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    Thankyou, Thomas - I will run that through a translator and see what it says. I am happy to pay for AFS4, but I want it on disks, or as a download which I can save to disks or a USB stick. I don't trust the cloud.


    Will AFS4 be made available as a direct download, or on DVD(s), without Steam being involved, and if so, when?


    I asked this question on Aug 28th. There has been one reaction, but no answer at all. The thread is now marked as 'Resolved'. Can someone tell me why?


    ... across the pond would cost me lots $$$$$$$$$$$ lol ;)

    Across the Pacific would cost you heaps more =O Just work through it steadily - your computer won't self-destruct unless you tell it to. Computers only have one brain, and no common sense at all, so they are easily confused. They do exactly what you tell them, because they can't think.

    If a filename starts with maph_ and ends .tth it is a heightmap so it belongs in the elevation folder.

    If it starts with map_ and ends with .ttc it is a photo scenery tile so it belongs in the images folder.

    If it starts with cult_ and finishes with .tsc or .toc it belongs in the cultivation folder, which itself belongs in the places folder.

    In the places folder there should also be a Building Textures folder. If the dev didn't provide one, copy the folder from the Colorado scenery in the main Program Files AFS 2 folder and use that.

    So I want to add more scenery's to FS2 and the list over at is quite substantial, but a lot of the add on files or description write ups at the top of the page before you scroll down to click the zip files doesn't give you what file destination to put the zip folder into. How am I supposed to know where it goes....? I don't know, Grrr, very frustrating. I kind of understand the SIM's file structure but not enough to even attempt downloading these files. I'm stumped ?(

    Hello douglas55 - I know the feeling. This post of mine in the NZFF forum might help. Scroll down to the bottom, to get to the nitty-gritty.

    NZFF • AFS2 NZQN to NZMC more or less

    Basic process:

    Install 7zip or similar to unzip the files.

    Create a folder to which you will unzip the downloads. This lets you check the structure before you Move (or copy/paste) the unzipped files to the sim.

    Depending on the structure the developer used, you may have to dig down in the unzipped folder to find the files you want.

    Move the files to the appropriate folder. Make sure you have not created a filepath with duplicate folders e.g.

    Documents\ AFS2\ (country)\elevation\elevation\ maph.... files.


    In the past I have often said that with all my experience, I can create SNAFUS that newbies can only dream about. Much the same here; I seem to be missing something fundamental, like a few million brain cells.

    Thanks to input from Tom and Jan, I now have something that is fit to publish. Won't be long.


    Thankyou Jan, I will be trying a more complex polygon for the extract. Because of the shape of the island group - it is like an opened umbrella - a simple rectangular one is about 75% open sea or even more. The download was 2.4MB for 8266 sq kms.

    I will fix the syntax first - it seems to have written a new line for every individual tree or shrub in the place.



    Aha! Thankyou Thomas, I can see what I need - v3.1 and some revised syntax. It's bedtime down here, so I will attack it again tomorrow.

    Many Thanks :thumbup:


    At long last, I have some cultivation for my Chatham Islands photoscenery. The buildings and trees are well placed, but the .toc file is 186MB and has 4,510,603 lines ! That's right, 4.5million. Seems a bit excessive to me. I thought at first it hadn't worked, but after flying around for a good 5 mins or more, it finally appeared.

    I used template v7, which I had to edit because ScenProc 3.0 was complaining that PolygonToPoint did not have enough arguments.

    Any ideas, anyone?


    the new Aerofly FS 4, which is currently only available on Steam. It's much easier for us to update the software and to make fixes for the Steam version than any other form of delivery.

    I understand it makes a lot more sense to do final RTM testing via Steam, because you will be dealing with standardised installations of AFS.

    I am happy to wait for a fully-sorted non-Steam install , preferably on DVD (s) or by a direct download. I am moving away from Windows to Linux, because of the way MS behave, and for similar reasons I want nothing to do with Steam either, but I do want AFS4, because I see AFS as the future of flight sims. Keep up the good work :thumbup:


    Vive la France !!

    In the middle of last century, I wanted to learn French and German because I wanted to be an airline pilot, and English, French and German would see you understood in most of the world. My school would not let me, because in the timetable, German clashed with Applied Maths, which was essentially what we were being taught in Physics but with a different set of formulae. Using a formula from one to solve the same problem in the other could see you taken out the back and shot, and you would also fail the exam =O - absolute madness.

    The last update provided revised naming rules for airports, along with advice on applying the fix to third-party sceneries, to address that very problem.

    I am in the process of shifting everything to a 2TB SSD, but I'm not in any hurry. In the last 30 years I have used just about every variety of the Microsoft product, so I am very familiar with loading times. People need to realise that data do not move at the speed of light, any more than electricity does.

    Hello Grover2005 -

    Originally the Documents\AFS2\addons folder contained both an aircraft folder and a scenery folder. Since a recent update, the aircraft folder is now directly under Documents\ AFS2. I prefer to unzip in my main downloads folder, and move the [aircraftname] folder to the Documents\AFS2\aircraft.

    That way I can make sure I don't get Documents\AFS2\aircraftname\aircraftname\ as a structure.

    Google Translator can not translate the word "Bliemeln" or "Rochwitz"! :D

    I see what you mean...I tried a number of online translators, and most of them were just gateways to Google Translate. All took Rochwitz to be the name of a place, but some said you wanted to plant some flowers, or smiles, or pebbles there. I even saw 'Bliemeln' translated as 'blistering' but I think that was from Dutch. ^^

    Seriously speaking, with so many translators and language dictionaries available online, there is no excuse for demanding that everyone posts in English. That attitude belongs in 17th century England, not modern Europe.



    I can't remember what Sylvain said to do ( in the original version) to change the panels, but I do know I set the White panel as standard for all the choices, because it looked like too much hassle to change it "manually" every time.

    Not sure what to fiddle with next - might be best to just copy/edit a tmd for each combination, but if option.tmc is as good as they say, it should be possible to write one that covers all bases.

    Anyway I deserve a beer after all that, so I will look further tomorrow :saint: