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    2013 iMac running 10.15.2, 27" screen, 24G Ram, Spektrum wireless USB receiver, Spektrum DX6.

    Works great. Liking RC8 much better than RC7 now for the FPV variety.

    I will be virtually crashing more this winter so I will be more confident flying all my planes (and wings) FPV when the snow goes away.

    I have not successfully built anything in RC7.

    1. no idea how to build, so I currently have nothing to add.

    2. I added some models (which I found on the web - only a few worked) to RC7. I do not recall which ones I added.

    3. Is there a "model editor" in RC8 on Mac? I never found it on RC7 Mac.

    3a. What do the field names in the TMD file mean?

    4. Gone way beyond what I am able to do by the looks of it.


    There are a few more models, and some good progress since I was last complaining about a product I had not yet upgraded. Arthur, I applaud your effort to add models.

    How could I help an effort to model some Flite Test foam board airplanes like the spitfire (I am building my second), or a foam board flying wing? (have built a few now). My mental focus is lacking due to long-term effects of serious concussions. The instructions for me to do a full build would be rather long. :(


    Thanks. Best wishes on the future of this product

    Agreed that thanks are due to Arthur for converting more models, but that does not help those of us with different planes from what Arthur has done. Can we get some instructions soon please? The admins say "new models are expensive to make, so we will wait for many people to buy RC8 before building more models". People like me will not buy RC8 if we cannot build or keep our old models.

    I want the better physics and graphics. I am on a Mac, and do not have 3d goggles, so those stop the value train without new models.

    Here is the problem:

    Ja, die Modelle müssen konvertiert werden (tmc --> tmb) und einige Änderungen müssen noch per Hand vorgenommen werden (tmc, tmd, tps).

    Ich werde jetzt nach und nach meine Modelle in den Download-Bereich stellen. Was mit den anderen wird, ist noch nicht ganz klar. Ich habe die anderen Modell-Ersteller kontaktiert und sie über die notwendigen Änderungen informiert.

    In English,

    Yes, the models have to be converted (tmc -> tmb) and some changes have to be done manually (tmc, tmd, tps).

    I will now gradually put my models in the download area. What will happen to the others is not yet clear. I contacted the other model creators and informed them about the necessary changes.

    WHAT CHANGES? I have tried to build models to make relevant electric foamies that most new fliers want. I could not get effective instructions in English, and the translation from German was too hard to be clear.

    Will there be any clear instructions posted for:

    1. Add a new model to RC8

    2. Change a model from RC7 to RC8

    3. Modify an existing model?

    4. Build a new model?

    Rick Collins

    Well not really forgotten, the main focus has been the Aerofly FS 1 and now the Aerofly FS 2.

    We have been seeing this comment a long time. I recently bought RC-7 to get some stick-time during the winter. I spent $40, and have 3 useful planes, which I love. I need to spend another $100+ to be able to download user (or self-created) content, and to get at the features I would love to play with. I am not spending $100 more for a product that clearly has not been modified in many years. What we have is good, but the planes are old.

    Can somebody please give us an indication that Aerofly will provide an electric airplane from the past 6 years?

    Allow us to fly FPV on photorealistic sceneries? Or at least more than one scene?

    FS-1 and Fs-2 have come. No news for RC.

    The FS-2 forum has an "IPACS Latest News Blog". Can we have one here with some information about plans?

    Solution that I used is the Spectrum USB Wireless Simulator Dongle. Plug it into a USB port, and bind it to your spectrum-compatible radio. Works like a charm.

    Also found this, but have not tried it.:

    This simulator is going to save me hundreds of hours of repair time:)