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    this night somewhere the converting ended, the tool stayed at the screen as shown above.

    Since i don't have too much space on my C:\ SSD drive, i moved my scenery to another drive and pointed to it

    with the 'extra_user_folder' option in main.mcf.

    All worked pretty well and the scenery loads perfectly. Too bad it arent google earth images, allot of clouds are seen,

    Right now i started a small area at FSET resolution -1 that i'm going to convert to a level 15. Just 10x10 nm.

    should go allot faster (i hope !) :D

    Sometimes the counter doesn't work and the only way to be sure it's finished is to monitor the number of tiles in the "images" folder. I may be wrong about this but I have a hunch it has something to do with moving the geoconvert window or fiddling about with something else on the computer while geoconvert is running.

    Well i have moved this window to my second monitor, and now that you mention it, i don't think it changed since then.

    When i do the math, and about 3 square NM for a level 13 tile. In total i have about 14450 nm² to do, so i should have 4800 tiles of level 13...

    means i'm still only halfway :| (having 2900 tiles already)

    Hey thanks for the answers,

    no the process is still running. In total (level 9,11,12 and partial 13) i have almost 4000 files.

    As far as i see it now, it's producing 130 tiles per hour, i don't have a super fast CPU (FX8350)

    The geoconverter tool is still stuck showing :

    Percentage Complete : 56.200%

    Num level : 3 of 4

    Current level : 12

    Num tiles : 217 of 875

    I guess it will show me a 'complete' when it's all done, but a decent progress status would make this geoconverter

    tool allot more fun. I haven't flown aerofly for 3 days now bc of this converting tool running and i'm getting serious

    withdrawals ! haha.

    Hi All,

    i've been working to get the Belgium scenery in Aerofly. It took my computer about 22 hours to download all the images in 1m resolution.

    Now the converter is running for 24h+ with conversion level 13 at max. I'll try level 15 for a small local area here later on.

    I see that files are still beeing added in my scenery/images folder, even do the geo converter tool seems to be stuck showing

    'current level : 12' somewhere. My cpu usage is still +50% too;

    Is there a way to estimate how long this process could take (the area is about 170 x 80 nm) ?

    It worked !!

    I found it strange that i didn't seem to have much data (4 files of 2mb) for a 4x4nm area. I guess that was ok.

    The level of detail was rather dissapointing tho, i followed the steps as shown , i guess the server doesn't provide more detailed images.

    I had to use the virtual earth net server, as the google server did not respond.

    Does anyone has a working Google Server URL ?

    Thanks allot !

    Why oh why does this need to be so difficult. As a developer i feel very stupid that i can't seem to get this working

    at all. The converter seems to run and i get a green 'OK' , but no image files are to be found in the folders where

    they should be.

    Is there no way to build a one-solution geo-converter where you just point out an area and it spills out the scenery

    files. I think it would be great for allot of people to build their own scenery.

    Due to the ability of the Oculus Touch gesture control system this will be first. We will then look at the Vive controllers and improve what's already available.

    It's coning along very nicely.

    I'll provide a better preview soon, but I can tell you that it will make very good use of both the buttons and analog sticks as well as gesture control.

    I just hope the mouse input won't get disabled, i'm flying with a DK2 and it's awesome.