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    I'm trying to learn the autopilot on my LearJet. Just a simple flight LAX to SFO. AP, YD was on and so was ALT. I did turn off AP looked away and took the plane with me. I was way off course so I turned AP back on. I ended up doing circles. What did I do wrong so I do not do it again and can I fix this with out a reset. I did try and turn ap off then get back on course then turn it on again. It flew my Lear in circles again. (Rift VR)

    I'm a little confused. I have had AF 2 for about 6 months. I have downloaded and taken off from a few US airports (home is in the US). Do I need to install xref_gobal in order to install airports that are outside of the US?

    Making it available for us VR users could not be easy to do. I do like the ORBX scenery. They also say soon with scenery. I just wish I was 16 again. I want to have what they will when they are 60 +. Something for us is right around the corner from Jeff and his team.

    I can find an land at ORD if I use the localizer but it does not show up in my location or navigation maps if I want to take off from there.

    Is the problem on my end? (using Rift)

    I can not find the article about the HUD and do not remember what site it was one. What I would like to know is the column on left of the speed. (left of center).

    Just a note Jeff in the readme file for the FAA repaint it has put in lrj45 when I took out the r so it is lj45 it worked. I will look around about the Germery DLC problem when I have time.

    I downloaded the repaint (FFA) for my leer jet and the new DLC from the Steam (Germany) store for my Rift and installed them like all the others that I have. Both do not show up in Aerofly 2.

    Could it be related to the cirt problem? If not how should I fix it. They were both downloaded before the problem. The repaint was unzip sometime after the problem started.

    I did not understand anything that was just posted. I also sit high in all my view and when I center my cockpit view I'm to far back. A simple fix is to change the height of the chair and/or move the set forward or backwards. Makes flying more real to me somehow. Just wish When I landed in Zurich I could have gone into town for lunch instead of driving to work. Maybe I will just neverland again.^^

    Just read a nice piece on the AP for the A320 And I notice on the left lower corner there is the letters QNH. Is it some type of setting a little up and to the right it is above a dial?

    Thank you Jeff:)I used play in steam VR and got prop sounds in my headset and my view on my monitor but now view in my rift. I tried the lab (freeware from steam that worked sometime ago) and my headset would not turn on. Might be part of the cirt problem. I will just have to wait like everyone else. Time to look up stuff on the web about sims and flying.

    Right now Oculus is down know one knows for how long. If I choose to run it in steam VR (first one on the list of three) will it run, what about all my DLC? I do not what to mess up my Aerofly It has been very good to me>

    From Wiki

    Approach guides

    When you set up a flight plan with a departure and destination airport selected, you can turn on approach guides by choosing active or all. The approach guides are green “follow me” boxes that get you to your destination by following them. I know I can find out on my own but it is late and will not be able to fly for a few days ( work gets in the way all the time) what is the differences between active and all. I have been using all for now. Also what are the yellow ones called and where do I find them under so I can turn them off?

    Please do not forget about us VR users. It is difficult to any keyboard keys. I do like the set up now If I could see some type of flow chart. It is nicely set up for my Rift If I just would not get lost when changing views.