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    We named it profi mode because it is meant to be used by professionals or those that know how to fly the helicopter. The checkbox could have been labeled assistance with the checkbox state being inverted, default checked on.

    In my opinion that would be a good thing to do.

    I assumed 'profi' is either some technical term I'm not familiar with, or an uncommon abbreviation of 'professional' or 'proficient'.

    It is otherwise meaningless to me, as a casual player.

    'assistance' (or some variation of it) is plain English and easy to understand.

    Airbrake control appears inconsistent...

    On the F18, the airbrake can be bound to a keyboard key, a joystick button or a joystick axis.

    This works well for the F18 and behaves as expected in all these cases.

    However, the A320 and LearJet behave differently. Keyboard keys behave the same, holding the key continues extending or retracting the brake surface.

    However joystick buttons behave differently. Holding a joystick button has no continuous effect or no auto repeat effect, so you must repeatedly press the button.

    The A320, for example, requires the joystick button to be pressed 21 times to fully extend the brake.

    This behavior seems limiting and frustrating. Can it be fixed?

    - You can also trim out the helicopter with the aircraft trim commands, and this depends on how well your joystick is calibrated. For me its about 5 clicks left aileron trim and one or two clicks forward

    I just tried this and it really did seem to make take off and hovering a lot more stable.

    It appears Trim is reset ever time you re-locate the aircraft and every time the aircraft resets after crash landing.

    I don't see any Reset Trim option or display to show it's current value (apart from the cyclic visibly moving when trimming.)

    For fixed wing craft, this is no problem as trimming seems safe and easy. The R22 is very sensitive, so it would be nice to paranoid reset trim manually.

    Didn't you even ask on the ORBX forum if they were still working on it and Sylvain told you that it'll probably never come out?

    Sylvain was asked by multiple people and responded in this thread:…=comments#comment-1446437

    "Hello Pascal, Unfortunately, this project is on hold for the moment. No idea if it will be delivered one day."

    So drassaud came to the rescue since many of us have waited a year for this (originally) promised cultivation.

    frui I was wondering the same thing as your original post. You describe lift off perfectly!

    My wonder is if my (even lower model than your) joystick and pedals are simply too coarse to ever fly smoothly.

    That is to say, my joystick requires a lot of force to move, and rudder has stickiness to it. So tiny moves and finesse are near impossible.

    If the flight model is accurate, this means flying with my input devices could be more difficult than the real thing.

    Basic flight mode is so simple and stable, I throw the craft all over the sky, and precise landing is more a problem of visibility than stability.

    I've tried to bind a couple of joystick axes to the View Zoom control. Eg. Throttle slider on Thrustmaster flight stick.

    The Controls menu allows me to bind the axis, but it has no effect in the game.

    Is it not possible to bind and use an axis? Binding buttons work fine, but I have sliders/axes to spare.

    That was it!

    My [extra_user_folder] was empty.

    What's happened is that no new scenery I install works. Yet all my old scenery still works.

    I would guess that an update some days or weeks ago reset my main.mcf file. I noticed my controls configuration had been reset, but didn't notice a problem with my scenery because it still worked. I would guess the game caches something about those files or folders which is why they still worked.

    I simply re-added my custom folder to [extra_user_folder] and both new and old scenery works fine now.

    I also shared the wrong link before. The instructions for configuring a custom addons folder should have been:

    User Defined Custom Folder Location Setting Added to Aerofly FS2 (Main.MCF)

    I'm manually adding community made scenery DLC only, not trying to move IPACS or Orbx products.

    For example...

    This newly released scenery 'Reno' found here:…9-krno-reno-area-autogen/

    does not work when copied to:

    D:\fs2_extra\scenery\places\KRNO Reno (or similar)

    But does work if I copy it to

    Documents\Aerofly FS 2\Scenery\Places\US folder\KRNO Reno

    However, another scenery 'Whidbey' found here:…e/144-wan-whidbey-island/

    who's files look very similar, works great when copied to:


    (This particular scenery had some \imagery and some \places files which ended up in those relative locations.)

    I can't see what's different about the files or folder structure.

    I'm using the custom addons folder described by this method ("extra_user_folder"):

    Moving Addon Folder to D-Drive?

    My addons folder looks like D:\fs2_extra\

    This folder contains various sub folders like \scenery\places, \scenery\images etc.

    I'm finding some free DLC file sets do not work when placed in my addons folder, while others do work fine.

    If I copy the same files to the location specified by the content creator eg.

    C:/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator/addons/scenery/usa/places

    Then they do work, they just don't work when copied to my extra user folder.

    Naturally I've tried different sub folder locations, attempting to match other DLC that does work.

    A typical DLC has a folder with some .toc and .tsc files and sub folder called building_textures full of .ttx files. That's about it.

    Any ideas what might be going wrong?

    Switzerland is where the FS2 dream started. I wish it could be given a complete upgrade. It really needs complete coverage of autogen buildings. With the current cultivation means and OSM data it shouldn't be of much difficulty.

    So true!

    Sylvain from Orbx promised this a long time ago:…for-aerofly-fs2-freeware/

    drassaud has done a great job starting some of this himself:…autogen-switzerland-west/

    We desperately need more autogen for the free and paid DLC from IPACS. One of the most common complaints by new players is flat and empty terrain, and autogen makes a big difference. Massive difference when it includes night lighting.

    When flying the R22 with keyboard or without a physical slider control on normal 2D monitor, it is very difficult to determine the current position of the collective.

    Control is especially difficult due to the latent visual effect of any changes to the collective.

    The (2D + button bound ) user is effectively flying blind until they either pan the camera down or wait several seconds to observe the movement effect.

    Please consider adding a visual collective indicator, next to the current throttle, on screen in the Flight Information panel.

    Thanks for replying Jan.

    Please consider this control scheme inspired by MS Flight:

    No buttons + Mouse move = Move cursor. Show tooltip when hovering over interactive control.

    LMB over control = Interact with control under cursor.

    Wheel over control = Interact with sliding / rotating control under cursor.

    RMB + Mouse move = Pan camera (cursor changes to pan icon).

    RMB + Wheel = Zoom camera toward/away cursor (Zoom to cursor feels great as you don't need to pan first!)

    MMB + Mouse move = shift camera (head) position (what PageUp, PageDn does.)

    This way there is never a conflict between Pan & Zoom and interacting with cockpit controls.

    The summary is RMB = Pan & Zoom, everything else is interaction.

    Compare that to the current system, where merely starting a mouse pan on top of a cockpit control can have perilous results, like when I accidentally grabbed the yoke while trying to do a quick pan out the side window! More frequently I accidentally press auto pilot buttons.

    Looking at your example list, you are using RMB to move a group of controls (multiple levers).

    If you find a new way to move a group of controls, and you've freed RMB for the good stuff.

    How about... if a user would commonly interact with controls as group, such as airliner multi engine throttles, left LMB move ALL by default. Hold Shift (or some modifier) to move just a single control of that group for the rare case.

    Yes, I mean I would like to zoom with mouse key pressed down. In the same way that I can look around. On my mouse, I can use a thumb key for the right mouse key, that makes it even more comfortable.

    +1, This is what MS Flight did. It allowed you to easily pan and zoom the cockpit, while still allowing wheel and mouse buttons to control cockpit instruments, knobs and levers. Very natural user experience.

    Can you remember what you changed in the settings? This helps us track down issues.

    What do you mean with "did not return"?

    I don't remember completely for proper repro.

    I think I did these things at that time, but not sure:

    Graphics Settings

    Lens flare off

    Switch opengl -> vulcan

    High qual AA On

    Qraphics Quality

    Graphics quality Med -> High

    During these changes, the game window disappeared then reappeared twice as if a big graphical switch had taken place.

    (Twice being after applying two different changes some seconds apart.)

    After this, I entered the Controls menu.

    The controls menu did appear, and I tried to move my mouse to select and item, but the game appeared frozen. After some seconds the game window disappeared, but this time did not reappear. There was no error message. I manually restarted the game shortly after. I did not try to locate a log file.

    I was only changing these settings because they changed or reset after the recent update.

    This crash has not reoccurred, though I did not attempt to reproduce the same steps.


    Windows 10 Pro

    Intel i7-4790

    16GB RAM

    nVidia Geforce 1070

    Thrustmaster joystick

    Logitech G502 mouse

    Dell 4K monitor running at 1440p

    I don't use VR but had the game close on me after changing some graphics settings. It successfully applied twice, very soon after, I entered the Controls menu and it froze, then exited and did not return.

    In Steam:

    Right click 'Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator'

    -> Properties

    -> Local Files

    -> Verify Integrity of Game Files

    This will ensure the game files have not become corrupted.

    Try other software to make sure your PC is stable and working correctly.