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    Eu gostaria de saber se eu poderia fazer a pintura da Varig para o 747-400 do Aerfly fs2, porque pelo que eu sei que ele tem talento para poupar e sabe como fazer pinturas ... poderia me ajudar, eu gostaria muito de tenho esta pintura no meu Aerofly fs2!

    Desculpe se estou desconfortável, mas se você puder ajudar, por favor me diga para onde eu posso enviar as fotos da Varig, ok?

    Muito obrigado!

  • Maybe you can post a few interior screenshots of the FS1 PA-11. I am especially interested in seeing the few instruments in the panel and the side throttle. Sounds like Jan wants to give this Cub his C172 C & D treatment. I am really looking forward to seeing it flying in FS2.



  • Hello Adak47,

    I've made conversion of Chipmunk for Aerofly FS2. It was simple conversion from so the cockpit is primitive. Of course your livery is included.

    You can test it and make some photos:). The link is here:…JGNngNNQWJD8Rp-bVtG-zJX3m

    Simple unzip it and copy to aircraft folder. Give me any feedback regarding issues or flight feelings

    Other conversions are in progress



    • Oh, that's wonderful, krzysk -- I am not sure the Mac version of FS 2 supports add-on aircraft or scenery. If there is a way, where should I install the dhc1 folder?

    • I figured it out -- I just show the contents of the Aerofly FS 2 application, and put it in the aircraft folder there. It works! She handles like a dream. Thanks K., I really appreciate it!

    • P.S. Do have the Cub Special for FS 2? I love that plane!

    • Feedback -- she handles nicely, as I said above. The one problem is the extreme reflectivity of the canopy in cockpit mode. But that is apparently a problem with FS 2, as I have read other members noting the same problem with other aircraft...

    • It is possible to reduce reflections but I have to separate both sides of canopy for two shaders (now it uses the same shader). I will do this later. Meanwhile I changed the reflectivity for glass parts and should be a little better. You can download newer version from the same link

      Regarding Cub Special, I need more time to review it and will sent it for tests. I hope next it will be week

  • Hi Adak47, was chicken about forum friends, was there an ancient skull and a ritual like the "clean" frat in animal house? Did a look around so HI !

    • Gosh, I missed this comment over 3 years ago! Sorry. Anyway, a belated "hi" right back -- better late than never!

    • Hi I think that is Jeff the US admin. He is a bit of a deleter of things he doesn’t like or understand. I tried to post this but he had deleted both of our comments.

      ‘The P-38 lack of elevator authority with closed throttle was fixed in PC a few months ago. I’d hoped the fix made it into the Mac update. I remember from the old Aerofly forum that the P-38 was important to you and your family memories, didn’t your late father fly them in the Aleutians?. The forum was more tolerant back then.’

    • That is just rude: to delete members comments without any explanation. The comments were innocuous enough.

      Yes, my Dad flew P-38 out of Alexai Point, Alaska, at the tail end for the chain. Here's a photo of his bird (my mom's name was "Jonie"):

    • Brilliant pic. The metalic FS2 ‘38 looks a little bit more convincing but it is still too dark.

    • Right, and the FS2 '38 is not all metallic, although I think the color scheme is authentic enough. Here are a couple of all aluminum P-38s:

      P-38 Barrel Roll

      P-38 Gleaming

      And here is an entire album:

      P-38 Photo Album (207 hi-res images)

      More of my dad's P-38 are here:

      P-38 on Attu