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    Hi ! Hope your wife is recovering well 8). Do you have any news info about your project ?


    ???? Mine ? But why ? What was offensive about my post ?

    It is offensive (to me, anyway) because you are saying 'I know your wife is ill, but why haven't you finished the freeware I am waiting for?'

    Although there are not a lot of Moving Platforms out there, I would think that not supporting such interfaces would be bad. A lot of us are dreaming of this and you would take away this long term vision, one driver to buy this or other sims. Also all the examples of implementations on flight fares, shows or teams building their dream cockpit would vanish. I believe IPACS would make an error not supporting this kind of interface. It is ok, if this interface will not work for a small time span, if IPACS implement an IPACS high quality interface.

    I don't say IPACS should not support interfaces like that. I do say it is up to the manufacturers of such devices to buy a copy of AFS2 and get their act together. Certainly they will need to consult with the IPACS team, on final integration but 'consult' does not mean getting the IPACS team to do the manufacturers' work for them. The team are very busy building us a brilliant flight simulator.:thumbup:

    Well, I think AFS2 is the future for flightsimming, and I like to see how it is developing, particularly the strong community involvement. I do not think it should be developed to cater exclusively for people with enough pocket money to buy VR sets, and motion platforms.


    The IPACS team is working on ATC for AFS2. That is all I need to know. It will be ready when it's done, and the quality will be superior to any older ATC. That's what IPACS does. In barely 30 months, this small team of developers has given us things which the other lot did not achieve in 30 years. I am happy to wait, and will certainly not be asking "Are we there yet?" every few weeks. 8)

    I have a CH Yoke/Throttle Quad/Pedals setup. I use the throttle axis on the yoke to operate spoilers or airbrakes, depending on which sim I am using.

    Muggins Law of ILS Approaches: The dot in the middle of the ILS meter is where you are. The point where the two needles cross is where you should be, i.e. in the beam.

    Not every airfield can provide the theoretically perfect ILS approach, which starts 25nm out, on the runway heading, at 6250 feet QNH. La Guardia and Kennedy are so busy and close together that many non-standard things apply.

    Your best bet is to download from the FAA AIP some Airfield Charts, see how it should be flown, learn that, and having hand-flown 'into the funnel' switch to auto and see what the A/P does. Start with a coastal airfield, with an E-W or W-E runway which you can approach over the sea.

    Hello Boxcar - I wanted to see framerates, because I am getting very smooth performance on this little Acer machine. However, it is an Acer, and their OEM Win7x64 includes a Hotkey Utility, which is fine, except that pressing Ctrl+F1 calls that, instead of the AFS2 frame rate etc display. So I went into Program Files (x86) and used the uninstaller. Ctrl+F1 now consistently toggles the AFS2 display.

    The added info is in a small white font at the bottom left of the screen, which is fine - I don't need it all the time - but it does not show up in a screenshot. I have 'S' set as the screenshot key, and it picks up the info bar at the top, the Map if I have it open, and the Flight Review slider if it is on the screen. So I tried the old Win7 'Print Screen'. but nothing appeared when I opened Paint and tried to paste from the clipboard. Not a real problem, just posting this in case others have run into the same thing, while I have a closer look.

    Nothing for anyone to lose sleep over 8)


    Hello Jim - I didn't know there was a windowed mode, the installer (for the DVD version) evidently recognised my 1600x900 monitor and set that. It all comes up as a full-screen display. At the top is the Flight Info panel (=FSX minipanel) overlaid on the display. The Map is also overlaid, if you use it. The info panel can be closed by pressing I . The only thing I set myself was to use s for screenshots, because V is already assigned. I think I will change the S to "Take screenshot without overlay" which should save me a bit of editing in IrfanView .

    Just spent an hour or so reading the tmd file for the Corsair...Yikes! Cold beer needed .



    Hear! hear! - My sentiments exactly. Far too many people demanding everything by yesterday, when they have no idea of the work involved. Let the team get on with their plan, and things will appear when they are ready.