue in the warnings, saying property ' ' - i.e a blank space - was not found, but it is not easy to use a blank space as a search string :D

    And just to make life easy, there are lots of perfectly legal [ ] in the 7500-odd lines of code


    The bracket counts matched, but the tm.log still claimed a syntax error on loading the c152. That suggested that there might be an extra pair of brackets somewhere. I found one such at Line 1187 of c152sd.tmd

    <[output_free] [StarterActiveOutput] [ ] [ ]

    I deleted that fourth pair and the c152 flew again. Probably need to make the same edit in the cold&dark model.


    Jan, I am working through that process now.

    tmmodelmanager: Error = object X not found ( in this case, X = 'AirspeedIndicator'

    Is there a warning? Yes, property 'Object X name' is not a member of type 'modelmanager'

    BUT it does appear in the c152sd.tmd file at line 8...why?...etc.

    The aircraft is Sylvain delePierre's Cessna 152 which is still listed at The original version worked but was very over-powered. I have been investigating the later version, which makes AFS2 fall over.

    I will see what I can find in the wiki, but it seems to be very out-of-date.

    I appreciate your help, but I am not sure that you as an IPACS team member should be spending time on this. That is why I would like to solve it myself.

    Thanks, Mike

    This is starting to look like a logic error, rather than a syntax one. I haven't found any missing, unpaired, or duplicated symbols. I used Search, Find + Count to check my visual check, with these results:

    Find [ Count 17536

    Find ] Count 17536

    Find < Count 5845

    Find > Count 5845

    I also checked { and } because that is a common typo error and hard to see, but both returned a count of 0.
    Trouble is, I don't know which programming language this is, so I have to change one thing at a time and check the effect of that, and so on. I did manage to create some new errors in the log - this time, copilot.tmc failed to load and I got the Big Red Block.

    Jan, could you point me to a Developer's Handbook, or even a "Teach yourself..." type of book, for this language. I used to get paid for learning stuff like that but that was quite a few years ago... :(

    ATB, MikeW

    Thankyou for your quick response, Jan :thumbup:

    I reinstalled the C152 from the backup I made before installing the last non-Steam update.

    Searched the tmd file, full length, forward and back, for ]], [[, '', ' ', and ' '. All returned "text not found".

    Looked all through it for unpaired > but I didn't see any. Maybe I should eat more carrots, to improve my eyesight?

    The only lines that looked odd were those near the top of the file, related to Event DEV0. So I commented out ( // ) all three. Tried to load the plane and this time got a big red block with STOP on it. Never seen that before - I thought it was a Mac OS trick, not Win10.

    Installed the most recent file from, but it still shuts down AFS2, as before.

    I have to be in Brisbane all day tomorrow but I will look again when I get home.



    I have the same problem. My tm.log suggests the panel is not being found. I remember in the original download, we had to add our choice of panel (black background or white) to the external models. I don't remember how this was done, but it did work.

    In that one, each panel folder and each livery has its own .tmr file, so after deactivating those I tried to write an option.tmc to cover each combination, but without success. ;(


    If you just want some background sound, you can find plenty here:

    However it is not legal to include this product in third-party applications, which means IPACS have to develop their own, as part of a fully automated AI Traffic module for the sim. I don't mind waiting.

    It's so sad that forum members who demand things to be added to AFS2, and complain that they do not appear overnight, then criticise and generally attack the IPACS team, do not seem to understand what is needed to meet their demands

    AI Traffic in a flight sim is not just moving scenery like cars on a road or active airport service vehicles.

    Ai traffic needs to be supported by active, automated ATC. That needs to interact with live real weather information - two major projects to be completed before AI traffic is possible, and then the whole thing has to be integrated into the sim so that we can interact with it - two more major projects.

    I am confident that IPACS can provide this. I know they do not have a huge team of coders fed by a multi-million dollar budget, so I will have to wait a while. That's fine by me.

    Michael, this has long been greatly needed. I let the members at NZFF know that you had released it. I created some locations around my Auckland, following Kristoff's method. Please feel free to adapt them to your scenery. You should still have access, but if you don't, let me know. and I will send you a fresh link. Sad to say, someone - not you - seems to have passed on the earlier link, without permission.

    Thanks and best wishes


    Airports are not flat, and runways are not level from end to end. They are not visible from 100km, either.

    For years we begged flightsim makers to give us realistic naturally sloping runways. AFS2 does that. Why make it all artificially flat again?

    I wish we had access to the sort of satellite imagery that can read the number plate on your car, but that is only available to the military, so we will have to live with the very low-res appearance of the surface when the plane is on the ground.


    No worries - I think I learned that from IZ0JUB. I also built on an idea from Krystoff, to create location markers for airstrips which can be seen in photoscenery but are not in the AFS2 database, so that I can start from there, and also see them in the moving map etc. You just use a bare-bones tsc file.

    It will be a while before we get 3-D models of individual homes, so cultivation has to be more impressionist than factual - but it makes a huge difference at night. Same with 'landing on the photo' - if you like to surf the wake 50m behind the plane, ground operations can look ugly, but from the cockpit the view is quite restricted and the far end of the runway does not look too bad at all.