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    Does the direct bought version get am update too?

    Hi Bellah1z:

    I can understand your question since you have been in this Forum for 3 years, consequently you know perfectly well the limitations of IPACs programmers . But.... that a newcomer member (he has been in this forum for exactly 15 days) starts asking for new airplanes, doesn't it seem excessive to you? As if his impertinence were not enough, he then offers us a series of answers in a language with a completely unknown to us westerners, (and surely infinite73, is a person from the west). If I did not like the initial question, I liked even less the characters used in the following answers. Please: let's be a little respectful with the Ipacs programmers who do everything they humanly can, and also respectful with the rest of the partners of this Sim.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Yes I probably was trying to deflect away from the wrong question being asked but I agree the issue is not about new airframes as we have some beautifully modeled airframes that fly very much like real aircraft ( the R22 in particular) and what we need is more of an active world to fly them in. it does annoy me that they seem to be doing a lot of commercial installations but at this point it appears the consumer has not benefited from this even though we provided the base support by buying the sim to begin with! I think many of us would be happy to pay for a new version.

    When will aerofly have new aircraft? :thumbup:

    The question is have the PC users been abandoned for bespoke commercial installs and mobile apps? This sim had a lot of future and in many ways was the leading hope for us until MSFS came along. I am happy with lots of parts of this sim but the world is dead and has not progressed for years without the help of the few people here that do magnificent free add on works.

    It's so sad that the developer can't do this as part of the program. Clearly they have more or less abandoned the consumer PC version now for bespoke commercial setups. I invested a lot on the software with add on's and we have been more or less abandoned.

    Bellah1w I went from a gtx1080ti to a rtx3090 and I think it has been a significant improvement on everything. Especially with my wireless Quest 2 because the rtx2000/3000 havew much faster encoders. Your rtx2080ti is still a very good gpu imho. If you have money to burn go for a 3080ti or 3090. Either that, or wait for the nvidia 4000 series (2023-2024?). Personally, I'm hoping my 3090 tides me over until the 5000 series. I like to try to buy the best of any series then skip the next one.

    Always good advice Tom !

    Its already covered in my Perth scenery, picture showing your area of interest. Perhaps a simple thank you for the work that's already been made would of not gone a miss.

    Oh maybe I did not download the scenery properly as I only have Perth City! I better revisit the download as it certainly did not look like that! I have been waiting for someone with more skills than I have to fill in this part of the world! I better go check it out. I can't believe I missed it! Thanks , very excited!

    I wish someone would do WA or at least Jandakot and the surrounds as its one of the busiest training and GA and RFDS airports in Australia.

    I have never been able to stop planes up to 50feet away in VR when they are on the ground looking like they are floating above the runway.

    If you use either your left or right eye on its own the perspective looks correct but opening both eyes it looks strange and out of perspective .

    Is there a fix for this?

    I have the direct download version and I think it’s great, especially in VR. Looks to me like the Steam basic plus dlc1 would give me the all I need and would cost a little less. Plus I could then also use it on other pc’s without needing another license.

    Don’t believe every review you read on anything imho. With Steam you can find out for yourself and get a refund if you’re not happy with it (less than 2 hours use and less than 14 days since purchasing it).

    Hi Tom. I find in VR that if I open both eyes with an aircraft up to 50 feet away it looks to be out of perspective and hovering above the ground but with just the left or right eye open in VR it looks ok. Is there a setting to correct this?

    Which controllers would you recommend? I guess with normal joysticks the spring is too strong?

    Value for money and value for use this is the best helicopter joystick on the market and it's everything you will ever need . You can learn to fly a real helicopter with this it's so good.

    Otherwise you need to buy a joystick and remove the centering springs.

    if you want to get serious and master rotary wing flight then the pro flight is magic .


    If you get hooked and you have cash to burn then :

    Try listening to 4 radios, map reading and flying below 50ft, best not to loose that 50ft then :D

    I highly recommend a tv series (made many many moons ago) called Flying Soldiers available on Youtube, I believe 8 episodes, It shows what I had to put up with on my flying course, great fun some times terrifying most of the time :rolleyes:

    Looking for the show now ... thanks the worst i have to deal are is bin chickens ( a brainless water bird here in Aussie and all the Chinese airline cadets that train from my aerodrome...)

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    At the moment I "steal" the taxi and beacon lights so I can use them for altitude hold and heading hold. Also, as we discussed earlier a further one for the trim button might help if we ever get it to work.

    Main problem with helicopters is when users have to start looking around the cockpit for buttons the helicopter has a tendency to take itself on a different path, so having the option of some buttons would make it easier for the user.


    That was me in a real B206 this morning looking for radio buttons and losing 50 feet every time I looked lol!

    We will probably add an input for the helicopter throttle 1 and 2 or twist grip 1/2. This can then be used for r22 throttle and ec135 man fuel control and other helicopter flight/idle selection.

    Wow that would be magnificent as then I can buy the Komodo EC135 Collective with double twist throttle. You keep making this better and better and my buddy Larry Lynx will be very pleased to hear this! 10/10…e/products/135-collective

    Thanks for the answer Steve and I wonder why they can't do this as it would make the helicopters just that bit better and it does not seem such a hard request to implement. I now understand why the PCL's on the Lynx require to be dragged with the mouse pointer ....