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    Updates for both RC8 and RC9 are now available. See the links below for download and release note changes.


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    aeroflyRC9 Updates
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    Both seem OK and I don't miss those black windsocks in RC9, lol!

    The Airwolf heli bug is still there on both RC8 and RC9. Seems to last a bit longer (~2min) before the front nose wheel falls off and cashes and causes it to crash but it still happens. Happens quicker with wheels down but still happens with wheels up as well. Speed does not seem to matter. Oh well, maybe next update this will finally get fixed.

    Otherwise, both updates installed without any problems. Thanks ikarus!

    Unfortunately there is no such setting in the aerofly RC because most users fly with their radio transmitter connected to the sim and these controllers already have their own trim switches.

    Which aircraft are you flying that needs a lot of or too much trim in your opinion?

    I use a usb Realflight Spektrum Interlink DX controller and it works great. However, the stick trims do not seem to do anything. With RF9.5 the trims work as expected. No real big deal for me since after calibrating my controller I mainly fly heli's so I'm used to having a bit of pressure on the sticks anyway.

    Hi there,

    is there a possibility to create the new light functions in the 4d landscapes? For example as a runway light ??? :/:/

    VG Thomas

    There are some nice aircraft lighting features with RC9 so maybe we will get 4D field lighting in the near future.

    Also, aircraft lighting does not seem to light up the flying field scenery, same limitation with Aerofly FS2. I believe that the upcoming AF FS4 will address this so maybe something we can look forward to with RC9.

    I just checked out Airwolf heli that is included in both RC8 and RC9. First time I've ever tried this heli and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately after very little flying around the front nosewheel breaks off and it crashes/restarts. Same thing happens if the gear is retracted. I checked out the model editor and there is nothing obvious that I can edit to correct this. Probably a bug somewhere in the model construction.

    Can I assume from that the RC7 "AIRWOLF" model has been dropped from RC8 and RC9? :?:

    I just checked this out and Airwolf is included in both RC8 and RC9. First time I've ever tried this heli out and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately after very little flying around the front nosewheel breaks off and it crashes/restarts. Same thing happens if the gear is retracted. I checked out the model editor and there is nothing obvious that I can edit to correct this. Probably a bug somewhere.

    Have a new PC including a Gen4 SSD. Just downloaded FS2 from Steam, but I can not find how to start it in VR? No VR to start on the settings page of Aerofly? I have found the folder 'bin64' and see there is 'aerofly_fs_2.exe' but there is no other exe file to start VR? Where is the 'aerofly_fs_2.exe''--othervr' so I can create a shortcut for the VR version? I was using the VR version on previous PC using a Oculus Rift CV1, but now I have an 11th Gen Intel CPU, RTX3090, and a Oculus Quest 2. The VR was superb with the Rift and older PC, so now it will be much better. The other very popular Flightsim (I will not mention name) I have on my PC, the VR graphics are dreadful. I am sure Aerofly FS2 VR will be far better quality. Thanks

    I've found that the best way for me with my Q2 is to startup Link or Air Link and go to the Rift home virtual desktop (dashboard icon). Then startup SteamVR (using a desktop shortcut, usually using my PC mouse). Once you are in the SteamVR void (forget about using the Steam Home) and see the library tiles I just select Aerofly fs2 and it automatically starts up with SteamVR. Plus as a bonus, Vulkan works fine. I usually end up seeing a blue screen in front of me with my Q2 but I just hit the keyboard spacebar to centre this. Pretty easy once you do this a couple of times.

    Main thing with SteamVR with your Q2 is to set all visuals manually at 100% and disable advanced super sample filtering. You should already know the best Oculus desktop app device graphics setting as well as ODT settings. Depending on your PC specs, get these right to begin with imho. I suggest you start off with 80Hz refresh and as far right with the res slider your pc is capable of. For ODT use default and zeros, except enable Link sharpening.

    As much as I love my Q2 wireless with Air Link, my dedicated wired Vive Pro1 (amoled, etsy lens mod, index controllers) still works a bit better with all my flight sims. Better performance and FOV, plus better night flying blacks/contrast thanks to amoled. Less SDE with the Q2 though, lol!

    I have similar PC specs, including a 3090 btw.

    That’s great news! Thanks Tom.

    You're very welcome mate. I did manage to give the 4D version a go and as I thought it has prop reversal that works either side of throttle at mid stick. Must be well over 10 years ago when I actually built and flew a flat foamie with an adjustable prop. I just needed to program lights and throttle cut; assigned these to on of my Interlink DX controller switches with the hold option. Lights (white pin-point leds) look pretty good but the ones on the Ailerons don't actually move when you move the surfaces, they just stay centred. Still, pretty cool!

    I noticed that the list of planes for aerofly RC9 does not include the Veloxity - a plane that was included in Aerofly RC8. Could someone who has Aerofly RC9 please check to see if the Veloxity is still there? I'm hoping it was left out of the list accidentally. Thank you.

    I just checked and Veloxity is present in my RC9 installation. There are 2x version; standard and a new one with a 4D setup which presumably includes prop reversing. I have not tried this out yet but it looks like it should be a lot of fun. Cheers.

    If all you see is on your Q2 headset is a blue screen but on your PC monitor you can see everything ok then try pressing your keyboard space bar to re-centre the view. You can do this a number of times if necessary.

    If you still have problems maybe contact Aerofly fs2 support. good luck mate and cheers.

    Ya, I find SteamVR is the best way to run FS2 with my Quest 2 (Link or Air Link). I just startup Link (or Air Link), go to the Rift home virtual desktop, startup SteamVR and then select FS2 from the tiled SteamVR void menu tiles.

    The Oculus runtime does not work with Vulkan but if you start it up from SteamVR it work fine. Some say that the Oculus runtime works ok with OpenGL but I've never bothered trying this.

    And photo scenarios ??

    RC9 has 59x fields vs 54x with RC8 and the same 8x 4D (mainly what I use for VR). So, 5x extra photo ones I guess. Probably will take a while to figure out which are new (or modified?) for RC9.

    Also, since you're bound to ask; RC9 has 271x models vs 246x with RC8. So 35x more. You can see some of the new ones and check out a few more details here;

    aeroflyRC9 / RC8 Models
    The aeroflyRC9 models: Fascinating variety! In aeroflyRC9 you have the choice of more than 270 fantastic models! All models can be scaled individually.…

    Just hover your mouse over the rc8/rc9 top menu for more details. Just too bad that there isn't a simple RC8 vs RC9 differences table that highlights things like models, scenery, and sim physics/options differences.

    Still early RC9 days for me so I cannot really say whether or not RC9 is a worthwhile upgrade from RC8. I probably need to spend a few more weeks with RC9 before I can comment further. I would suggest if you do not already have RC8 then it's probably worthwhile to purchase RC9 imho. Cheers.

    Not much of a Glider flyer but I did have a look at this one and I agree that the right flap looks like it does not have as much travel as the left one. Does not seem to effect anything as far as I can tell.

    As OP mentioned, all windsocks and wind streamers I've seen so far are Black. Not nice red/white ones like RC8.

    I'm still fine tuning my Interlink DX controller settings as well as graphics settings for monitor and VR. So far I don't see any differences between RC9 and RC8. They both are very good. Maybe I'll notice a few improvements when I use it a bit more. I hope so at least, lol!

    Ikarus Support was able to fix the problem

    OK, finally got this activated. I entered one of the codes incorrectly. On one of them that looked like number 1 needed to be letter I. Sorry for the rants. I feel like such an idiot, lol!

    I'm still having problems activating my rc8 to rc9 and customer support has not been very helpful imho. This is making me sorry I tried to support the developer by upgrading. Maybe I should have just stayed with RC8, which is still working fine.

    For me it works without a problem, i get a new code from Ikarus by mail, after I buy the update.

    Ya, I also got this code by email but it just does not work and the message I got back is not very clear. I had a similar problem with RC8 activation about a year ago when I updated my asus motherboard bios and it took a little while to get it sorted out. Hopefully this also will get sorted out soon.

    Edit; I also needed to enter my current rc8 code prior to purchasing the rc9 upgrade.

    RC9 Update; Woke up to a message from support;

    "we feel sorry but we couldn't check the activation key XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (I X'd this out for this forum but it was the code I was given and is listed in my account)

    The ErrorCode 2005 is also a simple typing error

    The most common reason is a typing error. Maybe this is also the reason for the activation failure."

    I checked and retyped the code I've been supplied a number of times and I get the same thing after typing it in = activation code not valid. Pretty disappointing so far, lol!

    Hi, I'll let you know once I actually get it up and running. I got RC9 downloaded and installed ok but now it will not accept my activation code. I've contacted ikarus customer support so hopefully it will not take too long to fix this.