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    Is Ultrawings worth it? Much content for the money?

    I do not like it at all. You have to do task ( fly threw targets with step angle of attack up or down. shoot at balloons and take photos ) in order to land at other airports. You start with one plane then there is a glider I can not lean to fly so I only can fly too three airports and two planes. I have a lot more freedom with FS

    I'm in VR so I do not think I could set up any buttons. My categories would be inside ( left and right seats outside near under. over left side right side and under behind and under. far view.) I would love just for now to go from right seat to side view and back to right seat with out getting lost. I'm still learning all about the software one area at a time. Might put this on hold and learn how to us the AP system.

    Would someone be kind and make a chart of some sort. It take me three or 4 tries to see a side view of my plane and when I want to sit in the pilots set all manage to do is be in the back. I know that a set # of views it linked to a category. That is where I get lost. Even a list of what view is under what category and how to tell the different categorys would help.

    Is anyone using them? I'm thinking about it but not sure. I do love the moving map in my c172. So far that is the only one I have flown that has it.

    what are your pros and cons?

    For parts falling off try the sopwith camel. The engine sounds like it will fall off any second. Love the sound do not know how they took to the air with an engine sounding the way it did.

    I took off from Truckee and flew out to the Valleys (stead airport) to look around nothing change. I love Monterey so I started their. Everything was fine. I do not think I was too close because we use the Mustang departure a lot.

    It sounds like you did what I did Maybe I should try a different airport with the same plane. The to/from did not change and the needle did not more. Since the miles on the radio worked i had the right radio set and the other gages had power so my switches was set. It has been years since I had been in a cockpit so It is like learning all over again. I love to fly out of Truckee maybe I use it this time.

    Take a look at The world Clock World Clock. There is a section where you can make a list of cities that show local time. Comes in handy because I love night flying.

    Does the vor work in the 172. I set up the frq to Mustang freq. 117.9 ant the obs to radial 234. I left RNO and turned E. (you can see it from US 80) I went out about 5 miles The needle nevered moved and to/from never changed from off.

    I have two DLC's from steam. Both were downloaded from steam but steam tells me there not installed. Wiki tells me what is available but not how to install them. How do I install them and I can use them in VR?

    Also I did not find a request topic. I have a plane tat I would like painted and I can not even draw a strait line where can I post my request?

    What VR system are you using?

    You can control the throttle by pressing up/down on the left analog stick/pad.

    For instructions on how to use the motion controllers please have a look at our wiki HERE

    I use the Oculus. I will try again in a few days How do I change views (not in school) and can I change views in the air?

    What are torches?

    We tested flight school fully and found no problems with how the motion controllers work within flight school. I'm also not too sure what you mean by the 'back button' as there is no back button on the motion controllers.

    I'm not writing any of this off but please explain your problem a little bit better.

    The motion controllers. (Torches) Sorry for the mix up. The only button that works is the "B". In lesson 4 she asked me to power up. I can not. Nor could I power down. I exited the the flight school to try a few things. Not sure how I had a 172 I went to airplane taped on the 172 went to location and found my self in the air. I think that is what I did. Just like in flight school I was behind the plane. Tried to change my view (I thought you could when flying maybe not.) I can turn increase or decrease my altitude. but I could not increase or decrease power.

    I own a Rift My problem is my torches do not work. In flight school I can move and see the rudder and flaps but no throttle. In or out of school (I was able to get in to the 172 ones and did see my hands because I wanted to take a look around the inside of the 172. ) I went into flight school and that is when the problems started. I can still move into different areas and look around a little. I Only the back button will work. If I go into setting under the controller setting at the bottom it tells me to plug in my joystick. I do not own one If you look at my tm.log (remaned for upload purposes) it states no devices found I have not change any of the default settings. tm.txt. Everything else looks and sounds great.