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    Thank you drhotwing1 for your honest and open reply:thumbup:, bottom line?, ... this is what we have (no bad feelings, just facts):

    - The WIN version seems to have a huge and vivid community with lots of add-ons with regard to sceneries and other things (....congrats folks:-)

    - So, while the WIN version and the mobile versions are boosted by IPACS

    and also show tremendous improvements on features and scope

    - the MAC version of Aerofly FS2 is currently in a kind of „holding“ until further notice

    -> thus, no updates for the MAC version are to be expected soon

    I regret this very much, but for us MAC users it comes to a take it or leave it, as we are obviously just a very small portion of the customer community and IPACS ressources with regard to a production of their software on a lot of different platforms seems to be limited. As IPACS is not a non-profit organisation ;), they naturally focus on the bigger market.

    Cheers & enjoy the weekend

    Thanks for your prompt answer, jet-pack :thumbup:

    ... but maybe we should just ask the project head or the responsible person for the MAC version at IPACS?

    or if there is none, there must at least be somebody somewhere at IPACS working on the MAC version? all?;)

    .... by the way, and I am not insinuating this(!), but if IPACS is not interested in further developing the MAC version anymore, e.g. for commercial or other resource reasons, I would rather get that clear and honest information and decide for myself if I stick to the product , than waiting and hoping for something, that will never come. I think in that case, IPACS, please have the courage to tell us, ...we're grown ups and can handle the truth! - no bad feelings.

    On the other hand, if(!) and again, I am not insinuating this(!), if you string us along, then I would consider this unfair and incorrect treatment of customers.

    And looking to the facts, The WIN version already has much more options, addons, sceneries etc and is fare more advanced than the MAC version.
    And the Apple policy can not be blamed for this gap, if you are honest....


    Dear IPACS reps,

    on June 29 I wrote a question in connection with the update announcement of Aerofly FS2 and the official info, that it could take a while, until the MAC users would also be able to receive this update:

    Is the MAC update just still in the approval process of Apple


    has the update not been filed with their approval team yet?

    ...just to get some sort of feeling, if we are talking days, weeks or months for the update

    Jet Pack replied to me and was so kind to announce, that he would get back to us with the respective info on my question.

    Maybe I have overseen the info, but since this post is two weeks old, could you folks please provide us with this status info?

    Thank you very much


    Sadly the update process via the apple store isn't as quick as via steam, will take a bit longer.


    coming back to your announcement for the MAC release two weeks ago , pls let us know about the status:

    Is the update still in the approval process of Apple


    has the update not been filed with their approval team yet?

    Cheers & Thanks for an update


    I am just asking, because the current version does not even work properly on my new MAC

    (I already filed a note on that)

    Hi again,

    maybe nobody felt addressed by my post, as I did not get an answer yet, .... my mistake.

    Thus, I would like to place my question directly to any official of IPACS again:

    Is the MAC update just still in the approval process of Apple


    has the update not been filed with their approval team yet?

    ...just to get some sort of feeling, if we are talking days, weeks or months for the update ;)

    Sorry, for appearing a litte impatient, but I just love this simulation

    (in the meantime I am using Aerofly FS 2019 on my iPad :))



    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019)

    4,2 GHz Intel Core i7

    32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

    Radeon Pro 580 8 GB


    a few remarks on FS2019 from my side, as I am one of those guys who really bought every version available for the MAC's as well as IOS tablets since the beginning of IPACS.

    • absolutely great SIM for my iPAD pro, stunning graphics without blurry etc., works even better with Apple TV on a large TV screen:-)
    • I am also ok with setting this up as a new product but not an upgrade to FS2, as the software truly takes FS one step further!
    • but why is Switzerland not included??
      • It's already there, nothing has to be programmed
      • It works perfectly on my iPad with FS2
      • so please, make Switzerland available for FS2019 asap*
      • and, just as we are talking already about it, NYC as well, please



    A last remark from a longtime customer:

    If you are planning to make Switzerland available only with an additional purchase, please consider at least a discount for existing owners of that scenery, but better a simple rollout for existing customers (unless you have had relevant cost in programming)


    as Aerofly FS 2019 just hit the app store for the mobile devices, I guess, it's about time to ask again about any developments on the MAC version.

    Not only as some sort of friendly reminder but also to tell you, that there are still a lot of folks in the SIM community, who are using this great simulation on their MAC's , and that they are looking forward since years to get, what WIN users already have for quite some time:

    - Sceneries like Switzerland or New York (for me top priority, SAN-LAX-SFO is nice, but after some time...)

    - Availability of aircraft

    - full use of FS Widgets

    - and so on

    I am patiently looking forward to a comprehensive answer;)


    I recently got a new iMAC

    • Retina 5K, 27-inch
    • I7 with 4,2GHZ
    • 32GB RAM
    • Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB RAM
    • SSD hard drive
    • macOS Mojave 10.14.3

    and made a fresh installation of Aerofly 2 (v from the APP store.

    As the new iMAC is much more capable than my old one (i5, 32GB RAM, graphic card with just 2GB RAM, solid HD drive), I had the sliders all at maximum.

    Since then I encounter difficulties with the AF2 software, even with the quality sliders reduced:

    • sudden freeze of AF2 (especially with the Lear)
    • blurrs
    • red screens
    • all in all more unstable than before
    • crashes to desktop

    Anyone with similar experiences?

    Any cures?

    Cheers & happy landings

    With all due respect, claiming that Mac updates may take a little bit longer seems a little disingenuous. We have been waiting since February to simply be able to use the NY scenery that exists on the Windows side. Please do not say that this is a development issue. It seems to me you are simply choosing not to deal with the Mac App Store. Dare I ask when this new update will find its way to the Mac version?

    (I get that you are merely the cook and do not own the restaurant, but you have assumed the role of maitre d and our table is taking way too long!)

    ....or at least make the Swiss scenery available. It worked very well on the iMac as a stand alone version of AreofFly

    ...I guess, this would not be too much work;-)

    We are Working on getting some DLC over to you. Please give us some time here.

    Mac users were not forgotten.

    thank you! - that's good news!

    and please also solve the FS widgets connection issue to the MAC version, thanks :thumbup:

    I would also favor a MAC section, because many software related issues do only affect the MAC version, e.g.:

    - all the nice sceneries are not yet available,

    - and if they were available, how will we buy them? - over the APP Store?

    - fs Widgets has an issue with the MAC version

    - etc.

    good question

    the websites state an availability that does not exist (yet!), but they are working on it i was told.

    ORBX does also have no sceneries for the mac version yet.

    Also do not buy FS widgets, as this is also not yet compatible with the MAC version (there is still a connection error)

    ..that is at least my latest knowledge, maybe somebody has more news on this?

    No, this should not be the case. The base Aerofly FS 2 on Mac and Windows are the same. They just differ in some quality settings, but not in the quality of the aerial images. We intend to offer our Windows DLCs on the Mac as well, its slightly difficult however using the Mac App Store.


    do you have any update on the availability of the other sceneries also for the Mac version, e.g. East Coast and NYC, or Innsbruck?

    thanks for the info

    Cheers, W.

    Hi Ed and Ray, thanks for your helpful suggestions, G8tr is now up and running once the local IP address was plugged in.

    As for the Mac edition users of AFS2 (psionmark and others), thanks for getting in touch with us over the last few days and there does indeed appear to be an issue that is not present in the Windows edition. We have been in touch directly with the AFS2 dev team, please be assured a fix is coming.


    ...that is good news.

    I do appreciate, you folks work on that issue!:|

    I do, however not appreciate, that neither Aerofly FS nor FSWidgets put a remark on their website, that the combination of iPad app FSWidgets and MAC AeroflyFS2 will not be able to communicate yet.:(

    I bought the FSWidgets bundle today (69€, if I remember correctly), and since hours I checked and checked, why the connection between iGMapHD on my iPad pro and the Areofly FS2 version on my MAC did not connect ( checked IP setting, Port 58585, same WLAN network, nothing with Firewall, in Aerofly slider on ON for the FSWidgets Connection...), as stated both by FSWidgets and Aerofly FS2

    I hope you folks come up with something soon, because on your websites you really put some effort into the description, how easy both programs will be able to connect, I quote:

    "Network Support Built In

    Any FSWidgets mobile or desktop app that relies on the Network Pack can now connect to Aerofly FS 2 (Windows & Mac) directly - no plugin required.

    How To Enable Support

    1. Aerofly FS 2 - Go to Settings > Miscellaneous and turn it on.

    2. FSWidgets App - Go to Settings, enter IP address of sim PC and port 58585."

    I admit, I feel a little led up the garden path...

    Cheers, W.


    I recommend the website to be modified as it is misleading with regard to the scenery included. It states:

    "Lots of additional features
    Included cities - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, New York, Salt Lake City, Denver and San Diego"

    NYC is definitely not included in the Aerofly FS2 download for the MAC and it cannot be purchased nor downloaded as published in the Wiki, as Stream does not allow you to purchase it (it recognizes WIN versions only, I guess and i Did include Aerofly FS2 in the game section).

    and be aware: ORBX sceneries (e.g. LOWI) do also not work in the MAC version, as they again require a WIN based installation program (FTX central).

    Happy Landings


    other than that, I do love AeroFly FS2 for the MAC!!!!