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    I remember flying in and out of PHL a few times a few weeks ago. I went to pull it up as my start location and it was not their. I have spent hours in the air looking for it. I can not seem to find it.

    It was part of the airports that came with the download right? Was it an addon or a DLC from steam? I would love to have it back.

    Just landed at Edwards AFB In Kern County CA. Looks like the US Government has a big sandbox to play in and a lot of time on there hands. It might be Jeff and his friends But It is great work and the view from the air is perfect now off to Monument Valley. If your near Southern NV fly just E of the runway in Area 51. Thanks to the poster of sometime ago that posted about it.

    I know of a very long runway near the Grand Canyon. Ken do you remember the name of the runway. I'm always looking to see If I can do something sounds like a great idea.

    Well I fly with yoke/stick (saitek/warthog), throttle and Saitek 'combat rudder pedals'. Last night I took the Lear for a spin over a few hours, just short hops around my local area of NY/NJ and I must say.......Using the VR hands (at least one) to operate the parking brakes, gear, flaps, nav radios and the various modes of the autopilot was awesome! I found it so much easier and natural than fumbling around with the mouse. BTW, I'm not jet rated IRL, but damn that Lear is sweet!!!:thumbup:

    VR is the only way to fly and the Lear is one of my top 5 to fly after work to relax.

    I only have the hands. So I do not fly some planes or I will fly with wheels downs and/or flaps set for take off. On some the controls are to close together others your have to hold your hands in a strange way, sometimes my hands will go right thru the control. Switches are easy. Buttons are either too small or my fingers are to big. VR is so real to me that the ones that I fly a lot mean a lot to me.

    I just download Aerofly FS2 sound upgrade. The read me tells me to back up my .tbs files. I did a file search and did not find any. I use windows 10. I did a search for sounds. I found a steam folder inside a steam folder. It is simple after that just unzip each aircraft sound into the right folder if I can find it. Please help.

    I did not see a place to post this question over there. I hope you do not mind me asking it here.

    The any of the textures files that I use for files from FsCloudPort I do not have to use any tools on them? Just download and go fly like I do with the repaints that I love on here? Any one care to post a pic of any airport?

    It is great in VR if you have one. I have not tried any of the other flight sims. I downloaded a demo, (took a long time) then the demo wanted to update (more time)

    made a few chooses then it wanted to download my chooses. If the demo is like the sim I do not want to spend have the day downloading to get up and running.

    With AF 2 I'm up and running in minutes after I decide what plane, what time and where to fly and go to. I should change the wind and clouds but in time.

    I hope you spend your flying time with AF 2

    What does not look good it building in the grass that sit low. What I do like are all the places that came with with FS 2, all the downloaded payware from steam.

    I love DEN but do not need the lights. Or at some airports the people or cars/tucks but they are nice to have. I just would like a nice real view from the air>

    If I understood the geoconvert tool right I download a file learn and use some other tool and lean and use the geoconvert tool. But I really do not understand any of it.?(

    Summer is all most here so I will spend more time outside.:)

    I'm confused (I'm one of the dummy's) any thing downloaded from the new site does or does not need to be covered? I was reading about the tool and did not understand very much. I do not want to wast my time downloading places that do not look good. So a simple yes or no please>

    you are better at it then me I just get lost after the words it's not plug it looks like I will wait tell the pay airports come out

    So the person that uploaded the file uses the tool or do the people that download it use it and for each download? ?( More info please

    I just re downloaded xref_global on my system it is ThisPC Documents Aerofly FS 2scenery xef xref_gobal

    It helps to know that I'm not alone. Sorry to hear you have the same problem as me.