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    The problem is, that some postings that are being made, do not reflect the truth.

    Many posts in many forums do not reflect the truth. Personally I think the wisest options are either contradict or ignore. Censorship merely serves to make a quiet forum more quiet & that's not helpful to anyone.

    it's time to leave.

    Don't go Larry !!! I detected an apology and hopefully admin won't be quite so heavy handed with the hammer of redaction - even if only for you :)

    "bigpond" have bad rankings ...

    I've always felt a migraine coming on whenever I used to call them.

    OTOH these guys are off the scale. Fantastic work, right at the top of the list !

    Tom - TomSimMuc Phil - Spit40 Ray - Jetjockey10

    Karl-Heinz - Rodeo Michael - ussiowa Paul - Kloot

    Colin - brunnobellic Christophe - chrispriv Andy - donka

    Jake - ZoSoChile Balazs - Kisvakond Michael - Apfelflieger

    MSFS 2020: 5 minutes or so to load the sim. Switch to VR, it crashes to the desktop. Go and make a cup of coffee. So zero minutes flying out of 15.

    I totally agree that FS2 is the quickest & easiest route to smooth VR that just works every time - but - if it takes 5 minutes to load your MSFS then something isn't right - then it crashes - so definitely not right.

    Load times used to be night & day at first, now in the same ball park at least. Still FS2 wins on many fronts though MSFS now has an EC135 from the community while VR frame rates & smoothness are improving, MSFS VR is still beta.

    I always get all my tech advice from The IT Crowd so:

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    Are you using SteamVR or WMR?

    Beautiful Hong Kong I remember the way it was. Landing at Kai Tak when I was a kid, my face was plastered to the window seeing faces inside buildings in what seemed like daring aerobatic manoeuvres oblivious to the deafening roar and the lingering cigarette smoke inside that clunking Qantas 707 that John Travolta probably still has corroding away in his backyard.

    [+] This could be called Kai Tak Heart Attack - reference to its pilot nickname.

    Well, I don't mind spending US 55.00 for that map, but not until I am sure it will work with VR. The site says it is compatible with Aerofly, but does not mention VR. I am not familiar with OVR Toolkit or Cliff House follow me, so I need to research that .


    Yes I'll try the FSWidgets GMapsHD demo which is limited to the SF Bay area, it needs the Network Pack to connect. Looks time consuming - kind of - for something that should be built-in.


    SteelSeries Stratus works for Android, Windows & VR.

    Nimbus works on Apple TV & iOS devices. With SteelSeries Engine 3 the Nimbus also works with Windows and most definitely VR.

    They can take pretty extreme punishment and not implode.

    Vive Pro is apparently still working with macOS 11 Big Sur despite Valve dropping support for macOS last year. It could get broken at any time though.

    Wonder why Valve dropped macOS? Maybe because 4% of everyone on Steam are on Macs ? Maybe also because only 1% of that 4% have VR on their Macs ?

    In Oculus VR mode (I use a Quest 2), I’m noticing that the responsiveness of my head movements is incredibly fast. I can visualise every tiny movement of my head which can feel a little overwhelming!

    Hmm it is a rarity to hear about downsides to incredibly fast responsiveness !!

    I know nothing about Oculus but it sounds like it's in the vicinity of Asynchronous Time Warp. I wonder if FS2 supplies the required depth buffer for ATW 2.0 with Positional Time Warp? My thinking either it's super latency reduction that you're not enjoying or maybe it's fall-back to rotational based ATW 1.0 and you could even be experiencing higher latency & less accurate positional interpolation ?

    So video is scanned out at a rate of ~ 120 lines a millisecond, scan lines to the right have a greater latency than lines to the left. This is where the depth buffer & greater positional accuracy may be useful. or too useful but I doubt it.

    Oculus Compositor may state which version ATW is running or maybe I'm barking up another one of those trees.

    The title pretty much says it all. I see that FS2 can export flight data to an IP address. I would love to be able to run it on two machines and take a friend "flying". (I not asking about sharing the controls, if that matters. I know that DCS has a lot of problems with that...)



    Maybe JoinFS one day soon?

    • Meet new pilots and fly together in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, X-Plane, FSX:Steam and FSX.
    • Decentralized hostless and efficient peer-to-peer networking.
    • Smooth jitter-free live movement of aircraft capable of close and large formation flying.
    • Shared cockpit across different simulators with unlimited passengers and multi-role co-pilot cockpit.
    • Suitable for virtual pilot training and instruction.
    • The JoinFS Hub network allows anyone to launch a publicly listed session for general flying or special events.
    • Multiple window views to monitor the network, public sessions and information about who is online and in your current session.
    • Record and save multiple aircraft to a file for future playback. Play back aircraft recordings live over the network to others in your session.
    • Simple model matching and model masquerading allows you to substitute any aircraft model instantly while connected.
    • The friends list makes it easy to keep track of your buddies and connect with ease.
    • Pilots may join a session by connecting to any other pilot in that session.
    • When the original creator of the session leaves, the session continues as normal.
    • Animations are transmitted over the network; landing gear, elevator, ailerons, rudder, propeller, canopy, lights and smoke.
    • Overdub feature allows you to iteratively build your own formation flight or airshow with mixed aircraft.
    • Groups of pilots can be present on VATSIM or IVAO at the same time as JoinFS.
    • Record, Play and Overdub

    JoinFS Multiplayer Across Flight Simulators (

    Thanks guys!

    I just texted a friend who's into flight simming: "I just spent probably two hours in FS2. I am just blown away. I flew a bunch of the other stock airplanes (F/A-18, F-15E Strike Eagle, MB-339 jet trainer, Learjet, a stunt plane, a biplane, and P-38, almost all for the first time) around the Kennedy Space Center area, and it's just a magnificent sim. The smoothness (other than occasional hiccup, which I suspect is texture loading) is really something, and the "look" at any kind of altitude looks very commercial simulator-quality (at least in the CK area; most of the rest of the US does not have anywhere close to that resolution). At the moment I think I like it better for "my purposes" (boring holes in the sky) than DCS. I had the F-15 at 63,000 feet!!! That's a first. (According to WP the service ceiling is 60K feet, and it was slowing down at 63K, so it feels well-modeled). At the moment I would actually recommend it over MSFS, due to the stock aircrafts' fidelity).."

    I just tried KSC in the Strike Eagle and - thank you - yes that is very smooth. I'm seeing 80 FPS with the Reverb G2 maxed out every possible setting. The feel is really real. I also have the F-15 real world (or at least delimited wish it was real world) for MSFS and absolutely right, it's pretty looking out the canopy at low altitude but just not the hyper fidelity & super velvet smooth VR frame rate.

    :D:D^^ stratospheric Where exactly at the airport is this? The next time my plane is scheduled to fly to Palm Springs I want to see it up close.

    Ok I was trying to save your pain but if self-flagellation helps you through the day like it does for me:

    Mr VP is entering the terminal building normally used for baggage due to his man boob girth.

    It's the main heliport in which you should appear - Signature Flight Support

    That is IPACS add-on DLC I think.

    I love that you can fire up Aerofly in less than 30 seconds. Like actually fly in 30 seconds, not wait for the first sign of a program window in 30 seconds, hehe.

    Yes that is one of the most important advantages, speed & agility whether aircraft especially the existence - or not - of choppers, definitely start up times and number one of number ones, FPS.

    Moving traffic and other high level animation & fine detail is evident albeit at lower FPS everywhere in MSFS though in Aerofly, for now, seems to be the domain of amazing 3rd party freeware in places like Hawaii & Innsbruck.