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    I installed the 10m mesh first and found that I had graphic errors with towers appearing alongside the runway etc. Removed them and installed Taburet 19m Scandi-2 and it works perfectly and that scenery is beautiful thanks guys for all your work. :-0

    Same here, will try the 20m mesh soon. Land appeared completely flat except for towers beside the runway.

    How exactly does joystick sensitivity work?

    Does it behave as time delay, smoothing, remap curve, or something different?

    I ask because some people recommend lowering it, others raising it. A slider is present with no numeric values, curves or description.

    From my brief testing, sensitivity seems to relate to responsiveness where the aircraft reacts more quickly to input change at higher sensitivity.

    Enlighten me please.

    GregDude Turn your Terrain Image Quality to Ultra. The Ortho image used for Power Plant was only converted to level 15, meaning you wont see it with even High settings.. The Marina should be visible with Medium settings and higher.

    That was it thanks!

    I can't believe I've been running at lower resolution. I'm going to look around Florida and Netherlands again now. I had been whinging to myself about the low resolution terrain for low flight. Perhaps I've been missing out.

    EDIT: While this fixed this specific imagery, the existing Florida and Netherlands terrain appeared the same.

    It sure does. Can you check your scenery\images folder and see if the 20 ttc files are installed? Check the path shown at the top of the image below.

    Yep, all there under

    C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\USA_Florida_Turkey_Point\images\US_FL_Turkey

    20 files, ~2.5mb

    The 'places' files are definitely being found because all the new runways and helipads are on the map and models are visible in flight.

    Also double checked the cultivation file fl_46c0_92c0_01 was renamed in its Steam location.

    My terrain image looks much lower resolution that your screenshots.

    I followed the installation instructions, renaming that one Florida tile and copying the addons folder. The new locations appeared along with the models, so I think I did the correct thing. Just not sure if the imagery is loading correctly. The only difference I see is that the imagery tile to rename was in C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\places\usa\fl\cultivation.

    I think you're asking to put the tail rotor on the pedal toe brakes.

    I think this was requested in another thread with some response interest from IPACS. I hope they do allow separate axes or at least more special cased ones. The Xbox controller lets you use the left and right triggers in this way, so there is potential.

    I agree completely.

    This can be done smartly too... use a tool to automatically increase resolution near populated places and decrease away from them, in addition to existing manually zoned airfields and notable geographic features.

    Other games are already shipping with 80GB compressed content, and this is a serious sim!

    Saying some people don't have lots of drive space isn't a great argument. The game already supports features like VR, which very few people have.

    For the same price of the base sim, I can currently buy a 2TB mechanical drive or 480GB SSD. Add around twenty dollars and those sizes would increase up to 50%.

    We named it profi mode because it is meant to be used by professionals or those that know how to fly the helicopter. The checkbox could have been labeled assistance with the checkbox state being inverted, default checked on.

    In my opinion that would be a good thing to do.

    I assumed 'profi' is either some technical term I'm not familiar with, or an uncommon abbreviation of 'professional' or 'proficient'.

    It is otherwise meaningless to me, as a casual player.

    'assistance' (or some variation of it) is plain English and easy to understand.

    Airbrake control appears inconsistent...

    On the F18, the airbrake can be bound to a keyboard key, a joystick button or a joystick axis.

    This works well for the F18 and behaves as expected in all these cases.

    However, the A320 and LearJet behave differently. Keyboard keys behave the same, holding the key continues extending or retracting the brake surface.

    However joystick buttons behave differently. Holding a joystick button has no continuous effect or no auto repeat effect, so you must repeatedly press the button.

    The A320, for example, requires the joystick button to be pressed 21 times to fully extend the brake.

    This behavior seems limiting and frustrating. Can it be fixed?