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    I took a run from Sumburgh down along The Minch towards Oban, just to see how the N-W Highlands looked in the new sim. The default scenery and mesh looked pretty good. Then the cabin crew brought me a beer, and as I took it from her I accidentally nudged one of the prop pitch levers. Immediately, I heard that 'out-of-sync' noise. The panel confirmed the problem, so I adjusted the prop pitch and all was good again. AFS4 is one classy sim :) :thumbup:

    Hello Michael, compliments of the season to you and yours.

    I bought the Honeycomb throttle quad to go with AFS4, and I am very happy with it. It is a well-made piece of kit, and has lots of functions.

    I just tried it in AFS2. It is recognised there, but the AFS2 controller setups do not include everything in the AFS4 one. I use the Baron 58 in AFS4 so I setup a flight in AFS2 with the same plane. I use a Logitech yoke and pedals.

    Throttles, Prop Pitch and Mixture levers all work. The GA flaps lever works. The trim wheel works but there is no Trim indicator on the AFS2 info bar. There is a nice undercarriage lever, which is actually seen as a button, and the gear moves as required but the indicator lights on the Quad don't show that.

    The Autopilot button does what it should and in the cockpit view the A/P can be seen coming to life. There are function selectors for Hdg, Crs, Alt etc and if you want to adjust these, there is a knob at the left to select the function you want to change and at the right hand side there is another knob which you turn to change the setting up or down.

    I have not tested every possible thing for AFS2, but I can say that within the limits of the AFS2 setup menus, the Honeycomb Quad works very well in AFS2. I keep a magnifying glass handy, to read the small print on the A/P controls. Should really get some new glasses. :)

    You may have seen my posts wrt the Quad in AFS4 on the NZFF forum, but if not, here is a link:



    I think it would be nice to have integrated meteorology, with active water and tides driven by lunar phases. Nice to have, but I would need a small Kray to run it plus an extra room on my home to house it, and I can't afford that, either.

    The programming/coding effort would be enormous, but I don't see why anyone should have to do all that work just because I want to land at EPGR. I would be very happy with just a Twotter in Logan Air livery. 8)


    Aha! I noticed that the assignments from the previous (Logitech)throttle quad were still visible, but with a yellow line instead of the blue one for the new ones, which I thought was pretty clever. I'll go through and delete the old stuff to avoid that type of clash.

    Many thanks


    PS: All fixed now (40 mins later) 8)

    Hi Mike, can you please show us the overlay button in a screenshot?

    Thanks Jan. Screenshot(s) as requested. I dragged the map out to show the new overlay more clearly.

    In General Settings 'Overlay' was set to Hide. Just for fun I set it to 'Show' and another one appeared at bottom right ! The one at top right does what it should, and also closes the new one when I extend it, but I now have six additional overlay buttons which were not there before, even after I returned the Overlay setting to Hide. :/

    Ctrl+F1 does what it should but does not affect the new overlays

    GPU is AMD. Aircraft is the B58



    "Top marks to IPACS for organising their menus to accommodate the Honeycomb gear."

    I made that statement in a post on the NZ Flightsim Forum ( after installing my new Throttle Quad, to my also new AFS4 installation. I still don't like Steam, but that was the only way I could get AFS4.

    I put it together, and plugged it in, and the AFS4 settings menus recognised every axis and button I wanted to assign :) so well done IPACS.

    Only one strange thing, there is now an overlay at the bottom left of the screen, on top of but not part of the Moving Map, and I can't find anything in the main mcf or the controller one to account for it. Seems to be repeating info from the Honeycomb autopilot, and related to VR, which I don't have. I went through all the settings menus but could not see anything to turn it off.

    Any ideas, anyone? The overlay menu at the top right is there, and I really don't need another one.


    Thankyou, Thomas - I will run that through a translator and see what it says. I am happy to pay for AFS4, but I want it on disks, or as a download which I can save to disks or a USB stick. I don't trust the cloud.


    Will AFS4 be made available as a direct download, or on DVD(s), without Steam being involved, and if so, when?


    I asked this question on Aug 28th. There has been one reaction, but no answer at all. The thread is now marked as 'Resolved'. Can someone tell me why?


    In the past I have often said that with all my experience, I can create SNAFUS that newbies can only dream about. Much the same here; I seem to be missing something fundamental, like a few million brain cells.

    Thanks to input from Tom and Jan, I now have something that is fit to publish. Won't be long.


    Thankyou Jan, I will be trying a more complex polygon for the extract. Because of the shape of the island group - it is like an opened umbrella - a simple rectangular one is about 75% open sea or even more. The download was 2.4MB for 8266 sq kms.

    I will fix the syntax first - it seems to have written a new line for every individual tree or shrub in the place.



    Aha! Thankyou Thomas, I can see what I need - v3.1 and some revised syntax. It's bedtime down here, so I will attack it again tomorrow.

    Many Thanks :thumbup:


    At long last, I have some cultivation for my Chatham Islands photoscenery. The buildings and trees are well placed, but the .toc file is 186MB and has 4,510,603 lines ! That's right, 4.5million. Seems a bit excessive to me. I thought at first it hadn't worked, but after flying around for a good 5 mins or more, it finally appeared.

    I used template v7, which I had to edit because ScenProc 3.0 was complaining that PolygonToPoint did not have enough arguments.

    Any ideas, anyone?


    the new Aerofly FS 4, which is currently only available on Steam. It's much easier for us to update the software and to make fixes for the Steam version than any other form of delivery.

    I understand it makes a lot more sense to do final RTM testing via Steam, because you will be dealing with standardised installations of AFS.

    I am happy to wait for a fully-sorted non-Steam install , preferably on DVD (s) or by a direct download. I am moving away from Windows to Linux, because of the way MS behave, and for similar reasons I want nothing to do with Steam either, but I do want AFS4, because I see AFS as the future of flight sims. Keep up the good work :thumbup:


    Vive la France !!

    In the middle of last century, I wanted to learn French and German because I wanted to be an airline pilot, and English, French and German would see you understood in most of the world. My school would not let me, because in the timetable, German clashed with Applied Maths, which was essentially what we were being taught in Physics but with a different set of formulae. Using a formula from one to solve the same problem in the other could see you taken out the back and shot, and you would also fail the exam =O - absolute madness.

    The last update provided revised naming rules for airports, along with advice on applying the fix to third-party sceneries, to address that very problem.

    I am in the process of shifting everything to a 2TB SSD, but I'm not in any hurry. In the last 30 years I have used just about every variety of the Microsoft product, so I am very familiar with loading times. People need to realise that data do not move at the speed of light, any more than electricity does.