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    I never saw a darker sky than in Australia, the only place where I saw water pouring down the inside of a door. For some turbulence though northern Europe in stormy winter is as good as anywhere.

    You need to have your head violently swung say hard left and instantly need to put in a bootful of rudder hard right, kick the pedal on the side of the up-going wing! This would really be for the inner ears more than the visuals.

    Perhaps a servo actuated helmet and neck brace with age related safety limits? No need to fling the entire pilot, seat, pedals, panel and display assembly about, leave something for the imagination.

    I've flown cross-country a fair bit although trans-continental is a more appropriate term given the size of Australia and it is best viewed at low level. Problem: guaranteed severe turbulence with big wings. That's a problem in an aircraft with massive exposed titanium spars above your head. So padding on the spars and your head are essential, even in winter.

    Totally agree it's a detailed masterpiece. The only other things missing are kinetic systems but this demonstrates the massive complexity without considering firepower. It also frees the mind to concentrate on flight and that's a lot.

    I also agree - an auto step by step cold & dark startup especially for VR - that would take it to another level.


    You probably still had an addon aircraft selected and now it can't find the last aircraft on startup.

    Please delete your main.mcf file in your user documents folder so that it loads the default c172 again on startup.

    Spot on! I know this is the second time you've had to tell me so multiply that by x and the number could be frustrating. That worked of course and I just copied & pasted all the aircraft into the correct folder no problem. The EC135 is wow.

    There seems to be a lot of improvements. Can't quite spell it out but there's a lot of good under the hood. Can you list the main changes in your blog? :thumbup:

    Ironically after moving all add-on aircraft, now no plane works, FS2 crashes back to Steam without fail. I could probably fallback using Time Machine although I probably won't bother since some next week I'll be setting up a maxed out Alienware Aurora 3090 & Reverb G2.

    Since I'm going overboard, I should do a proper job with the Ryan Aerospace Helimod III & practise long lines. Heavy lift chopper like a Boeing Vertol, Chinook or King Stallion maybe even a Mi-26 would be incredible. Whichever one, including a working winch in FS2 heavy lift would add a whole other dimension of reality.

    That is the default installation folder, do not add files to that unless you want Steam to delete these files at some point without question.

    As far as I know the correct path is:

    Macintosh HD⁩/Users⁩/…/Library⁩/Containers⁩/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/⁨Data⁩/⁨Library/Application Support⁩/Aerofly FS 2

    as stated in our wiki:

    There's one or 2 that I wouldn't mind being deleted - maybe only 1 :) I think my mistake stretched back to my App Store install and I never corrected it. Thanks for the correction !

    Definitely agree with that. I also respect their decision not to deploy weapons of any type not even in warbirds. Personally I think that would detract & distract from the 'mission' at hand despite those systems being integral to their roles.

    BTW are those Flankers you drive to work every day ?

    Military training purposes.(Intel Zeon Processor, 72GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 3080). And in this Desktop I get more than 290-300Fps at ULTRA settings which in case of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is 50-55Fps at Ultra.

    That is a very stark comparison. I wonder what frame rate MSFS will hit with VR then? Also not sure what frame rates FS2 & a RTX 3090 will hit but obviously north of 300 fps. No other sim comes close.

    Still not available for DVD purchasers? I feel a bit ripped off. I paid for the sim just like everyone else as have all DVD based/Download users NOT on Steam and we have to wait an extended time for updates.

    What gives?


    Are there any particular reasons why you’re not using Steam?

    You could request the Steam version which is available. Just send the team a short email with your original receipt or proof of purchase.

    Stratospheric, you motivated me to reload FSX-SE and ORBX Australia V2. Old Andalo station not in there unfortunately but it was good to see some OZ stuff for a change. 😎

    That's so great it brings a big smile to my face. Old Andado Station is on the edge of the Simpson desert & 'remote' doesn't come close :) Next was Uluru. Orbits at sunset both the most mystical glowing orange rock on Earth and Kata Tjuta - formerly The Olgas - followed by R&R at the resort. I love the Red Centre.

    There are many that are problematic although that view could be magnified by allowing SIDS & STARS that are divergent or incongruent to the route resulting in discontinuities. If they were excluded or greyed-out, the experience would be improved.

    OK, I know we are getting off topic. Still interested in someone making a UL. :)

    Exactly. I think this is a good place for anybody to discuss their dream aircraft for FS2.

    As I said before my favourite would be an aircraft that I have owned for many years, the Pipistrel Virus t/w (taildragger) with tundra wheels. I have landed on one of the most remote desert bush strips on the planet in the Virus, Not for refuelling - a comfort stop for PIC & FO - there was no fuel. Then continued on to Birdsville and then further on to the back of beyond.

    [CORRECTION] Then continued on to Uluru (Formerly Ayers Rock) and then further on to the back of beyond.