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    Which controllers would you recommend? I guess with normal joysticks the spring is too strong?

    Value for money and value for use this is the best helicopter joystick on the market and it's everything you will ever need . You can learn to fly a real helicopter with this it's so good.

    Otherwise you need to buy a joystick and remove the centering springs.

    if you want to get serious and master rotary wing flight then the pro flight is magic .


    If you get hooked and you have cash to burn then :

    Try listening to 4 radios, map reading and flying below 50ft, best not to loose that 50ft then :D

    I highly recommend a tv series (made many many moons ago) called Flying Soldiers available on Youtube, I believe 8 episodes, It shows what I had to put up with on my flying course, great fun some times terrifying most of the time :rolleyes:

    Looking for the show now ... thanks the worst i have to deal are is bin chickens ( a brainless water bird here in Aussie and all the Chinese airline cadets that train from my aerodrome...)

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    At the moment I "steal" the taxi and beacon lights so I can use them for altitude hold and heading hold. Also, as we discussed earlier a further one for the trim button might help if we ever get it to work.

    Main problem with helicopters is when users have to start looking around the cockpit for buttons the helicopter has a tendency to take itself on a different path, so having the option of some buttons would make it easier for the user.


    That was me in a real B206 this morning looking for radio buttons and losing 50 feet every time I looked lol!

    We will probably add an input for the helicopter throttle 1 and 2 or twist grip 1/2. This can then be used for r22 throttle and ec135 man fuel control and other helicopter flight/idle selection.

    Wow that would be magnificent as then I can buy the Komodo EC135 Collective with double twist throttle. You keep making this better and better and my buddy Larry Lynx will be very pleased to hear this! 10/10…e/products/135-collective

    Thanks for the answer Steve and I wonder why they can't do this as it would make the helicopters just that bit better and it does not seem such a hard request to implement. I now understand why the PCL's on the Lynx require to be dragged with the mouse pointer ....

    Thanks for your reply but I am a helicopter pilot and have been simming helicopters for a while. The problem is not with the collective or FADEC system but the EC 130 I have flown has a single engine but the collective has a sort of twist throttle where you have two settings idle and flight idle. Idle is the setting used for start up and sitting on the ground and when you are ready to fly you twist the throttle to flight idle ( which is the flight setting) .

    In some less advanced helicopters like the R22 the helicopter can be flown with the governor off and manual twist throttle but this is not what i am asking as if you look at the EC135 throttle it is a twist throttle albeit with only two settings unlike the As350 which has Power Control levers (PCL's) on the roof .

    Dual throttle on the collective on the EC135 can not be manipulated from my throttle axis, ( Throttle works on the r22).

    I have the throttle axis on both aeroplane ( all four) and helicopter throttle but it wont move the throttles in game.

    Is that me or is that the way it is in the Alpha and Beta?

    Depends on your definition of a flight sim. Aerofly has the best flight physics, that clearly makes it a flight sim.

    For default aircraft our aircraft have a lot of cockpit interaction.

    If you have seen the latest alpha you know that you can shut down the engines in the a320 and lj45 now too, along with many of the piston aircraft and our turboprops and helicopters. We even added a new cold and dark feature.

    We're also focussing on aircraft quite a bit, not sure how you got the impression that we don't.

    Certainly the best helicopter physics of any sim.

    Well I fly the r22 and B206 IRL and the r22 is a real squirrel and things happen fast and there are no hydraulics and the model here is very very close. never flown an EC135 but assuming it is like the bigger turbines then they are much more stable but they are heavier and you have to be well ahead of what you want to do compared to the agile r22.

    Go to settings/controls/Helicopter/ and choose Tail Rotor and see if your rudders are selected?

    We are continuing to work on improving the build as well as the EC135, we also mentioned to give us a couple of weeks to work before seeing another build.

    We released the EC135 to give everyone a preview of this wonderful helicopter while we continue to work on it.

    It is an outstanding Alpha Version , a few bugs but nothing that stops it being enjoyed almost 99%.

    Please say torque pedals not rudders , you sound like a "planker" :)

    There seems to be a bug in the slip indicator ball as it does not move.

    Also the twist throttle whilst it has been bound to the throttle axis you have to move it with the mouse as the throttle axis does not work in the Ec 135.

    Any plans to add a double throttle axis in helicopters as it would be fun to get the Komodo double throttle collective!