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    Hi Michael

    Thx for the info - worked like a charm!


    Hello Nigel - on checking around, I found I still had no Kessock Bridge at Inverness, so I moved the scotland2 folder from the Scotland South Two into the Scotland South \places beside the other one and I now have a nice Kessock Bridge. Now I will have to check for some other things I suspect I was missing.

    38C forecast for tomorrow, so it looks like I will have to spend the day in my air-con office/playroom, running AFS2 and checking out all the great addons we now have. Life is hard in the colonies:S


    In the absence of any install information, I placed the unzipped Special Objects folder in ..Documents/FS2/addons/scenery and that did not work.

    So then I moved the scotland folder to Scotland South Project...\places and the scotland2 one to Scotland South 2..\places. That seems to have worked but I haven't had time to check everywhere.

    There is some wonderful work being done in the community, and I greatly appreciate it - but is it too much to ask that the zip files come with a simple txt file saying:

    Place this folder in Documents\ AFS2\addons\scenery\(whatever), along with another line giving the corresponding path for those with Steam installations?

    Well, that's a they say in France, "Quel bummer!" I don't have a super-dooper GPU, just a 2GB RX500, but so far it is handling everything I throw at it. If you have time to follow the link I put up, you will find a "Download Original" button on each view. Feel free to use it.



    Kenneth - On my machine, which is a DVD installation, I unzipped the download to its own temporary folder. This created:







    Each of these four sub-folders has a building_textures sub-folder

    Having established that, I then moved the entire Scotland_Cultivation folder into Documents > Aerofly FS2 > addons > scenery.

    Hope this helps


    Hello Kenneth - I use the Taburet mesh with Michael's scenery. Yesterday I flew the length of the Great Glen to Inverness, then followed the railway down to Perth and finally landed 'on the photo' at Dundee. Everything looked to be in its proper place, although the Tay Rail Bridge seems to have fallen down again ;)


    Michael, thank you for all the scenery work you are doing, especially in Scotland. I was born there, and ran away to make my fortune in the colonies when I was 19.

    I must have succeeded, because I have certainly spent one.

    In the past I have created scenery for FS2004 and FSX, so I understand your frustration with cloud cover and shadows. You did a great job on Scotland.

    Personally, I think scenery creators have to be Post-Modern Impressionists. No point in modelling every last blade of grass (or sprig of heather), just make the right impression. My youngest niece lives on Shetland, so I hope you will include that. It is a great centre for flights to the Faeroes, Norway, and Iceland - not to mention the rest of Scotland.



    I just bought Taburet’s mesh too. The advantage of this cultivation of course is that it is Scotland wide, so i thought i’d keep Taburet’s cultivation and remove the hebrides cult, but then i had none at all. Perhaps Taburet’s doesn’t extend to the islands?

    Phil, there is definitely cultivation with the Taburet mesh. I wanted to be sure that Michael's scenery did not clash with it, in response to PMB 's question.. I did not see any obvious duplication with both active. I was aware that cutting the Taburet scenery back to just the elevation folder would clear all Scottish buildings, so I want to put it back, and I surely will.

    Hello Phil - I had the Taburet mesh installed, it goes into a folder 'Scottish Cultivation' with the usual sub-folders. I then installed the IZOJUB scenery which has its own scenery and places. I wanted to test with both installed, take some pics, and then move the Taburet 'places' folder to a safe spot, to see if there was a difference. So I did that, leaving only the Scottish Cultivation\ elevation\ folder, to see if the buildings had been duplicated, but I couldn't see any difference. I need to test it again, because I have S set to take a screenie without any overlay, and Shift+S to include the overlays. For some reason that has not worked. I purposely used Shift+S for shots showing where I was, but that does not seem to have worked.

    I believe the pic I posted has the Taburet mesh, with the IZ0JUB photo and cultivation.

    On the first pass, there was a lot of flickering, but I have not yet standardised on one set of building textures.


    MikeW (too many Michaels around here :D)

    One more question: This does not include any Mesh. I understand, Taburet payware Mesh is suggested. According to Simmarket, Taburet's package contains Mesh plus Cultivation, so I only have to install the Mesh part as the Cultivation would interfere with the Outer Hybrides Cultivation right?

    Kind regards, Michael

    Hello Michael - the Taburet mesh does have buildings and trees. The distribution of buildings looks about right, but I am not sure about the trees. The Western Isles have been essentially treeless since Viking times, but that has been changing rapidly as community groups try to re-establish the few native types. What growth there is tends to be bush and shrubs, rather than tall forests. The street lamps look good at night, but because of the sparse population and light traffic, very few roads are fully lit in real life.




    Hello Antoine - a while back I was testing Krsky1's world wide airports in Rob Corn's NZ Coromandel scenery (btw, that is not generally available). Some of them were out of place, so I fixed that, but I found that if I started the Beech76 cold and dark on a parking position, it sat down nicely with the chocks and tiedowns. If I started it on the threshold, ready for t/off it was about 30cm above ground level.
    I like to land/ take-off 'on the photo', where possible.

    Don't know if this is any help, but I suspect there is a clue there that I am missing.