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    I just moved FS4 from my 1Tb SSD to my 4Tb hdd, mainly just to see it this had any significant effect. The Steam Move/verification did take a while (~2 hours). Anyway. all I've noticed is about 10 seconds extra initial load times to get to startup screen and ~5 seconds more to start a session. Still faster than FS2 which is still on my SSD. This is in VR with a Vive Pro btw.

    FS4 rolling clouds and inconsistent Location on/off labels got an update/fix today ( Pretty fast response imho. Those FS4 developers are faster than a speeding bullet, lol! Thanks and cheers.

    If you have the same key for all of them, remove the once for twin jet and quad jet, only keep the default ones in essentials.

    Dumb question; how do you remove controller key or buttons settings with FS4? The only way I’ve found so far is to assign it to another working one and then follow the warning x’s and delete them. Thanks

    Tom that is interesting, it’s great that VR is already usable in FS4. I am looking at VR for the first time having not gone beyond Google Cardboard 3D.

    Could you spare me a minute or two please, how does Quest 2 clarity and effective resolution compare with a 1440p or higher monitor, I’m considering hardware upgrades and whether I would really need a very high resolution monitor as well as a possible 1,800 to 2,000 pixel range VR set-up.

    Does the Q2 128/256 GB memory choice matter for exclusively FS4 viewing?

    If you are new to VR the us$299 Quest 2 128Gb is a good option to start off with imho. You need a pretty strong gaming pc to get the best PCVR results. Probably with at least a rtx3080 gpu to get approx 1080p visuals. Your pc monitor doesn’t make any difference.

    Lots more info out there with some google and YouTube research. Maybe pm me next time rather than post off topic questions. Thanks.

    It would be nice if there was a common FS4 VR bug report section. It's early access so there are bound to be lots and it would be good to identify these bugs and squash then as fast a possible imho.

    I've currently played just over 4 hours with FS4 (long time FS2 user btw) in VR with my Vive Pro1 and Quest 2 (wireless with Air Link). Once I got my flight sticks setup and settings finetuned I'm very happy with FS4, except for not being able to import the many FS2 DSL's and user addons I have (which hopefully will be available in the near future) there are a few things that bother me;

    - the VR startup screen wobbles around. Also, with my Q2, using Vulcan in Oculus mode it says that the headset it not supported (although it works, but not any better than using SteamVR).

    - controller setups do not allow for 2 or 3-way toggle switches (like rc8/9) so you need to toggle these to get on/off. Axis works fine but you cannot invert the response.

    - location labels show up well if you have selected these in the options to show them and you can toggle them on/off. If you toggle them off you can't toggle them on again if you change locations. You need to go into settings and hide, then show them again.

    - I occasionally lose my PC mouse and also when I hit ESC it does nothing. I either need to use my controller options to end the program and/or move my desktop mouse to my win10 taskbar and select the RF4 icon to put a blue bar (instead of white, that sometimes happens?) on my monitor's top window.

    Anyway, all I got so far. Hopefully all Early Access things that will get fixed in the near future. Overall, I'm really enjoying the much faster loading times with FS4 and am looking forward to see it progress further. Cheers.

    Edit( also rotating cumulus clouds, lol!

    I recalibrated within FS4 and that, or something else like the back and forth restarts, seem to have helped the sticking controls. But the touchiness, especially in the cyclic while controllable was still too sensitive in my opinion vs what I’m used to real world, and as compared to FS2. I bumped the sensitivity down a touch and it seems to be back to what I’m used to. FS2 is still in the middle sensitivity position though, so I’m still not sure what’s different but it seems to be working better now.

    One additional new issue I’ve noticed is the start up screen in the VR goggles sometimes moves a little with head movements, as do the clouds (distort/elongate). FS2 no issues with the startup screen moving, though the clouds themselves are new in FS4. Is that a graphics adjustment issue?

    Ya, I found moving the stick sensitivity down helped me a lot as did reducing some graphics quality settings down a notch. I kinda cheated and moved my sensitivity all the way to Low and this makes these heli's much easier to fly, lol!

    I also noticed the startup screen in VR wobbles around a bit with both my Vive Pro and Quest 2 headsets when moving my head. Also, as already mentioned by others, cumulus clouds rotate around when you move your head. Just the usual Early Access bug issues that I'm confident will be fixed soon. Cheers mate.

    I found lowering the sensitivity in your controller settings helps quite a bit. Deadzone did not do much for me but it may depend on your controller's accuracy around centre stick. Basically seems to fly the same (= realistic) as FS2, to me anyway.

    Good day! Jet-pack, One question please, I feel that in VR the Simulator is jumpy, it is not fluid, I have a Reverb G2, Ryzen 9 3900x, #32 gram, an RX 5700XT 8Gb, and I installed it first on the SSD, I had little space and I uninstalled it and installed it on a normal HDD disk with enough space of one and a half Gb and it still has many jumps, I would like to know why the stutter!

    A cordial greeting

    Like what was already mentioned by the developer, you need to lower your graphics settings down a notch or two compared to FS2. I found that this helped a lot with my Vive Pro. Even with my rtx3090 most Ultra settings resulted in a bit of stutter flying heli's low level in cities like Los Angeles.

    So *if* the Mac App Store issue with the RC 9 upgrade for those who already have RC 8 is resolved, what would the anticipated price be?

    I would like to get RC 9 upgrade. But if this is not going to be resolved in the near future, I will consider just getting it at the single app price which currently is showing up as CAD179.99 in the App Store.

    Just my win10 opinion but I don't think there is any significant difference between RC8 and RC 9 anyway. I sort of treated the upgrade to RC9 (~us$45 at the time) as more of a donation than a purchase, lol!

    chrispriv Sorry for the dumb question. I downloaded all part 5 files and put them in the recommended directory but when I go to FS2 I cannot see anything in the vancouver area. I'm probably missing something like elevation mesh? Could you please point me in the right direction mate. Thanks.

    Edit; OK, I correctly copied all this to the scenery folder and all works fine, duh, lol! Great effort mate. I was born and raised in Vancouver and did my first flight training at Abbotsford BC and graduated from UBC so this really brings a lot of nice memories. Another good reason to stick with FS2 for now. Thanks again mate and cheers.

    About the only improvement I've found so far is that in VR I can finally see my landing lights, lol! Otherwise I don't see any obvious improvements to FS2. Would it have been too hard to at least add street lighting and a little ground animation? Also, VR performance is down quite a bit. I'd estimate it's down at least 20%. Hopefully this will improve over time but right now I just feel I've made a donation rather than a purchase.

    Try going into your windows device/printer settings and find your controller. Then go into its settings and recalibrate everything. Then go back and recalibrate in-game. If this does not help then it is possible your controller has a faulty pot.

    I'd recommend buying RC8 from Steam. It's currently on sale for 20% off and the good thing about Steam is that it's easy to get a refund if you do not like it. It's also VR-ready just in case you ever decide to try this. Also, with Steam it's easy to move things to a different PC later (or even at the same time but you can only use one at a time).

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    Have you tried disabling Vulkan? I've got a Quest 2 and it also crashes every time if Vulkan is enabled. It's fine when disabled. No idea why, as Vulkan worked fine for my old Rift S.

    I know it's not he same as a G2, but might be worth a shot.

    psionmark Sorry, a bit off topic, but I have no problems with my Quest 2 (Link or Air Link) using Vulkan as long as I startup fs2 with SteamVR. I just startup SteamVR and select fs2 from the SteamVR void library panels. You are right that the Q2 with native oculus still does not work with Vulkan but I still get much better VR performance running it through SteamVR with Vulkan than native oculus with OpenGL. Up to you to see what works best I guess.

    MartinM It's been a while since I used WMR but I believe there now is an option to bypass the cliff house and startup with SteamVR. Just avoid the SteamVR home and use the void. You need to make sure your SteamVR for wmr and graphic drivers are up to date as well, which I'm sure you already know. If you get it all working fine with OpenGL maybe then try switching the settings back to Vulkan. Most other reverb g2 users do not seem to have problems running Vulkan and find that it performs better than OpenGL. Good luck sorting this out mate and cheers.