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    Hi delfinpm,

    although I do agree to most of what you say regarding the SIM, I do think, your reply, or better your reaction was maybe a little bit to „strong“ and „schoolmasterly“…

    He/she was just asking a simple question, after all…..,

    and we should not discourage expression of free opinion in this forum

    happy landings

    just some remarks:

    cold & dark works on the A320 (Steam Beta), but the lights on the overhead seem not to work yet, at least in my installation.

    I do follow the startup procedure and get the engines running, I just do not get any „feedback“ thru the overhead panel lights.

    I guess, if its not only me, it will be solved in one of the next updates


    I started my MAC today, opened STEAM and it showed an update, so I pushed the button and choose the StreamLibrary. I assumed it would overwrite the current installation.

    Hours later I am now at version

    As I see no EC135 in the menu (nor in the file system) and nothing else has changed, obviously, something went wrong.

    Did I fail?

    What do I have to select to get „a BETA“ version?

    What is the correct procedure to install the EC135

    Please folks,.... I need „vectors“ ;)

    Cheers & Thanks for help

    Then it took quite some time and no I am at version


    does anyone of you have a VR device working in combination with an iMAC?

    • if yes,
      • what type of hardware (e.g. VR system, external GPU’s, other interfaces) do you use?
      • what are the specs of the MAC?
      • any useful tipps ?;)
    • if no, but you are interested in that subject
      • would you like to „virtually“ form a team to explore options, solutions with the goal to setup such a combination for our MAC‘s?
      • and communicate the outcome here?

    or was I just to lazy, and everything is already in the WIKI:huh:????

    Cheers and a good start into the new week!


    check this out:

    It was always a troublesome model in Aerofly, initially it had peculiar full rudder throws with minor banks, later the rudder, yaw damper and brutal adverse yaw/crazy yaw damper made manual-rudder handling funny in its middle age.

    It started off as one of the few mobile planes with a working ADF but like the 747 and the 777 the ADF is now absent. With the non functional CDU (Airbus equivalent) in addition, it is far from mature in mobile.

    well, at least from my point of view,

    ... as I do not want or need to get type rated using this Sim anyway;).

    ....I do want it on my large screen, regardless:)


    since the last post regarding this matter got closed a couple of months ago, I dare to raise that subject again today, because it becomes even more newsworthy in these times.

    How comes?

    Yesterday, after months, I used FS2 on my iPad pro again, and when it came to choose the plane, I selected the A380.

    It was amazing! it took me an hour to explore this incredible machine again and I enjoyed every different view perspective of it. I also believe, long range flying becomes more and more attractive, as the community creates more and more scenery and airports every week.

    But that‘s, what‘s really important and what triggers me to remind us and IPACS on an important „open item“:

    • More and more airlines „mothball“ their A380 and it is very unclear, if they will ever be used again.
    • Some A380‘s are already phased out and some even will be scraped.
    • Some say, that’s already the end of an era for this sort of aircraft, even though its maiden flight was just in April 2005!

    Wouldn‘t it be nice, to get the chance to fly this plane on a real screen, with a real airbus joystick and everything? a way, so the respective enthusiasts get a chance to explore this icon, even though it truly is not the most beautiful 4-engine aircraft of the world;)

    ...but the shape of the wing always excites me!

    I admit, I have no clue, how much work it is, to convert the iPAD version into the desktop version, but I believe, its about time, don‘t you think?

    I am looking forward to your comments


    Dear all,

    recently I came across a brand new joystick and throttle unit edition by Thrustmaster. I have to tell you about my enthusiasm and first experiences.

    BIG Disclaimer:

    I am not working for or are in any way connected to the manufacturer!!!

    I am not advertising this hardware nor am I recommending it.

    So let's get started: What's so special about a new joystick?

    Well, the units (see below) truly look like the original AIRBUS (and are officially certified by Airbus) hardware

    • joystick and
    • pedestal units with exact replications of
      • throttles,
      • engine start switches,
      • spoiler,
      • parking brake,
      • gear lever and
      • flaps handle
      • including a vast amount of programmable buttons.

    It even has a locking mechanism which lets you disable the joystick handle's rotation, if used with pedals.

    The joystick is already available.

    The other units, starting with the throttle unit are announced to be on the market as of late September 2020.

    Thrustmaster also offers a table mounting unit for the devices.

    ...and from my point of view and -at least for the joystick- with a "hands on" experience, it is very good quality for a very reasonable price!

    The only problem at first look on the website for us MAC users is: Thrustmaster clearly indicates, this hardware would be compatible with WINDOWS only.

    Well, I gave it at try:-)

    .... and I can tell you, the joystick itself does work very well with the iMAC!!!

    ... it is incredible to fly the Aerofly FS A320 with this joystick:-)

    But be reminded ;)

    this is an Airbus -fly by wire- joystick, so there are no buttons for elevator trim on top of it, but one can assign the functions to the buttons on the base of the joystick for use with other aircraft.

    The only thing is, the downloadable accompanying software is for WIN only, but I don't know what its for anyway.

    I thought I do share this info with you MAC folks, as nobody has written anything yet about compatibility.


    Vielen Dank für die Info.

    Ich war ja mit meiner MAC basierten app auch sehr zufrieden, nur ist es schade, dass man (soweit ich weiß) nicht an die Szenerien wie New York, Schweiz etc. rankommt.

    Ich habe gestern von Aerofly FS support sehr nett einen Steam-Guthaben Code erhalten.

    Dieser lässt sich aber in STEAM irgendwie nicht für das Aufladen des Account Guthaben an der entsprechenden Stelle einlösen (ich habe copy/paste gemacht und es dreimal gecheckt;-).

    Ich habe auch versucht, Aerofly FS2 einfach zu kaufen und dann irgendwo bei Zahlungsmethode die Auswahl "Gutschein einlösen" zu finden, aber da gab es keine Möglichkeit.

    Habe Aerofly FS support auch noch mal angeschrieben, aber die sind ja auch nicht für Steam zuständig.

    Ne Anleitung zum Einsatz des Codes gab es in deren Mail nicht dazu;-)

    Also werde ich wieder aus dem APP-Store die app herunterladen und den Ausflug in die STEAM - Welt ad acta legen.

    aber danke für Deine Antwort!!

    In unserem Ticketsystem haben Sie eine falsche Email angegeben, deshalb kamen unsere Antworten nicht an. Bitte jetzt prüfen, wir haben Ihnen geantwortet.

    vielen Dank für den Code.

    Allerdings tun sich jetzt neue Fragen auf.

    Deshalb meine an die Community:

    hat jemand von Euch schon die Migration auf STEAM gemacht und ist bereit, dass ich ihn/sie per PM kontaktiere?

    Bitte uns am besten noch einmal an mail(at) diese Anfrage schicken. Wir beantworten Supportanfragen im Schnitt in 24-48 Stunden, manchmal gehen Dinge aber im Spamfilter verloren

    Vielen Dank für den Hinweis, ich habe soeben die Mail geschrieben und bin gespannt, wie das auf STEAM funktioniert

    Wir bieten für Mac OS User die Möglichkeit die Mac App Store Version kostenlos in die Steam Version zu migrieren. Bitte dazu unseren Support kontaktieren unter und uns eine Kopie des Kaufbelegs mit beifügen.


    das ist ja eine denkbare, bzw. gute Lösung, aber ich habe keinen Kaufbeleg aus dem Mac App Store. Ich könnt nen Screenshot machen?

    ...und gehe ich davon richtig aus, dass etwaige Käufe (z.B. von ORBX) in der Migration nicht enthalten sind, ergo neu gekauft werden müssten?

    Schönes WE

    Hi ApfelFlieger,

    Actually, I just moved the Aerofly to my external hard disk. Thats it.

    The program started just fine!

    So it is basically pure "drag and drop"

    The only issue I currently have is:

    AFS2 does not recognise my addons's anymore, which I moved as well. There is no way to describe a path?...or am I missing something?

    Tschüss, Wolfgang

    That's not true - I have LOWI, KEGE, KMRY, KPSP and True Earth Netherlands all working perfectly on my MacBook.
    Highly recommended.

    ...just to avoid confusion (my post dates back to June 2018!!):

    at that time ORBX did indeed not work for the MAC, but it does now, as ORBX Central became available for MAC in the meantime.

    Indeed, the ORBX sceneries are excellent and do work on the MAC.

    same with FS widgets: This also used to be a problem, which has been cured

    stay healthy