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    Thanks for trying and I am still not bored with the Lynx so its Lynx business as usual for me.

    I find myself having to build a new PC and am planning on components that should be good for games coming down the road (but affordable for an old retiree). I really like FS2, especially for the low, slow VFR experience. So this morning I get this wild thought: Would it be possible to go VR now? Can it be affordable (as in "selling it to wife.") Is it worth it? What brands seem to be well thought of? A lot of VR commenters here seem to really like it, while others seem to have tech issues.

    I’d appreciate any VR recommendations/lesson learned/etc. you experienced VR folks would like to pass along. Especially like to know approx cost range to get a VR set up that works well enough.

    If it helps, my new system specs include: MSI B450 mobo, AMD RYZEN 5 3600 CPU (3.6 to 4.2 GHz), Radeon RX-580 GPU (8gb VRAM), 16gb G.Skill DDR4 3200, 512gb SSD.

    Thanks for any thoughts!

    I have three VR HMD , Vive pro, Samsung Odyssey and a HP Reverb V2 . For Flight sims the Reverb is magnificent , easy to use easy to setup and 1/3 price of the Vive Pro. The Pro is good for FPS typ games as you need to move around the room . Go for VR its about 500 Pounds for you guys and well worth it.

    Steve you are a retired Lynx pilot and current Aerofly Guru that gives you the biggest kahunas and bigest6 brains here mate! I am still loving flying your Lynx you gifted us every day ! The cold and dark start up I have down pat and it just immerses you in the sim, thankyou.

    First the Lynx now this is heading our way. Rotary wing heaven , thanks for looking after the Heli guys and girls here as over at MSFS (Microsoft Fantasy Simulator ) 2020 no one gives a hoot!

    This sounds exciting. I just hope I live long enough to see it. 😕🤨😜

    wow its all happening out there in the sim world!

    I might add I got the Alpha test on MSFS 2020, no heli No Vr flight model seems not as good as AF2. If you guys can just get the weather ATC going ….

    What do you want :)

    I have tried so many times to create Jandakot airport YPJT in Perth as we have nothing on the West Coast.

    I am studying and working full time ATM and I just don't have the time to do a third job like learning how to make scenery.

    Its the main training base for a Singapore airlines and China Southern Cadets and also the second busiest GA in Australia.

    Orbx did a ripper version for P3D but its P3D and for helicopters its a joke.

    I love the flight dynamics of the helicopters in FS2. The Robbo is so realistic as I also fly one and the user created Lynx is so much fun due to its huge amount of systems detail and VR works as VR should work.

    Against this we have limited places to fly, no real ATC or traffic and basically a dead world but the flight dynamics and VR are so good I can look past that.

    I have to say with X Plane 11.50 they have pretty much caught up to Fs2 with VR given though that 11.50 Beta is still full of bugs but when they iron them out its going to be a game changer for VR.

    I still think Fs2 helicopter flight dynamics are far superior but with the higher frame rates in Xplane that gap has closed as I think some of the problem with Xplane was the delay in your response due to slower FPS but Xplane seems to be much better without changing the aerodynamics.

    I am hoping that the developers will get cracking on ATC and weather and seasons and life and stop the small iterations in the big jets otherwise they will start losing fans like me.

    Of course we have p3D v5 out in a few days but the heli flight model is so awful I only use p3d for eye candy flights as its like flying hovercraft.

    I have to say I was about to give up until Larry Lynx came along and that small helicopter was a revolution to me. :/

    As Ray seems intent on repainting most of the Lynx I have just uploaded the main and tail rotor paintkits, guess he wants some red and white blades to go with his red and white Lynx....colour coded eh :)

    Martin..No such things as ground friction, would be great to have a dynamics entry that I could just put a figure into but there isn't. Only thing I can adjust is the tail offset to stop it turning around on the ground, ie adding a bit of tail rotor pedal, also relates to the hover which is why the Lynx pretty much stays straight as you add power. Perhaps this will be come more or less of an issue with a wheeled helicopter, time will tell


    The real skill of a real life helicopter pilot is the anticipation of secondary effects so I have applied that to the lynx and I make sure I anticipate the rotor brake coming off with a little bit of pedal. I can't emphasise enough that this Lynx needs a good set of hardware in terms of anti torque pedals.

    Steve did warn us it was too real!:P

    I don't like the R22 IRL, I am flying it here as it is the only Helo until today. But since I use hardware for the sim, my R22 has a stick :-)

    I love the r22 now a very agile seat of the pants machine that needs your complete attention . Its very windy here in Western Australia on the coast and when the wind s hit 20 to 25 knots with a 15 knot cross wind the bug smashing Cessna's all go to their hanger and the R22 is the king of the airport. Its certainly a difficult machine to master, no hydraulics, always power limited and gets blow around like a balloon and a trim that is a bungee cord and auto rotations are always on a knife edge!

    Flies a bit different from the one in WT. GJ claims to have sim level quality. I fly EC120, Jetranger IRL. For my the Lynx appear to be hard to handle in AFS2

    Well don't go flying a real r22 if you think this Lynx is hard to fly as my real R22 is a squirrel compared to this Lynx! I can land the Lynx on a ship and platform now, very stable and consistent. but you do need to spend some time getting the feel.

    I coq

    Where the heck did that collective come from???


    I want to thankyou for hanging in there and producing such an amazing model for aerofly.

    I fly r22/44 as a private pilot and to be able to experience this wonderful Lynx has made my year.

    I have about 10 hours in it now and while it took me 20 minutes to get the start up sequence sorted which was purely related to fine tuning the VR interface I can now pretty much get it up and running from cold and dark in 2 minutes. Making us use cold and dark envelopes you in the simulation as I found myself so immersed I started reaching for PCL's !

    The flight model is very finely simulated as once you have an hour behind the controls the flight model is predictable and constant in what you need to do to fly the aircraft.

    I have been having heaps of fun doing quickstops and I have flown r22/44 I can't comment on what a Lynx is like to fly but your model certainly fly's like a real helicopter and what I imagine a Lynx to fly like.

    I was told that if you can fly a squirrelly little r22 in a 20 knot x wind you can fly any helicopter and I find your model to be a pleasure to control and fly because the flight model is so predictable and constant. I thought the AFs2 R22 was a great simulation but your Lynx is far superior in almost every aspect.

    I can find no fault with this, there is nothing that needs to be changed after 10 hours of flying and suddenly I am flying out of Lukla.

    The developers should add ask to add your helicopter to the standard install as it is superior to any helicopter on any simulator by such a big margin that this is a go to flight sim for us rotary heads and in my opinion for flight dynamics and system simulations you just knocked out the DCS huey which until now was the gold standard.

    I look forward to the day when we can have inscreen checklists in VR as that is the only way to improve this model but in the meantime I spent 2 hours learning the startup flow by drawing a mind picture and workflow of your startup to memorise the start up sequence a locations and all the other procedures.

    Well done and to anyone trying to fly this work your way up from the r22 and have proper flight controls as both the r22 and the Lynx demand hardware perfection . I use the proflight trainer and it works like a real set of controls !

    Steve's Lynx deserves a good set of hardware.

    What we need now is the Falklands and the battle group to fly around!

    Thanks Steve, bloody awesome job mate !