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    I am very impressed about these new opportunities!!!

    maybe I missed something, but ATC for FS2 also avaialble for macOS Catalina?

    and is there already one comprehensive document that completely guides us thru the entire process, with regard to

    a) what to download

    b) what to install in what sequence

    c) differences between macOS and WIN installation

    c) how to retrieve the trial license

    and so on?

    the website just lists a number of documents and programs.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, but my freetime is -unfortunately- very limited, so I always appreciate "easy to handle" installation methods.

    ...and no, I am not lazy;-)


    Hi guys,

    ...I almost forgot! .... with regard to KORD and KMDW missing in the ORBX scenery

    Download these airports from FS cloudport. They are even equipped with ILS !!!!

    They also have a good level of detail (buildings and other aircraft) and it is fun to "shuttle" between Meigs and the other two airports in different weather conditions!!

    FS cloudport currently has 2554 airports in 156 countries, admittedly in various levels of details, but, after all;-) .... a runway is a runway :-)

    happy landings

    Thanks Flamingpie for the insight

    For "heavy" IFR flights I use XP11 anyways.

    But especially with the Q400 and its HUG capabilities, an ILS approach in IMC is a lot of fun.

    HUG becomes more and more used as a human/machine interface in real aviation.

    So this is a very realistic simulation and it bothers me a bit, that I cannot use the simulation to its full extent



    Would you please comment on the prescribed situation:

    - Is our observation, that ILS signals do not work anymore if ORBX software is also installed, correct?

    • If yes, what can be done by us users?
    • if yes, do you and ORBX work on a bugfix?

    - if no, what is your assumption, why so many users encounter this, despite the set frequencies correspond with the free. mentioned in the NAV page

    Thanks for your reply


    Oh, I forgot to mention that all the posts regarding this were generated in 2018, but since then ?!?!

    ....and of course, the important info: I am talking about a MAC FS2 version


    I am new to this subject, as I just bought Netherlands and Palm Springs from ORBX.

    First I started to use the new scenery, but on every approach to ILS equipped runways, there was no LOC or GS beam (rest assured I know how to tune ILS ;-). I tried several aircraft, but to no avail either.

    Then I tried several ILS approaches to IPACS "regular" airports, such as Camarillo, San Diego etc. , same thing, it seems like all the ILS 'es are gone

    Then I looked it up in this thread, but I did not find a post, that the problem is cured?

    Anyone with similar encounters?


    thanks for this comprehensive info and your effort!!!!!

    highly appreciated!!!!

    One very last question ...., which is not sooooo stupid after all, as data for FS2 maybe operating system independent

    Will WIN versions of scenery (such as ORBX) also work in FS2 for MAC?

    thanks for this comprehensive info and your effort!!!!!

    highly appreciated!!!!

    I store the Paris Scenery in this folders:

    • /Users/my_username/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Aerofly FS 2/addons/scenery/fr/…
      • …/elevation/paris/...
      • …/images/paris/…
      • …/places/paris/...

    this seems to open new horizons. I was not aware, that this is possible on the MAC.

    Forgive these questions,

    - but where do you buy the scenery?

    - and did you generate the path, because I do not have these directories (/Users/my_username/Library/Containers) under my username

    - and will FS2 simply recognize the sceneries and offer usage?

    thanks for the effort to explain it!!!

    Fullscreen, 100, ultra, maxed out everything

    MBP Vega 20

    60 fps, 30 fps on 4k monitor (except scenery like Paris drops fps at times - 85% pixel density helps a lot with that)

    Hi, thanks for the info, but as your are talking about a Paris Scenery, how did you get it into your MAC version, or do you operate FS2 on a WIN machine (...from your specs it looks like it)?

    Apple has now approved our update for Aerofly FS 2. Anybody with graphical issues, please update to that version and report back if your issues are now fixed. Thank you for your patience.


    Just for info to everybody:

    I was in touch with IPACS via email, great effort on their behalf, so first of all, thanks for that!

    I just concluded a series of test and forwarded the results via email, as the main problem with the freeze still occurs with the 747

    One question to those of you, who do not encounter problems at all:

    What type of setup with regard to Graphics do you use on your MAC


    Pixel density 50, 75, or 100

    Quality low -> ultra

    tanks for info

    @Clipper747pa: We might have fixed the issue with Aerofly FS 2 on Mac OS with certain graphic cards. It looks like there is a real driver issue on those GPUs. We have now written some code to circumvent this bug. Would it be possible for you to test this version before we send it to Apple? It requires some basic knowledge of using the Mac OS command line tool, nothing really difficult. If you are interested, please drop us an email at

    @KP164 If you like we can send over the preliminary patch to you as well.


    I just sent you an email regarding the test, which I am more than willing to conduct!

    thanks very much for your effort!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻


    it seems my MAC is able to have different moods ;)X(

    Today I tried to fly with the setups, which formerly worked, but the Learjet always let the simulation freeze.

    I am truly looking forward to that fix


    @Clipper747pa We are able to reproduce this issue and are currently working on a fix. Please give us some time to thoroughly test this.


    really?? ... that‘s great news!!!! !

    take your time and thanks for the effort, i truly appreciate it!!!!👍🏻

    please get back to me, if you have a progress on the bugfix


    @Clipper747pa: We have the exact same machine for testing and do not observe any crashes. Does it happen with any airplane? Is there anything we can do to reproduce the issue? Can you set the 'fullscreen' quality down to 60 or 75% for testing purposes?


    please see above notes on the setups.

    I tried the 747-400 with 60/75 in fullscreen, but it instantly froze. No chance to get the 747 running.

    With regard of display complexity, the A320 works.

    I just did some tryouts

    KNUQ to KSFO,

    sunset, clear skies, with Flight plan straight out 32l, left turn, intercept ILS 28l and land

    • graphic settings: windowed
    • Pixel density: 100
    • lens flare: off
    • quality: ultra
    • advanced view movements: on
    • in general settings: all off or hide

    It worked very well with lots of view changes internal and external, radio settings, autopilot app mode and so on on these A/C




    Dash 8

    (I left out the other prop's and the heli)

    but on the A320 just before intercept the ILS it freezed and began to stutter. No way out

    Then I just changed to full screen.

    The A320 worked.

    Switching to the Queen of the skies and taking the left seat, first try to pan in the cockpit and everything freezed and began to stutter

    Then I switched all to the lowest possible settings in full screen and started with the 747 again

    The situation loaded and froze right away

    Then I switched all to the lowest possible settings in windowed and started with the 747 again

    The situation loaded and froze right away

    Does this make any sense to you?


    Is windowed less stressful for the graphics card or full screen?

    Obviously everything on high works better than the other settings, because in former try outs the Lear already made the system collapse

    Dear IPACS folks,

    Thank you very much for the update on the MAC version!!!!!:thumbup::thumbup:

    You kept your promise and the new version has a lot of cool features as I read.

    I made a fresh installation, ...unfortunately , as in the previous version, mine still freezes after seconds in the flight and crashes to desktop on my MAC, and I do have absolutely no clue why.

    I do have the following setup:

    Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)

    4,2 GHz Intel Core i7

    memory 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    Radeon Pro 580 8 GB

    I already reduced graphic quality, pixel, and so on.

    Does anybody encounter the same problem?