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    I just checked both of my FR airports I do have others and they all look like the photo I uploaded. (us is great) I did not know I had a problem tell I saw the photos. I saw the video when it fist came out and just watched it again and double check everything is where it should be. As far as editing a file It is over the top for me and do not want to make things worse. I'm just happy to know what the problem is and it is not on my end.

    Hello Dholm , did you copy the unzipped folder xref_global to My PC > Documents > Aerofly FS2 > scenery > xref ?


    Yes If I open up the xref folder there is the xref_global folder. I will download it again incase the download was bad.

    My Olso does not look like this: Olso It looks like the one above. I do have Screnery, exref, and then xref_global. I'm I missing a file or folder or is something out of order? I have a 1060 graphics card.

    I have the Rift and love it. I do not see any screen door. But to look out the window and look down at 30,000 ft. is amazing. I have never flown a sim without VR But for those that do not have VR try to demo it at a store or a friends house. I can get off work and fly miles from home and I feel great even if I land in Zurich. I still get to work on time the next day.

    I was flying the NASA version of the F18 and notice just to the left of the hud. That for the first time the green symbol has a yellow symbol on top of that and at the very top a red symbol. This was one of my better landings so what did I do wrong to see the yellow and red symbols?

    Thank you again love ORD. I just flew ORD TO MDW. to check out both and I noticed that two buildings and two runways have flicking. It is my system or something else?

    That is probably because the learjet reroutes the stepping of the course internally. For example if the pilot has VOR1 selected and rotates the left knob on the glareshield he is adjusting course 1 but when he selects VOR2 its course 2. I will look into this. Are there other aircraft where the course is not working for you

    Not at this time I'm using my Lear to lean about AP Once I understand more I will change to something else. (this is my first flying sim. Too old and poor to learn to fly in RL like my parents did in the early 50"s)

    I,m glad they are displaying for others!

    I thought there was a 1Mb limit on each picture? My default screenshots are closer to 2Mb.

    I loved your screenshots and I do not mind downloading them

    You will love flying in a Rift. It is not buggy for me the only problems I really have are in landing to high, fast or short. Yes I do set high in all my planes but I do get a good view out the sides when I look down.

    Thanks Jeff. I do love them also just turning my head around to see the back of the Lear or to look down and feel that I'm at 30,000 feet it great.

    I will never get used to being that high up and being on the outside. =O It is just not right somehow. But I had to try it just once.:)