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    Thank you for your help. The scenery I downloaded is a few gigs, it is called 'Liverpool' I managed to get the airport working by googling instructions, the separate liverpool scenery has 4 folders 'e21' - 'e22' etc.

    I tried putting them in scenery/places folder. Perhaps I should try the cultivation folder? No instructions mate, even a few lines would have been helpful.

    Thanks again!

    Hi All,

    Downloaded some Liverpool scenery last night, for some strange reason no install instructions (this seems to be common with Aerofly freeware developers)

    Can someone explain exactly where to place this scenery? Downloaded from the same person who puts out this stuff…by-iz0jub-2019/

    Anyone know why he puts all that effort in, then doesn't bother to include instructions? We are not all experts with the Aerofly folder structure..


    This topic is good timing, I recently changed the ground roll sound of the main landing gear sounds (A320) Am running the sim through a bass transducer, are therer sounds for the main gear touch down? Would like to increase it so I get real thud through my chair, also can that volume be changed according the fpm touch down rate?


    Yes, during an update the changes will get deleted and your progress is lost, unless it was backup-ed... hence the "backup after".

    Thanks, what I meant was that I did back up, but the backup no longer works because the tmd was updated. Am assuming you will continue to make changes to that file in future updates. It seems you added a lot of extra sounds to the tmd file.

    Ok thanks, I'll give it a try. Problem is that file get's overwritten on each update? I made quite a few changes last time, the file obviously failed to work after the major system update (Great job btw!)

    It would be nice to just export the files, adjust the volumes or add my own to a few of the sounds.

    Any chance you could post how you did it? I've followed the instructions with no luck. Would just like to increase the volume or change the touchdown and ground roll sounds on the A320. Have a bass transducer attached to my seat, prefer to feel a thud and rumble on landing and take off ;)

    Hi All,

    Still loving Aerofly in VR (At least when I get the free time to use it) Bought the Netherlands scenery, unfortunately can't download because my C: drive only has 21gigs free. I have terabytes on my other drive, is it possible to point the scenery to another drive?

    Edit - Am using FTX central to download, settings menu doesn't seem to have any path options.


    Hey J van E,

    I tend to use my Navigraph charts and manually plot the SID & STAR, since no ATC or traffic is available i'll just pick the SID/STAR applicable to the runways I have chosen. Works well for me.

    Haven't had any issues with the route going crazy, if I did I would just fly SELECTED or disconnect and fly manual.

    Just got home after a few weeks away, pleasantly surprised to see the new update. Only had a mere 5 mins in the A320 at KSFO, am extremely impressed with the work that has been done on this aircraft.

    I can see brake temps and fans simulated, direct law, much more overhead and MCDU functionality, brilliant!

    So glad I discovered this talented team, with VR it is just like having my own A320 in my spare room, all with excellent FPS and stunning visuals.


    It would definitely help, am sure the devs are planning on adding these little details. Or perhaps there is something in a config file to default with PB set. I do have to panic set the park brake quickly when starting the sim, especially when parked at a gate.

    The rolling away is realistic for most aircraft. Its what aircraft do in real live because their engines are designed to fly, and not to idle on the ground.

    May I disagree? I have never seen a plane rolling away from a gate on its own despite that their engines are on low rpm "idle".

    Best regards

    Taxi at idle thrust is perfectly normal for most types, at high gross weights you may need a little breakaway thrust.

    Two small issues that I have noticed, can easily reproduce.

    A. AP1 disconnect, the rudder (or FAC if simulated) will apply full right rudder on disconnect.

    B. On rotation, SRS is commanding 12.5 degrees pitch, rotation is smooth, however I seem to lose pitch authority momentarily on lift off. Is this the SRS pitch protection? It seems aggresive

    Did you record the sounds yourself? Or do you have permission to use them? :)

    (We're also looking for decent A320 sounds which we can use...)

    Yes, spool sound is taking from a recording on the flight deck of a Gulf Air CFM equipped -214, ground roll is also from the real aircraft, buzz saw sound is an old file I have had for a very long time. Do you remember a product called Airbus/EFIS 98? One of the first Airbus sims ever released, company is long gone.

    There was a soundpack inlcuded, I've always held on to the buzz saw sound from that sim. Can't get it to sound exactly the same in Aerofly.

    No all sounds where custom, but I randomly picked a few sounds and sent it to a dev for conversion. If I could learn to convert myself I could get this out much faster.

    Yes always backup! Number one rule :)

    Edit, have said it before, can't believe how amazing this sim is, excellent work, I do miss the study sim aspects of other aircraft, but this still blows them away in my books, it just feels great in VR, can only get better.

    Hi everyone, finally got some time at home to learn how these .tmd sound files work. Still very much a work in progress! And I understand this is just amateur tinkering for fun :)

    What I have been trying to achieve is a sound environment that works well on big speakers and especially for transducer users (BKGamer)

    I have been messing around with a few things to replicate my experiences of the sounds on the flight deck and in a CAE sim. Not easy with this sound engine. Below is a video of my tweaking last night.

    The main things that have changed -

    1. Ground roll enhanced, feels very nice with a transducer attached to chair, it feels like a heavy machine rolling down the runway.

    2. Spool sounds, as best as I can, spool sounds and N1 ranges have been tweaked, most importantly that famous CFM grinding sound at TOGA or high flex temps (this aircraft seems to be stuck at FLEX56)

    These are my current hurdles (A lot more, these are the main ones)

    1. Still don't know how to convert sound files, have followed instructions to the letter, I'd progress faster if I could convert more sound files for testing, I dev was kind enough to convert the sounds I am currently using.

    2. Wind sound is still missing, at 100kts these should be the faint rush of air hitting the cockpit, by 300kts you should barely be able to hear the engines, just the rumble of the air hitting the cockpit. Tried copying sounds from a glider but it doesn't seem to be working.

    A320 sound pack TEST flight