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    Yes! Thank you for articulating this question concisely and clearly! I struggle with explaining the same thing, but feel the exact same as you. It isn't just Mac users that suffer in Aerofly FS 2, I am on Windows, and the same issue occurs.

    I agree completely, the majority of users always just offer the (less than helpful) advice of "just go buy a joystick, your experience will be WAY better". Or as mentioned, say keys can be used on the keyboard/mouse, but never offer a clear explanation of how this can be done.

    I have never found using a joystick to be the better option over a mouse and keyboard for any flying-themed game, as I find most computer joysticks don't really give the impression of flying a real-world aircraft in the first place, coupled with the fact that most of us don't have $1000s of dollars worth of other gear to go with it, like pedals, throttles, control panels, multiple monitors, high end gaming systems etc etc.

    Couple this with the fact that most commercial or civilian aircraft don't even use joysticks, rather yokes, makes buying a joystick seem every bit as realistic as using a mouse and keyboard.

    Also I couldn't agree more with Adak, why can a mouse's multiple axis control not simply be used as replacement for a joystick's multiple axis control?

    In my case, I am relatively new to flight SIMs, so maybe I am not understanding something very fundamental. But to me, I would just like simple keyboard and mouse support so that I can familiarize myself with the game first, using a familiar control device(s). In this way I can decide if flight SIMs are even something I want to continue playing. I'm new enough to the genre, that I don't even know if I will like them anymore than just to fly in a casual way. I don't want to buy expensive joysticks, throttles, etc etc, just to find out I'll never use them in a few weeks.