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    What more do you hope for? It is interesting for me to read this now! While at the time I was already fighting with ORBX.

    In the end, my conclusions were 100% fair and correct!:D

    ORBX and J.V. have always been a gas factory, the only thing in their eyes is the portfolio, :love:this already with FSX. Just be careful in the future not to give them this great pleasure with MSFS again.;):thumbdown:

    Yes I know thank you! It was following my request ;) and I thank in passing once again P_L_A_Y_ for his admirable work!

    What I would like to clarify with IPACS, is why over all this time and following several requests from the community,

    this texture has always been lacking, unlike TAP, TAM or Aeroflot to name only them?

    Would you rather have more regions to fly to or have easy jet?

    The base game for the pc is over 150 GB and the fact they were able to shrink it down to 4 GB and keep many details is like amazing. If you want easyjet and more stuff go switch to PC.

    This is precisely the problem, at the base, a lot of questions in this forum are not in the right place?

    My request concerns precisely the PC and not the mobiles.

    I think Jan understood this, and I'm waiting for more clarification.

    Subsequently, for any questions concerning mobiles or others, please mention them under this heading

    Aerofly FS (mobile version for Apple iOS and Google Android)


    Sorry, but I have a doubt about your answer, I do not understand your problem with these 4GB?:/

    What is the difference of an EasyJet texture which has no more than 2 colors, whereas the one for example Aeroflot has 4 to 5 on the decal which is more substantial?

    Please check the existing threads for the A320 repaint kit. I think we explained this a lot already. Long story short: we could make a repaint kit but don't expect it to be user-friendly. It would require a lot more effort than repainting our other aircraft.

    Okay Jet-Pack, so why in all this time has EasyJet never been able to be put on the table? unlike TAM, TAP, AEROFLOT, it is certainly not a problem of authors, or rather little interested in IPACS???

    The new DLC OF Hawaii has really got new life into AFS2 though 👍🏼 amazing work. IPACS can learn from the community.

    I don't think IPACS should have learned from the community, I'm almost even sure that they were indirectly involved, or came to the aid when it was, but I could be wrong ...:/

    In any case, currently it remains good AFS 2, and if it continues in this direction, we can only wish long life to Aerofly ...:thumbup:

    Without wanting to offend you, in my opinion, it would have been easier for everyone, and especially for those starting out on this simulator to take as an example your "Apollo50", including directly: documents / elevation / images / places / with the first files including kauai and niihau in the right location, then later, follow this example to add future files to the right location

    This formula is however the basis of Aerofly FS2 in the document directory;)

    Excellent example! :thumbup:This is the best and most logical way, all the addons should be placed this way, and it would cause fewer errors.;)


    to this fabulous team who knew how to do much more than a simple project, but a gigantic and very detailed scene as in real life!:love:

    And as Thomas said `` And the best: it's free! '':thumbup:

    I would even say more than that, it is certainly one, see even the most beautiful scene realized that I have observed until today in FREE, all simulator confused!

    A well deserved donation in honor to the whole team will be made on;)

    BRAVO and THANKS to all !!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Seriously... does anyone here keep an eye on the upcoming MSFS...? Default MSFS Gibraltar kills this AFS2 payware version... (as it kills anything AFS2 related, well, apart from VR support so far).

    Seriously, I am myself an Alpha tester for MSFS, and what can I tell you?

    Yes in terms of ortho quality, it's top OK!

    I was dazzled myself at the start, despite some small configuration problems, now I am less and less sorry.

    Fluidity level should you still have a good config, if not forgotten, it's hardly lost.:(

    MSFS lets your eyes shine, but will the final price be worth it?:/

    This is what most users on the MSFS forum wonder. HOW MUCH ?????